This wasn't the first time I'd been to El Diablo, a nightclub/bar in the trendier part of CITY. It was usually packed with undergrads from the university every night of the week. Being one of them myself, I couldn't quite understand how they all found the time to get drunk so often. Didn't they have tests to study for or papers to write? I sure did. So, you didn't often find me at El Diablo unless it was the weekend, or a random special occasion.

It was a Tuesday. I shouldn't have been anywhere near the place, but there I was, standing at the door.

But I wasn't there drink. And I wasn't there to socialize. From the outside, El Diablo appeared as if dead. The music which usually vibrated through the walls into the street, was eerily silent. The bouncer, BOUNCER, wasn't standing at the door with his brooding scowl. No lights shined. No crowds gathered. It utterly lacked any signs of life.

Yet, here I was, standing at the darkened door. My hand raised to knock and with out really running it through my head, my hand hit the heavy metal door three times, seemingly of its own volition. I did not want to do this. I had a whole pile of homework waiting for me on my desk back in my apartment. Why was I here? How could I let him get so close?

Now they all knew who I was, and everyone wanted a piece.

Chapter One

I knew he wasn't normal the moment he walked in the room. A wild energy exuded from his skin. I could feel it brush me as he approached, and for a moment I smelled pine trees and decayed leaves. He smelled like the deep woods, or at least his aura did. His eyes locked with mine for a moment, and they were the purest hazel I had ever seen, the perfect mix of green and brown. I looked away quickly, before he noticed I was staring. I felt his eyes on me as he passed, until he got to a long row of bookshelves, where he promptly put his eyes to work searching for the book he had come in for. Once his back was to me, I glanced over again, examining the back of his head which was covered in short dark blond hair. He was tall, probably about 6 feet. Strong. Everything about him told me he was dangerously adventurous, and that I should avoid him at all costs.

A werewolf, and he, along with many other different supernaturals were looking for me and my twin brother, Adam.

We had been in hiding from these people for three years, ever since they became aware of our existence, and attacked our home in northern Vermont, killing our parents in process. We barely escaped with our lives.

Adam and I knew we were different. Around puberty I began getting headaches: short bursts of pain, and then nothing. Often I would get a quick flash of a picture, but it never lingered long enough for me to make sense of it. However as the months went by the headaches became more prolonged, and in my head I would see visions, like a video playing in my brain. I soon learned that I was seeing the future. It wasn't long before this too evolved. Sometimes the visions came in blinding migraines, sometimes they came to me peacefully in dreams, and sometimes I blacked out in the middle of the day to find that I had written the same sentence or word over and over in my notes. Adam told me when I blacked out I didn't faint, but my eyes turned black and I wrote without looking down at the paper. The first time it happened I woke to find him shaking me; screaming my name.

Adam, on the other hand, had a fairly simple gift; he could read minds. It was something which made it horribly difficult for him to concentrate in school before he understood how to control it. Now he was a pro, able to learn quickly, and keep us one step ahead of the supernaturals.

The supernaturals, vampires, werewolves, demons, fairies (and so on), wanted us. We aren't quite sure of the details, but we have learned that it has something to do with a prophecy. We have never really heard what this prophecy entails, but from what Adam has picked up from the brains of a few supes who got too close, it has something to do with our parentage and abilities. Considering Adam and I were adopted, it doesn't even being to help us understand. All we know about our parents is that they left us in an old abandoned mansion, called Deepwick, on the outskirts of Deeperville, Vermont. It was three days before Christmas when we were found there, no more than a month old each, swaddled in nothing but a couple blankets. No note, nothing to go on. We were sent to live with Greg and Laura Bennet, in a foster home situation until our parents or a relation came forward to claim us. Months went by and nothing happened. The police came up with no leads on who we were. So, on a strangely sunny day late in November, we were adopted by the Bennets, and every year after we celebrated that day as our birthday.

The man I was watching pulled a large book from the shelf entitled "Myths and Legends of the World." He turned, and I looked away. I could feel his eyes on me again as I tried to appear engulfed in my studies. His aura was drawing closer, becoming stronger with each step. He was powerful for someone relatively young. I heard the chair across the table from me scratch against the tile floor as he pulled it out and sat down. A sweat broke out on my forehead, now I was scared. He noticed me, he was trying to make contact. But there was no reason to assume he knew who I was, after all, I am a young woman who occasionally attracts the attention young men.

He set the book down on the table with a hard smack and flipped it open.

