A/N: Hey! I'm back. With a new story. One I won't abondon...maybe. I wrote this in about ten minutes! Go me! If you think Kay is all over the place. She's supposed to be in this chapter. She will calm down. Have no fear. But she is excited that there is a hot new guy. I know I haven't described him much. Bear with me. Also if anything is confusing let me know! Ta-taa for now!

I sat at my desk, staring at the stupid, blank, white wall. I hated this class, history. Good teacher though, young, naive, helpless to the antics people pulled behind her back. Not her fault really. It was done to anyone and everyone that allowed it.

I taught the pests at my school to not mess with me years ago. They had tried, oh how idiotic of a try it was. I had been seven, a ripe, sweet child. They put a piece of gum on my chair praying that I wouldn't notice it and sit on it.

Instead, I saw it and stuck it on one of their heads. I laughed while they cried trying to get the gum out.

I'm not a nice person, I don't like many people at this school. I sit in the back usually doodling or staring into space.

Today was no different except there was news that a new kid had arrived. I admit I am probably just as excited as anyone else. Pathetic. Oh well, I wanted to see who they were, what cliche would have open arms to them, if I would hate them at first glance. All of those depended on the person's looks; if it were a guy, did he look like a bad boy or another polo wearing, numb skulled, jock, a girl, did she flaunt the nonexistant breast, or hide under layers of clothes. Their actual face didn't seem to matter, looking at the ugly cheerleaders our school had atleast.

Other than having the notrious reputation for being the "wanted" girl. Yeah...sadly it's true. People keep coming up to me and trying to be my best friend. Sorry! But I'm taken, yes, I have a best friend. It just so happens to be my chinchilla. A cute, fuzzy, little monster. He bites strangers. We get along so well...

Right then the classroom door opened and in stepped the most...HANDSOME...no...UGLY MAN...GUY I had ever layed eyes on. His hair was long pulled back to be kept out of his face, he wore plastic black glasses, and wore a black button-up shirt with plain jeans. Oh! I was in heaven!! Please please please sit by me!

Oh yeah...he'll have to, it's the only free seat. Okay. Act cool. Calm your large, perfect butt down. He's coming back!! Hurry! Look bored!

"Hi." His voice was nonphysical sex! It was oozing with sexiness! Oh yeah...I think he wants me to reply.

"Hey..." I flashed one of my most dazzingly smiles.

"My name's Drew. What's your's?" Huh? My name...I can't remember...oh yeah...come on...I've only had it

my whole life!! Durh...

"Kay. It's nice to meet you."

"The teacher told me to ask you what we're doing. So...what are we doing?"

"Um...shit. I was hoping you could tell me. Don't worry though class is over in like five."

"Haha. That's good, because those girls over there look like they're about to devour me. And I kind of

wanted to finish my first day here." He pointed over his shoulder to Cassey and her possey. I hate them.

We used to be friends a few years ago until they became "popular" A.K.A. sluts!

"Have no fear! Hang out with me and they won't bother you." I glared at Cassey. Back off I have dibs! I think they got the message, oh no! They didn't! They are coming over!! AH! Save me. I try ducking under my desk, it doesn't work.

"Um...what are you doing?" Drew asks, good question. What am I doing?

"Well, I know that friday night you'll be taking me to see a movie." Smooth one Kay.

"Oh really?" He gives me the whole you-got-to-be-kidding-look.

"Hate to break it but nope. Just watch." Cassey has finally made it over.

"Hi, I'm Cassey." She holds out her manicured hand to Drew. He shakes it.

"I'm Drew." Aw, he looks frightened.

"Well, I'd just like to welcome you to our school. Also, there's going to be a wicked party friday at my house. So if you'd like to come you're welcome to." She flutters her eyelids trying to look innocent. It doesn't work, she just looks like she has something in her eyes.

"Oh wow. Thanks for the invite. It seems I already have plans though. I'm sorry." Drew, you're my hero!

"Aw. That's too bad. Are you sure they can't be moved to another day?" Will she ever learn to see rejection?

"I don't think so. See they're with Kay here and I really don't want to ask her if we can move them to another day. She's showing me around town and then seeing a movie." Really?! Sweet!

"I had no idea you were friends with Kay!" She really does seem shocked! Well ha! I stick my tongue out at her.

"We just met today but we've really hit it off." We really did...

The bell rang! Yes.

"I'm sorry Cassey. I really must help Drew to his next class. See ya!" I grab him by the arm and practically run from the class.

Once we round the corner I slow down. "So what class do you have now?" I ask.

"Um...lunch I think. Good thing too. I'm starving!" His stomach grumbles to prove it. I giggle at him.

"Me too. You can sit with me than. I'll save you from the evil people of this school." I take his arm again walking back the way we came.

"So how do you like our school so far?" I ask to make converstion. Not that we have awkward silence or anything. Nope, none at all!

"It's okay I guess. You know, that was the third time I had been invited to that party. By the same people it seems." He didn't take his arm back.

"Yeah. They try to convert everyone sooner or later." I nod my head to what I'm saying. "So what movie are we seeing friday?"

He laughs.