Date X

Things happened. None of them were good. (1)

At all.



Ollie: We have to fall back! It's too late! They're already too far in!

Roe: Too late for you maybe.

Ollie: You bitches can die too!

Roe: Yeah, but definitely not as easily.

Zena: I dunno, that's a lot of zombies.

Emy: Like thousands really.

Lina: They have an army


Kel: Who was that? Do they want cookies?

Zena: That sounded an awful lot like-

Lina: No! NO IT CAN'T BE!

Portal: *opens*

Thal: I'm back bitches!


Ollie: Wuh? Where the hell have you been?

Thal: Learning how to use a portal gun.

Roe: For months?

Thal: I'm a fast learner.

Lina: Oh god, she's even dumber than I remember.

Thal: That's not a word you felush!

Zena: You spent months on end learning how to fire a gun?

Thal: A portal gun.

Lina: That's great Thal. Fantastic really, A ++ for effort. But it's also's completely useless.

Thal: Nuh uh.

Lina: Yuh huh!

Thal: Nuh uh!

Lina:Yuh-I am not fucking having this fight with you right now.

Thal: I'll show you what a portal gun can do! *does something*

Zombies: *Die horrible, zombie deaths.*

Lina: The fuck was that? That's a PORTAL gun Thal and what it just did definitely didn't involve any portals.

Thal: Well it sorta did, how else would they have come apart like that.

Lina: …

Thal: The physics are simple really.

Lina: You know what, I don't even wanna know.

Roe: Well this is fantastic, the entire earth has been taken over by zombies leaving us and Ollie to repopulate the earth.

Ollie: Say what?

Emy: He may be repulsive and sticky to the touch but I still refuse to take sloppy seconds from any of you hoes, me first!

Ollie: Don't I get any say in this?

Emy: Baby, none of my boys get any say, that's why they like it so much.

Ollie: I'm going to back away slowly with my hands over my junk now.

Zena: The two sentences I just heard need to stop existing. Now.

Thal: Guyz. Guyz. It's kay. I've got an idea.

Lina: Because those have always been notorious for being good.

Thal: Hey. If there's anything that Code Lyoko and copulating with a giant talking banana slug on national television have taught me. It's that there's always an easy cop out way to fix everything.

Lina: And that would be?

Thal: Easy. RETURN TO THE PAST NOW! *presses button on portal gun*

Lina: You can't just say 'return to the past' and press a button and expect anything to happen. I mean, it's a PORTAL gun, why would it have a time traveling func-

Past: *is returned to*

Thal: You were saying?

Lina: I hate you. I hate you so much. It's like a thousand fiery suns of pure hate that aI feel. And all of them are in the Thalia Galaxy.