Real Clowns (Hopefully) Don't Use Puns

Headlights aren't enough.

Not when you're riding that unicycle down the highway,

One hundred and one enslaved horses as power

Eating up insects screaming "Hyopcri…potamus! Save us!"

(Swat that soprano mosquito.)

"No right turn ahead,"― thank God for the GPS (gorillas primarily being saved);

"L-left t-turn," (Pardon me?) "W-wrong t-t-turn,"

Malfunctioning― there must be no reception within the stunted forest;

Radio static clinging to sweat, you're alone on a unicycle

("Unicorn?") Don't get too hopeful, or the insects will eat you alive.

But look! There's a lion (!) a tiger (!) and a bear (!)


Oh my! (Just a little bit too distracted.)

Sorry, but there are no gorillas around to help you, and the maggots aren't that desperate.

(No, talking trees don't exist― and they're not all going to eat you.)

But once upon a time there was a helpful hart that lived around here

(Yes, even with the lion)

…Although you've already gone and hit him― without realizing that he was your own.

(The moral of this story is to realize what is dear)

And to fix those faulty brakes! Please ask a mosquito to check them for you,

Or just please don't ride that unicycle at all.