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Chapter 1

Sitting in maths class, looking outside the window, watching him play rugby, while Mr Jones was blabbing on about how we should be more focused in class.

"Tracy!" shouted Mr Jones
I quickly turned to face him to show that I was concentrating.

"Yes Mr Jones?"

"I want you to be more tuned in to these class discussions"

Now everyone was looking at me, 'Tracy the invisible girl' I was known as.

"Yes Mr Jones"

I looked back at him, my crush since longer than I could remember, Tim. Most popular guy in school, Captain of the senior boys' rugby team and not to say the most hottest guy I'd ever seen! Unfortunately, he was going out with Amanda, most popular girl in school, captain of the senior girls' cheerleading team and the biggest bitch in school. They were destined for each other like someone programmed for them to meet.

The bell rang for us to be dismissed from period 6, time to go home.

I packed my books and unlike everyone's country road bags, I carried my mum's old backpack and waited outside Gina's locker. Gina was my best friend, my only friend. She was a beautiful half Vietnamese and half Italian girl. Her long, straight dark brown hair made my blond hair look too curly, and her hazel eyes made my blue eyes look unattractive.

Finally, Gina arrived, running.

"What took you so long?" I panicked, emphasizing the word 'took', "You know how my mum gets worried sick"

"I'm so sorry Trace! You seriously had to be there! Tim and Amanda just broke up and had the biggest fight!" She was puffing madly

"THEY DID?! Ugh, I always miss everything! Why is it always me?" I was almost crying.

I wasn't sure if I was crying because I was sad that I missed the fight, or if I was crying for happiness that they broke up.

"Don't worry Trace, I recorded it all in my mobile" She replied, still puffing a bit but sounding relieved "I'll show you, here"

She was reaching out to give me her phone.

"Not now! We have to go home!" I quickly pushed her arm away.

We walked outside the school gate with a big smile across my face, I realised that I was crying for happiness that Tim and Amanda had broken up, and that I had 1 billionth of a chance to be with him, which was my dream...

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