To a child I couldn't keep…

( This is my poem, on my experience about having an abortion. Critiscm on the poem is welcomed critiscm on my decision isn't... not to sound callous but i don't care what you think about what i did... okay so please read and review thankyou)

Am I a bad person?

For wishing to give you the best life possible

Tired of over-thinking this

We may argue the past is the past

This poem won't change the decision I once made.

Does it make me a bad person?

That I wished for something to rescue me

Do you even know how it felt?

To give you away without a chance to explain

Over-thinking that situation makes no difference

I can't change this anymore

Do you think I'm a bad person?

Begging for some validation, of a choice

That I can't take back or erase

You don't have the right to tell me it was a mistake

That I deserve to relive those thoughts everyday

Am I a bad person?

For letting you go, to a place that I can't hurt you

For letting myself be tortured for everything I didn't do for you

For leaving you without a chance of survival

When I couldn't have saved you

Does it make me a bad person?

That I wished the best for my unborn child

It left my life without pain, I hope

Before I had a chance to destroy its life

Though I'll love it till the day I die

And that mistake echoes mind fields in my brain

Waiting to explode I sit and wait

Knowing that in retrospection it was never a mistake

It was a lifeline not just for me, but also for a child

I could never keep.