Two to five―

A reflection away,

Impossible (mathematically speaking)

But fun-house mirrors never were that kind;

Impossibilities were possible

―The wonder at that really being us?

Completely logical

But oh, how stupid are we?

Flimsy paper traded for glass,

All to breakable it seems;

"Fantastically moulded" goes nowhere,

And eventually we realize it's real

Troubling, but painful;

An extra safety precaution must be taken:

When one alarm goes off

They all go off.

No one would care about one broken mirror

― Sweep it up and it's done

But a fun-house,

That would need to be restored

Carefully, cautiously― but only us?

Two to five―

Three would be your only sensible answer,

But I can assure you,

There never was an equals sign in place.