Ch. 1~

Our universe consists of millions of different galaxies existing all together. Every galaxy is made of collections of stars, held by gravitational attraction, and orbiting around their common centre. We live in such a galaxy consisting of stars and planets orbiting around our largest star "the sun." Though outside our galaxy far beyond the reaches of any of our most advance technology is a tiny cluster of stars constantly moving from galaxy to galaxy. To us it would seem as an odd group of stars but that's only what they want outsiders to see. Past their magical barrier lives a large kingdom that has existed for millions of years, peaceful and un-disturbed. This kingdom called Auriga Stella named after the first queen has been living happily with their current King and Queen, Orionis Stella and Carina Stella. Today is the celebration of the coming of age for their third oldest son, Kied Stella and their only daughter, Celest Stella. They are the twin stars of the kingdom for they were born on the same day. Both a like in some ways and different is others. This story begins during a frantic search for Celest as the ceremony begins in less than an hour.

"Princess Celest!" a pure voice called out into the hallways of the southern corridor. "Please Princess come out!" A young girl in an elegant blue gown searched franticly every room she came across. Just then she slightly heard a tiny bell coming from the tapestry room.

"Shit!" A muffled voice came from within the room. The girl in the blue gown opened the doors to the tapestry room and gently touched a candle-like object against the wall to her left. Within an instant the room lit up filling the darkness with star-like lights.

"Princess I heard the royal bell."

"That's not fair Isis." A girl in a long royal white gown rose up from her pile of books that surround the floor around her. Her long white hair that formed ringlets moved majestically with her as she tip toed around all her books landing lightly near her knees as she stopped in front of her best friend Isis. "Sometimes this bell just rings on its' own." She flicked the small star bell earring found on the top of her left ear.

"But Princess Celest the ceremony will be starting any minute now." Isis held out a small star watch, a small present given to her by Celest when they first became friends. The clock showed a group of stars moving around each other explaining their way of telling time. Just has she held out the clock she notice the time was closer than she believed. "Oh my!"

"What is it?!"

"You should be walking out in a few seconds." Isis gave her a pleading look. With a sigh Celest gave in and pulled out a pink ribbon that held a tiny whistle. Giving it a slight swing a small clear noise, as if there were bells in the wind, filled the quiet room. A small pink cloud appeared and disappeared within seconds leaving a bouncy happy pink star creature, a Neraida, no bigger than the palm of your hand. The Neraida gave a look between a pixie and a cat.

"Nova. Could you get us to the Great Hall? Please." Nova glided up to Celests' cheek and gave her a slight kiss.

"Anything for you CC!" Not even a second after Nova answered all three of them were consumed in a pink cloud and disappeared.

At the Great Hall the royal family waited for the missing princess. All patient hoping that she'll show just in time. The only thing moving in the room was Celest's personal guard, Draco Etamin son of Iroas Etamin; general of the Royal Army. His number one priority is the Princess and even though this isn't the first time she's hidden from everyone he still constantly blames himself.

"Would you decease that pacing Draco. She's going to show up last minute like she always does."

"Yes but Prince Keid you know I worry too much." Keid walked over to Draco, his attire gleamed royalty and matched well to his short spiked white hair and baby blue eyes, placed his arm around Dracos' shoulders and whispered into his ear.

"I know your feelings for my sister." Draco blushed beet red. "We're best friends and there isn't much you can hide from me." Just has he finished Keid stood up straight and grinned. "She's here." Just as soon as he spoke the pink cloud appeared and disappeared in the middle of the hall leaving only the Princess, Isis, and Nova.

"Praise the Galaxy my daughter has finally arrived!" Her father, King Orionis, shouted as he elegantly walked over to his daughter with open arms.

"Father!" Celest cheerfully embraced her father placing her face within his long white beard. "Forgive me for my tardiness."

"We're just glad that you were able to make it my dear." Queen Carina came from behind her husband and caressed Celests' hair. "For it is yours and your brother's birthday celebration." Just after she spoke the royal harps played cueing the entry of the birthday pair and their family.

"Sister." Keid held out his arm to her and Celest took it gracefully. "Shall we?"

"We shall." And with that Prince Keid and Princess Celest headed to the balcony where their people waiting below happily cheering birthday wishes to the Royal Twins.

The ceremony went along perfectly and ended late into the night. Celest had retired to her sleeping quarters and was just getting dressed into her night gown by one of her five ladies-in-waiting, Pleione Iris; sister of Isis Iris and daughter of the Rainbow Colony. Celest has five ladies-in-waiting and one in training lady. All are sisters from the Rainbow Colony and each have a duty to the Princess.

"Perfect!" Pleione gleamed as she added the finishing touches to Celest's New nightgown. The new baby blue silk nightgown flowed around Celest's body has she twirled in front of her mirror.

"Was the one you made for her yesterday already out of style." Agena, the oldest of the sisters, sarcastically said as leaned against the doors leading from her wardrobe to her room. Pleione pouted at her older sister.

