A/N: Okay, so my English class is studying creation myths and we had to do a project about one. I was assigned the Babylonian creation myth (which wouldn't have been my first choice, but whatever) and I decided to write a story about it. So I decided to post up here because...I feel like it. So here it is.

In the very beginning of time, before anything like land and sky had been created, there were two seas. Apsu was the sweet water sea and his wife, Tiamat, was the salt water sea. They found incredible happiness with each other.

When Apsu and Tiamat mixed together, they created Lahmu and Lahamu, two gods who came up from the silt at the edge of the seas. In turn, Lahmu and Lahamu created Anshar, Kishar, and Anu, who would prove to be great gods. These were the first generation of gods. From them came Ea and all his brothers.

Ea and his brothers were the mighty warrior gods. This wouldn't have been a problem if they hadn't been so discontentedly restless. They made noise and caused trouble and never seemed to stop. Apsu and Tiamat couldn't get any sleep.

"Please stop," pleaded Tiamat.

"At least walk quietly and lower your voices," Apsu tried to reason.

But Ea and his brothers didn't even hear them, they were so loud and rebellious. Finally, Apsu decided that he couldn't take it anymore. He called a meeting with the original gods to tell them his problem.

"Making Ea has turned out to be a mistake," he said. "My wife and I can never get any rest. We are always tired and always weary of these unruly gods."

"So what do you say we do about this?" Anu asked.

"The only solution that I can think of is to kill them," Apsu said.

All the first-generation gods agreed with Apsu. They'd watched Ea's activities and didn't like what they saw one bit. So they started to plan how they would end Ea, his brothers, and all the madness.

Unfortunately, Ea had overheard every word that had been said. He was so angry at Apsu. How dare he plot murder against him? So Ea snuck up to the group of gods, doing his best not to be seen. Then he struck Apsu down and killed him.

That is how the war amongst the gods began.

Tiamat was enraged at Ea. Her mate was gone because of him, and she decided that revenge was in order. She created fierce monsters-dragons, demons, serpents, and other murderous animals that would be willing to bring down Ea and his brothers. A god named Kingu was to lead Tiamat's army of angst into heaven to destroy the one who had destroyed Apsu.

In the meantime, Ea was making something of his own-though instead of having a whole army, he decided to just create one mighty, powerful god to fight against Tiamat's advancing army. He got Damkina, a goddess, to help him make the god, who he decided to name Marduk.

"He is sure to be the most powerful creature ever known!" Damkina said excitedly as they built.

Ea was more thoughtful, though. He wanted to make Marduk invincible. He wanted Tiamat's army to seem puny by comparison. But he didn't want the great god to be caught off guard. The numbers were against him, after all.

Suddenly, he had a brainstorm. "I've got it!" Ea exclaimed.

"You've got what?" Damkina asked.

"Instead of making him have just two eyes and two ears, let's give him four eyes and ears," said Ea. "That way, he'll be able to see and hear everything there is, and none of Tiamat's creatures will be able to sneak up on him."

Damkina agreed, and they gave him the extra sight and hearing.

At long last they finished their mass creation that was comparable to a skyscraper. Ea and Damkina stepped back as he came to life, which wound up being a good thing. When Marduk's four eyes opened, they saw the lightning they flashed. When he breathed, fire came out, warming them both. He was a monster-and that had been just what Ea was aiming for.

The other gods came to see the ferocious Marduk, and found out what fear felt like. They told Marduk about the army coming to kill Ea and his brothers and that he was the only one who could stop it.

"I'll fight them," Marduk promised. "None of them will so much as touch you. But after this is all over I will be ruler of this universe!"

"Yes, you will!" every god agreed. None of them dared deny him.

Marduk got ready for the war. He grabbed his supplies: the gold-covered royal scepter and ring, a bow and arrows, and a thunderbolt. Then he herded together the four winds to make a path to where Tiamat and her army were. His team of deadly dangerous horses pulled him in is fiery chariot out of the sky.

Down below, Tiamat's monsters were in battle formation. They were ready. Kingu their chief had pepped them up for this. They were itching to kill.

They were just about to invade heaven when Marduk came down. They all gasped at the sight of him. Never had they seen anything so terrifying, and yet so glorious. The army took one look at this huge, mighty god with the four evil eyes and wondered, though they didn't admit it aloud, whether they would really be able to do this.

Tiamat saw that her army was frozen with fear. They just need some extra help, she thought. She refused to think that she would lose this battle.

Her waters moved a whirled together as they began to form a new creation. This new fighter turned out to be a dragon-though this one was a lot bigger and a lot more brutal than any other present. She was born of desperation and righteous rage.

She opened her mouth to sound her battle cry, but Marduk didn't give her a chance to make a noise. He cast a hurricane down her throat. It raged inside of her and nearly ripped her apart from the inside out. She was about to cast a spell but once again Marduk didn't give her the chance to do anything. He shot an arrow and cut her in half. The rest of the monsters trembled as they watched this great dragon die. Some of them outright died of fright. The rest were taken care of by the horses who had been pulling the chariot.

Marduk used half of the dragon's body to build the sky, and the other half became the earth. He was the winner of the war and the official ruler of the universe. Nobody could argue this fact-not even poor Tiamat. As upset as she was about the defeat, she couldn't say a word. She stayed, and became the ocean surrounding the new earth Marduk had made.

Marduk made many other things, too. He made the days in the year. He made the planets and formed their paths in the sky. He made constellations of stars, and also the moon. He became the sun, because he could give light and warmth to the new world he had created. He sent all the other gods down and gave each of them tasks on taking care of his dominion.

But after a time, Marduk decided that there should be other creatures on the earth. These other creatures would not only become the ones to look after the earth, but would also serve all the gods. After all, Marduk thought to himself, those gods were here first, even before me, The Great Sun. I suppose they deserve recognition, too.

So Marduk set to work. He took the bones leftover from Tiamat's creatures of the battle. He formed a structure from them then coated it in flesh. He gave the creature life.

"You will be called Man," Marduk decided. "You will take care of the earth and worship all of us gods. That will be your purpose in life."

Marduk made other men, and also women, so that his new creatures could eventually fill up the earth. The gods who had been working went back to their home in heaven, where they never had to work again, and where they could watch over Man their servant.

Yeah. It's due tomorrow, and now I have to go draw a bunch of pictures going along with what I wrote (even though I can't draw worth a crap, lol). Anyways, even though this isn't what I usually write, I'd still like to hear what you guys thought of it, so R/R please :)