The mushashi, the clan that was now in charge of the city that is now known as Piama-Angel City, there history isn't exactly the cleanest especially when you consider the first ancestral descendants.

It is known that the mushashi in there first years following creation were far from being heroes in fact they were indeed savages pillaging violently across Asia and around the world.

However although they were only one of many deadly groups including the valkyrie who pillaged all around Northern Europe and such they were at the time considered the worst of all the groups.

To all those who didn't know the mushashi triad began many years far back into the history of ancient times in Japan.

It started after one fateful ninja who was at a loss of strength against a greatly powerful fighter had went to a shrine for help.

He prayed as he was taught making sure that god would give him strength he would need in order to defeat his violent oppressor who reigned down hatred and cruelty among the people of the village.

When he woke up the next morning he managed to get up before the tyrant that gave him daily slavery each and every day.

So he decided to walk alongside the riverbank in order to plan his next move believing he had immense strength.

That was when he found a crested medallion, it looked old and beat up with a cloud white coloring filling it's whole self.

When the man decided to place the medallion on his chest it flashed in a return effect to him acquiring the object.

And suddenly the medallion gave him many new abilities and vast amounts of strength which he would use to finally rid the village of the tyrannic fiend that was pollinating it with pain and suffering.

After which he became powerful enough to be a god.

And thus he created several medallions with his abilities and cast each one of them with an ability.

Soon though there was one of the many members of the triad that didn't agree.

His name was Xeras, he was a well valued member of the triad for many years since he joined the triad, always training, backing up members, keeping to the triad's principals and standards and even engaging in the long wars and campaigns led by the triad against the world and against the other groups such as the Valkyrie war for that matter.

But soon enough Xeras began to hunger for more power as he saw that the leader they had was ineffective to the code and moral fibers that locked the mushashi triad away from others.

Xeras began to challenge his authority for months at a time lashing out against him at every turn, arguing with him about issues that didn't even matter to him, and trying to slander his name with the energy of the lies and falsified nicknames that he gave him.

Enough was enough soon and Xeras tired of the leader of the triad resisting his tactics finally decided to force his opinion of him.

Xeras decided to quit from the mushashi triad and thus formed his own triad which he called the Amburlo triad.

Soon enough filled with rage and anger both sides clashed but they were locked in arm and arm as the Amburlo triad was composed of several ex-mushashi's who knew not only all of the mushashi triad's combat techniques but also many new Amburlo techniques.

Then it came down to the point where the mushashi triad made a truce with the rest of Earth's armies relizing the fact that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

It was after that all of the campaigns became successful and the Amburlo triad was defeated at that time.

Retreating in a meteor heading into space Xeras vowed that upon the next 10,000 years he would return to not only take his revenge on his oppressors but also take control of Earth permainetly forever.

It was yet another cold night in autumn when a meteor crash landed into the abandoned 0065 Ion Command post.

When the smoke had cleared a figure was reveled to look worse then just corpse like he was barely even passable for a zombie or living undead.

But he was somehow standing there and had complete rational over his thoughts which were about to shutter the people of these poor cities.