october sky
by: october lies (september 15, 2008, 11:57pm)

"carve your name into my arm, instead of stressed, i lie here charmed, 'cause there's nothing else to do, every me and every you."
(placebo, every you, every me)

we traipsed along the line between friends and lovers, dancing with our fingers doing the tango at our sides, and fell in love with what never was. you had cherry red lips and ivory skin; your curves led me from your shoulders to your hips, so alluring and enticing, my eyes could only wander when it came to you. your eyes sparkled in the most exciting way and the twist in your smile gave me a mischievous hope for something more.

on thursday nights, we'd pass a skyy vodka bottle back and forth, trading kisses like they were nothing more than cards on a table, waiting to be played. you'd hold the bottle between your crossed legs and use your hands to hold my gaze with yours, your fingers burning promises already broken into my cheeks. our noses would touch and we'd giggle and trade kisses some more, forgetting we'd traded so many times, it was as if we were kissing ourselves.

we stood on the line between best friends and lovers, your hand sliding down my neck into the middle of my chest, our hearts pounding so heavily, we couldn't breathe. daring to tilt one way over, we'd share smiles meant for only mirrors and each others, hold hands secretively, putting our hearts on the line.

our hands would melt together, transforming into lifelines we could never live without. at night, we'd touch each others hands, wishing to do more, and when i'd wake up in the morning, sober and hungover and burning in everyway, i'd strip to see "forever" written on my chest, across my heart, and i would know it was true.

i adore this, except for the last paragraph. this'll be a serious of little femmeslash pieces. maybe some others if i decide to dabble.