I woke up to the sun shining through the window. I got up and stretched yawning. I started walking to my closet when a sudden vision hit me full blast making me fall on my bed.

Flashes of my brother and that man who touched me flew through my mind. I sat there crying, sobbing. I was crying for my brother but crying for the way that man treated me and I still felt his dirty hands and lips on my skin.

I had to go to the alley and see if my brother was still there. I had to see if he was alright. And maybe, just maybe, I might see my savior.

I slowly got up still weak from crying. I walked to my closet and grabbed a pair of black shorts and my black weezer t-shirt. I slipped into the outfit and put my black tennis shoes on.

I grabbed my keys to my car and ran out the door. I was driving for ten minutes when I slammed on the brakes and pulled over.

I had no clue where the alley was. I had no idea where I was.

I slammed my head against the steering wheel and cried. I was so hopeful that I would find him however that hope was taken away from me because I did not know where the alley was.

I keep slamming my head against the steering wheel not caring that I was making the horn go off.

I suddenly stopped and lifted my head looking out the car window. My eyes were blotchy and red as well as my nose.

There he was. My savior who was driving away. Quickly starting up my car, I pulled onto the highway.I followed him but tried not act like I was stalking him. He had the answers and I wanted them.

I was driving for about an hour when he pulled over. I pulled over a couple of feet behind.

There was the alley I saw him go into it. I quickly got out of my car and followed him.

There he was bending down to my brother, I couldn't hold it anymore. I ran to my brother and hugged him. He was so cold. I tried to feel a heartbeat but there wasn't one.

I rocked back and forth.

"Wake up. You can't be dead." I cried. How can they do this to us? I just met him and they took him away from me already.

I felt someone pull me away for him and started rocking me back and forth. I laid my head against his chest and cried.

"Sh sh sh." He kept saying over and over again until my sobs subsided.

"W-who are you?" I asked stuttering a bit.

"I guess you should know." His voice was deep but not to deep like it was annoying but a type of deep that sexy.

"I was you brother best friend. One day he asked me to find you and look after you if anything ever happen to him. Your brother was a good man. He was fair to everyone and even though he was in a gang he never hurt anyone and that attracted more people to his gang. Which we call are selves Raven." He took a deep breath.

"Your brother found me alone on the street. I was beaten up from a gang, which the gang they call themselves the Ripper. They were the same people that killed your brother took me in and feed me. He was like a brother to me. I would do anything for him. Because I owe him, he asked me to look after you. I didn't know he was meeting you last night until I saw a note saying he was going to meet you. I had nothing to do with this but I promise you I will not let anything happen to you."

And deep down in my heart I believed him.

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