Ch. 3~

It was the first time the Queen, Princes, the Rainbow Sisters-excluding Isis, and Draco had ever heard of the Control Room. Only those who took oath and the King know of such room for it is to keep the peace within the Kingdom. After the King explained to everyone about the magical barrier and the true past of the Kingdom, Prince Segin was the first to speak.

"So we've actually been traversing the universe since the rule of Auriga Stella." Their father nodded at his son. Prince Segin was amazed at all of the new information he's received.

"And there is no information about the times before Auriga. Why is that?" Prince Castor questioned his father for he was now also intrigued with the new information. Their father spoke with such a royal tone that it almost made everyone succumb to their knees.

"Queen Auriga Stella and those that followed her here took on a oath to never tell of their life before this. Even I do not know of our true past. If I were to investigate and search for those who might know it would be hopeless. For those who knew had already passed long before my birth and if any had told of it it would only be a myth and already forgotten. The Control Room was made to monitor our surroundings. The barrier we have around us is so powerful that it controls where we go.

'We neither have control of where we go or where we might be going but it does not bother us so. For we have been safe for many centuries and the barriers never seems to get weaker." King Orionis took a deep breath. "But I believe we shall find our answers about our Princess Celest there. Prince Keid shall accompany me there. The rest of you please keep your hopes up to the safety of our Princess and dear Isis." Everyone bowed to the king, even the Queen, and departed the Royal Hall. Everyone but Draco.

"Your Highness. I want to request to accompany Prince Keid in the search for the Princess and Isis." His tone was strong and determined. Draco knew that if there was a need to venture out and retrieve the Princess he will be the one do it. He waited for a response.

"Father. I would like for you to grant permission to allow Draco Etamin to accompany me for I believe I will need his help in the time to come." Draco looked to Keid and nodded in thanks.

"I will accept your request Draco for it is what my son ask of me. Now come and follow me." King Orionis led the way to a door hidden behind one of the oldest tapestries in the Palace and took them to the Control Room.

"How beautiful!" Celest admired her surrounds from inside a pink bubble that covered her, Isis, and Nova. They were now outside of their Kingdom looking at the surrounding galaxies. "I've never believed anything so beautiful could be found beyond the Kingdom. But what is with this bubble Nova?"

"This is to protect you CC for the outside is not made for us to survive in." Such new knowledge added sparks to Celest eyes. This was the adventure worth remembering that she'd hoped for.

"Celest." Isis was clinging to Celest arm for she was afraid and unsure of what the future was going to bring. "Don't you think it's time we returned. You're family will be worried about you."

"Don't worry Isis. They know that I'll return. I always do." Celest began to get anxious and wanted to keep moving. "Where can we go know Nova?" Nova concentrated for a few seconds then pointed to a galaxy to their left.

"There a place in there where we can actually go and explore. Everywhere else seems dead or impossible to enter." With that the bubble headed to the galaxy called "The Milky Way."