This is my first ever one shot (that has a plot) AND my first ever challenge response. I'm pretty sure my hands are shaking as I type this so...I'll just post the darned thing.

Disclaimer: I don't own: Harry Potter characters, Mr.Darcy, Casanova, or Laundromat

Challenge #14 - Possession

Plot: Character #1 is madly in love with Character #2. Character #2 is secretly in love with #1, but doesn't think it will work out so #2 vehemently rejects any of #1's advances. #1 becomes discouraged and disappears. #2, realizing what he/she's lost, is now the chaser. And you can take it from there. :)


1) Bucketloads of sexual tension
2) Use of the quote: "You're mine. And I'm yours. It's a whole big possession thing. Point is: I love you."
3) Main characters must be adults, out of their teenage years.
4) Must be no more than 2000 words.


1) Teenagers or younger as the main characters.
2) Use of the following actions: sighing, gazing, or trembling.
3) Supernatural aspects -- no faeries, vampires, or other-worldly beings. Realism, please.

It was official. Lucas Thorpe was going insane.

Why? You may ask, well the answer was simple enough. It was because of his much much-too-sexy-neighbour, Sarah Winston (also known as the reason as to why Lucas was in a constant state of arousal).

Lucas could swear in three-and-a-half different languages that Sarah Winston was created for the sole reason of making him absolutely fucking insane. You may be wondering how she was driving him towards the line that separated the crazies and the sane, and Lucas could go on for days listing the reasons. So, we won't go into much detail, other than the fact that Sarah made Lucas half-mad with lust and she was a stalker.

When he first moved into the apartment directly across from Sarah, she welcomed him with a plate of cookies that she had baked. Hoping to get to know her a bit better, he had welcomed her in and made some small talk while he ate some of her amazing cookies. He then noticed that the entire three minutes and twelve seconds they had talked she had blushed non-stop. Realizing that she most likely had a crush on him, Lucas gave her a hug when she left his apartment. That was probably a mistake on his part, because after feeling her luscious curves, he hadn't had a single wet-dream that didn't star Miss Sarah Winston.

After about the first half-dozen dreams, Lucas was becoming quite… tense one could say. He figured that he would make a move on her and hope for the best. Except it seemed that she was stalking him!

It seemed she was every-fucking-where he went. He saw her frequently at the coffee shop across the street or at the local Laundromat and about a million other places.

This shouldn't have been a problem, surely, do to the fact he was, ahem, planning on seducing her, but it really threw him off guard when he realized he was starting to form a crush on her (one that was strictly based on her personality of course). Lucas had never been in a serious relationship before and he didn't plan on starting one yet. Thus the downward spiral towards insanity began for Lucas Thorpe.

Our story begins as Lucas was getting out of the tub after taking a cold shower (entirely due to a neighbour who had no idea how fucking sexy she was) when someone knocked on his door. With a groan he quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and strode towards his front door. Lucas looked through his peephole and surely enough his wet dream was standing on the other side. Sarah stood in the hallway looking as edible as the plate of muffins she was holding.

As he looked at her, something in Lucas snapped, he was much too sexually frustrated and tense from Sarah to continue to see her anywhere anymore, lest he spontaneously combust. He had to get rid of her.

'Oh, this was the last fucking straw!' Lucas fumed to himself. 'I will not tolerate her giving me blueberry muffins!' He glanced out the hole again. 'And she has no right to just stand there looking that sexy!'

Lucas turned his locks and nearly ripped his door off its hinges. He took a step forward and looked down and at her.

"Hey, I made you some muffins-" She started when Lucas cut her off.

"Listen, I don't want your freakin' muffins!" This, was a lie, blueberry muffins were his favourite. "I don't like muffins! Any kind! I- I like cupcakes!" This, was another lie, he hated those sweet confections. Unless of course it was Sarah licking the icing off of a cupcake while wearing nothing…

"Oh, I'm sorry," her voice cut off his fantasy, "I can make you a batch of cupcakes if you want…" She looked at him with her eyes soft and her lips in a slight smile.

"No! I don't want your damn- ugh!" She made him want to rip his bleeding hair out! It was time to take drastic measures. "You're like an all-bran muffin, and all I want is a chocolate cupcake! I don't want you! Do you get it now?! Do you?!"

In his vain attempts to convince himself he didn't like her he blurted out those awful words. He saw comprehension dawn on her face. Her confused smile morphed into a hurt one. He could have sworn he felt his heart spasm with guilt and his stomach drop to his ankles.

He grimaced and let out a strangled groan.

"Fuck, Sarah, I'm sor-"

"It's alright, I understand. I'm a bran muffin and you want a chocolate cupcake. No worries…" She trailed off and gave an awkward laugh that ended with a hiccup. She ducked her head gave a jerky half-wave before she scurried through her open door.

She quietly shut the door and all he could think was 'my Sarah is too nice to slam her door…'

Lucas stared at Sarah's door thinking if he wasn't the biggest donkey's arse in all of this side of the universe, he wasn't sure who was. Sarah was the most perfect girl he could imagine and he rejected her, because he was a little chicken shit that was afraid of commitment.

