The next day, Forez with Abel and Claire by his side, looked onward to the charted and burnt ash of the once powerful ion bunker, and saw the dawn of a new era, for the premise he had kept within his mind, about yet another revolution in power, had unfortunately died with Carolyn, as the Salinities would have wanted, today, the probable new, different and selected empathy day, was the beginning of the long, and even longer silence of the strong and clear thoughts, today was the day when the voice of man was forced and subdued to an everlasting silence and secrecy.

The miracle of being witnesses that day, came from long past yesterday, where the prophet Iridous, was painting the foreshadowed images of peace, and the ending of great trivialities upon a cave wall, of which would be lost and unseen to the human eyes, as they were located in the area known as, the Chamber of Great Thought, which would be forever lost entirely from any who sought it after the olden, ancient era.