"That one was pink to match her rosy cheeks. Tonight we're matching her eyes." She sighed as she examined her masterpiece and shifted a loose strand of her blonde hair and tucked it behind the stargazer lily in her hair.

"I think its beautiful Pleione. The best yet!" Celest embraced Pleione then skipped out toward her room. Agena opening the doors for her. Inside Bellatrix, was already turning down her bed making every seam just perfect, but just before she could finish Celest already hopped onto her bed ruffling up the sheets. "You know I'm a messy sleeper Bella."

"Yes but I can still try can't I?" As she began to tuck Celest in Pleione came up behind Bellatrix and started to fidget with her boyish cut dark, almost black, green hair. "No matter what you do it's still not going to work."

"I just don't know why you'd cut your hair this short." Pleione pouted as she attempted to Pleionefy the boyish cut hair.

Celest shifted to a sitting position, "I like how your hair looks Bella. It's you!" Celest cheerful attitude always changed the atmosphere of any room. Bellatrix nodded in thanks.

"Yeah it keeps you looking young Bella." Agena now shifted to one of the beds post making sure to stay close to the princess for she is the first protector to the princess, Draco second. "Unlike little shorty over here." She jerked her head to Pleione who's now mouth was dropped open.

"I don't look OLD! It should be the three inches difference from you two that make me look younger!"

"Just think you're only two inches shorter than me Pleione." Pleione didn't see how that could of helped but gently, as much as she could, smiled at the princess.

"Yes but the three years difference in age keeps me younger than you, Older Sister." Bellatrix was having a bit of fun teasing her older sister.

"At least I'm three years younger than you Old Fart Agena." Pleione stuck her tongue out then stormed out of the room in one of her pouty moods. Celest giggled from her bed. She knew that Pleione will be her cheerful self in the morning when it's time to dress her again. Just then she remembered something.


"Mhm," was all she responded as she straightened the curtains surrounding Celests' bed.

"Where's Meissa? She's usually following close behind you."

"She found a new book to read so she's with Capella in the study hall. It's a big one this time." Celest has notice that the youngest of the sisters, Meissa, is really starting to enjoy books and they seem to get thicker each time. She knows that one day Meissa will become one of her ladies-in-waiting but for now the young girl is having fun being seven. Everyone then turns to the sounds of knocks on Celest bedroom door. Agena walked over and called through the door,

"What is it Draco?"

"Capella is here with Meissa." After unlocking the door Agena opens it just enough to let in Capella with a sleeping Meissa in her arms. Men are not allowed to see the Princess in her nightgown other than her brothers but they are rarely found anywhere near her sleeping quarters.

"Thank you Draco." Capella whispered to him as she handed off Meissa to Agena. Draco bowed to the girls through the crack in the door and closed it behind him. Draco spends most of the night guarding the entrance to Celests' room. "She fell asleep half-way through the book." She looked to Celest who was still sitting upright and awake. "And the Princess should be asleep by now." She said to her sisters has she glared them down through her glasses.

"Oh Capella." Celest whispered but Capella just gave her a look and she retreated under her covers. "Um." She whispered from beneath her covers.

"Yes Princess." Capella answered.

"Is Isis coming to sleep here?" The girls knew how close Isis and Celest were and didn't mind them spending the nights together.

"She'll be here shortly. She was slipping into her nightgown the last I checked." Not long after she spoke that another knock came at the door.

"Isis is here." Draco quietly called from the door. Agena cracked open the door again just to let Isis in and closed it just as Isis entered in. Celest uncovered her face from her covers and cheerfully pulled open a space on the bed for Isis.

"Goodnight my sisters." Isis whispered and she gave each of her sisters a kiss on the cheek then climbed in with Celest. The girls gave their bows then retreated out the room. Everyone, even Agena, left to retire to their sleeping quarters though Agena will be back early in the morning to continue to watch over Celest. So as both of the girls settled in Celest called out Nova to join them for bed. As she settled in between Isis and Celest, Nova gave out a tiny yawn then drifted to sleep.

"What do you think will happen tomorrow?" Celest whispered over. The starry night sky filled the room with just enough light to light up Celests' petit face and brilliant baby blue eyes.

"What do you mean Princess?" Turning from her back to her side, Celest face Isis and gave her a big pout. "I mean CC." When they're alone Celest likes Isis to use her nickname and be more a best friend than lady-in-waiting. The smile on her face returned and she plopped down back onto her back.

"I mean I hope something REALLY exciting happens tomorrow."

"Did the ceremony not go to your liking?" Isis was now on her side toward Celest. Celest shook her head.

"No. It was wonderful but it isn't that event in my life worth really remembering." Isis seemed confused by her words. Celest giggled at Isis's puzzled face. "Never mind. Sweet dreams." Isis responded back with a sweet dreams in her colonies language then both girls drifted off to sleep.