There were so many things he loved about Sarah. His Sarah was extremely intelligent yet didn't act obnoxious or snotty about it. She was the most utterly sexy yet adorable person, and when he heard her soft sultry voice or saw her pretty brown eyes or shapely legs it was all he could do but to not go caveman style and carry her to his bed and have his wicked way with her.

She was one of the most genuinely kind and sincere people he had ever met, who made an action as simple as pushing up her glasses endearing. In short, everything about her made him want to hold her and love her, and as if all those things weren't enough, she seemed to really like him as well.

Except there was only one problem, actually, it wasn't even a problem in anyone else's head but Lucas'; Sarah Winston was marriage material. Lucas was sure that if that he let his guard slip at all, or gave in and slept with her, he would end up head over heels in love with her in five seconds flat. Lucas was sure he was already a good three quarters there (if not completely) but only his reluctant bachelor side was holding him back. It didn't matter that Lucas' possessive side (he was sure it was what Harry Potter meant when he was pining after Ginny Weasely and had a beast within) was going insane with waiting, but the commitment fearing Lucas demanded to sow some last wild oats before he committed.

Alas, there was even a problem in that. Lucas held absolutely no interest in anyone other than Sarah. Whenever he went out to a club with his buds, he compared everybody lacking a Y chromosome to her.

Lucas gave out another strangled groan and slammed his door shut; he proceeded to his fridge to get out a beer. He went over to his couch and plopped down. He had some serious straightening of his all-too-crooked priorities to do, there could be no more putting it off.

Just as Lucas was about to start pondering his relationship with Sarah furthermore, he heard her door shut and the keys locking them. Hoping to catch her and apologize, he pulled on a pair of shorts quickly and ran into the corridor, only to see no sign of her; he rushed down the stairs quickly, and saw her get into a taxi holding a traveling bag along with her purse and a large tote.

'Where does she think she's going?' Lucas thought frantically. He ran after the taxi, but quickly realized his attempt would be in vain without any shoes on.

"How am I gonna apologize now…" Lucas said aloud as he forlornly watched the taxi speed away.

Tick… tick… tick… tick…

He swore to god that the fucking clock was deliberately going slow. Like the damn clock, the last five days had been going by as fast as a stoned turtle. The past few days had been excruciating for Lucas, he had talked to everyone he and Sarah had in common (the Laundromat lady, the coffee guy etc…). He'd been lingering around his door for as long he could and had taken to sleeping on the couch in case she came home at night.

Tick… tick…tick…

He glanced at the clock, as it stuck four; he leapt out of his chair and sped home from work. As per usual, he knocked on Sarah's door as he got home. This time, however, much to his elation, someone open the door.

"Sarah…" Lucas breathed as her face looked up at him. "I am so sorry, I swear to fucking god I didn't mean a damn word." He decided to lay it all on the line. "Oh god, I'm tired, I'm so tired of running, you know? I'm done with the oats too. I sleep on the couch, and god, I love muffins, all kinds, and I hate cupcakes, unless you lick them and-"

"Lucas," she gently cut in, "I don't understand, you're rambling."

"Of course I'm rambling! I've never professed my feelings to anyone before, so I don't know exactly how to do it, okay? I mean, I'm no Romeo, or Casanova or any of those, oh, I don't know romantic literary characters. I mean I'm probably like a Mr. Darcy or Ron Weasely, no, I definitely am sure I'm a Harry Potter or-"

"Feelings?" she cut in once again, "You have feelings for me…?"

"Of course I have feelings! I've got tons of 'em! They're overbearing and scary and I dunno how to deal with them and…" Lucas was quite sure his brain was bailing on him so he decided to take some action.

"And what?" Sarah asked quietly.

"And..." Lucas took her face in his hands and gently pressed his lips on hers. He could see her surprise as her eyes widened then fluttered close and she placed her hands on his chest.

Even though the kiss was very chaste, he felt the earth shift and fireworks exploded in between his ears. He broke the kiss and she beamed at him.

"Lucas, I think you should know…I…I have feelings for you too and-"

This time Lucas cut her off, his lips pressed against hers again, earnestly, and Lucas was pretty sure he'd died and gone to heaven. Surely, only in heaven could someone's lips be this soft. He softly licked at her sealed lips, begging for entrance. As her lips parted, he entered her mouth, tasting her. He coaxed her closer and dipped his hand into her hair and wrapped his arm around her waist. He could feel the low burning in his body as began to get aroused. With a moan he broke of the kiss, he watched as she opened her eyes, slightly dazed.

"You're mine. And I'm yours." His possessive side decided to finally be heard. "It's a whole big possession thing. Point is: I love you." As he said those words he felt light and happy and hopeful. He'd finally taken the plunge and he knew, he knew, they would be happy. The possessive beast in him let out an almighty roar and he realized, oddly enough, how Harry felt when he finally got Ginny.