A/N: This was a story that was supposed to be finished by now...but not due to hectic and irregular school schedule. Enjoy and please let me know what you think I can do to improve!


Cookies n' Cream

Setting the Stage: The Letter from Ms. Popular

Hi, I'm Elica McHindon, a famous girl in…well; you don't need to know much so, obviously, you already knew me because I'm popular. Popular as in everybody knows me. I have this long, lustrous brownish-reddish, whatever-ish color you'd like to use to describe a lustrous brunettes' hair and...I don't iron this, by the way; not even two times or once per year, and it's straight to the tips! I've got these emerald-green eyes with sophisticatedly curved eyelashes from my lovely mother. I am fair, a bit skinny—and therefore, a bit chubby (you need to be one these days, that's already the trend) and I have what they call the Coca-cola body (not the can, the bottle…the glass bottle). All in all…I am perfectly beautiful and I topped the whole year level (according to academic status, according to social status, and according to beauty).

Yup, guys are fond of me and I am…not fond of them. I need to admit now; I am a man-hater.

Illusion, illusion, illusion. Where are my thoughts wandering now? Ah, okay, about me…. Well, I've got perfectly trimmed nails; I also possess the perfect nails and teeth.

I seldom forgot things and I hate people not paying attention to me.

Okay, I've got to admit it, I am conceited and egocentric. However, I listen to my parents, and then I'll talk. That's just simple basis.

School, let me see…hmmm. Oh I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! Wondering who this guy is?

He's Pistoff Matteson. Yeah, his name sounds funny, ugly and all because that's what he is--a conceited, retarded, richie-rich guy with pride and (closes fists) irregular mental stability. He felt as though he's that popular! Well, he is popular, but not as popular as me! He actually thinks I like him? (Scoffs) Maybe he meant he likes me

The heck had he done that? Lucky for me, nobody saw it but I hate that pain in the ass bitch!

You've read it, mister/miss, I REALLY HATE PISTOFF DRAKE MATTESON!!


Ms. Elica McHindon

P.S. Let me write it again…


He smirked after reading the letter; the last three sentences were written hardly that it made a mark in the other side of the paper. He folded it.

He got it from the lake near the Science Building.

Nobody saw him when he picked up the bottle Elica had thrown to the lake inside the campus that afternoon. Yes, he's being a stalker to her these past days, because he's interested to annoy and make fun of her. Does she really hate the guy whom everybody adores, A.K.A. 'The Hunk'? He knew very well that nobody could resist that…he knew, deep within her heart, she liked him. He knew that for sure, she was just pretending.

To sum up the prissy lady's attitude, it was all more like Sharpay-ish (High School Musical), except for the fact that she hates boys or guys or whatever you call the opposite sex of females and she studied a lot to maintain her very high grades. In short, she's a package of a total feminist. Still, it didn't hinder herself from maintaining a perfect body fit, she loved to move a lot. She'd like to join everyone in everywhere, but they must not be males...most of all, none of them should be her mortal enemy...Pistoff Drake Matteson.

"Yeah, Ms. Popular," he muttered under his breath. He saw her passing by across the lake, all clad in violet, talking with Derene and Amber, unnoticing she was being observed from the distance.

"You hate me, eh?" he whispered still watching Elica from the distance as a manacing grin cut across his face.

"Let's see."