I stared at my book harder than ever, but was unable to concentrate on the words. It was like trying to read Greek; every word seemed to be written in different language. My heart was racing; I was terrified. This fear was increased by the mere fact I knew he could sense it, smell it, hear it. The sound of my fluttering heart beat probably echoed in his ears like that of a wild rabbit running from a predator.

I took a deep breath. There still wasn't any reason he should know who I was. Therefor, I had no reason to be in a panic. We ran across weres and other creatures all the time who had no idea who we were. After all, it wasn't like the supernatural community was all that organized. Only a handful knew who we were by sight. Our names, however, were notorious, which was why we avoided using them. We had aliases, fake ID's, and code words.

I grabbed my phone and began searching for my brother's number.

"I just ran into CCR on my ipod," I texted him, referencing Credence Clearwater Revival and their song "Bad Moon Rising" which we always associated with werewolves.

"Cool. Are they good or bad?" Adam texted back, obviously trying to sound casual.

"Not sure yet," I replied. "Well gotta get back to studying."

"You need any help?"

"Nope, I think I can handle mythology without you."

We always used the code, even in texts, unless we were sure we were alone. It was a safety precaution which we had learned to take, the hard way.

While I had been engaged in my phone, I hadn't noticed the werewolf move. He was now standing at the bookshelves again. With his back to me I felt more comfortable looking at him. I reached out to him with an energy I didn't really understand, it was just something that came with my abilities, Adam could do it too. My energy touched his again, as I had when he first walked in the room. I closed my eyes and I felt his wildness. It was like standing in the middle of the forest, miles from civilization, lost, not a sound. I could feel the full moon on my face. I smelled the decay of plant life on the ground. It smelled like November in Vermont, the month of death. Late fall, early winter. Everything was dead, or dying. But there was a lingering smell I couldn't quite pinpoint. It was coppery liquid, hot... growing cold. Blood.

All of a sudden I was pushed away, shut out.

I gasped and my eyes popped open.

The werewolf slowly turned around. First his head pivoted on his neck, then his body followed. His eyes locked with mine, and I couldn't look away. Confusion and worry crossed his brow. If only I had the power to read his mind then I would know exactly what to say to dissipate his suspicion.

I smiled, trying to look innocent of his concern.

"Can't find the book you're looking for?" I asked.

It took a moment for him respond, my inquiry caught him even more off guard, "Yeah, but I should have expected it. There isn't a large selection of... folklore text here."

His voice was a little deep, husky. It fit him perfectly.

"I suppose not. Universities don't really like to invest in anything not written by someone with a PHd," I replied, knowing most mythology and folklore texts were usually compilations of stories told by old superstitious phoaggies gathered by regular joes.

He smiled; I melted a little inside.

"My name is Jensen," he said, sticking out his hand.

I took his hand, and shook it. "Ava," I said without thinking, immediately regretting it.

I calmly told myself not to worry, there were thousands of women named Ava. I would just have to be more careful about the last name.

"Not many people are interested in legends and myths, you know? I guess they figure they shouldn't have to worry with fictional history," he told me, with a bit of a smirk, like he knew something the rest of the world didn't. Which he had every right to believe.

"So true," I sighed."I mean, those people wrote these myths believing them to be true accounts of history. For the Greeks, their gods were as real as the wars they fought. For some people vampires really lurked in the dark, and werewolves terrorized woods every full moon. It was their way of explaining the unexplainable. People nowadays feel that they've answered all this with science, so it discredits the legends as nothing but the writings of ignorant folk. I for one am fascinated by mythology. Sometimes it's nice to pull yourself away from reality and just believe, like they did."

Jensen looked intrigued by what I had to say. He wasn't the only one who knew things the rest of the world didn't. However, he didn't know I was so enlightened to his "world."

"I feel exactly the same..." he replied in some kind of awe.

I smiled. He glanced at his watch and jumped a little.

"Hey, it's Friday. Are you doing anything tonight?" he asked suddenly.

Now it was my turn to be shocked. I hadn't been asked out in a very long time, and I certainly wasn't expecting a werewolf to extend an invitation. What could it hurt?

First, I could be found out.

Second, Adam would flip out.

Was it worth it? Jensen was terribly handsome, and his voice made me shiver. He knew the world the way it really was, filled with monsters. But he was one of the monsters, and I could never admit to him I knew about the supernaturals. That could very well result in my death.

He was a monster, but a handsome one.

Again I asked myself, what could it hurt? Just one little date...

"Nope, I have no plans for tonight," I replied, still a little unsure.

"Great! Uhm, me and a couple friends are going to El Diablo tonight, you know it?" He was excited; very human of him.

"Yeah, I've been there before."

"Good, alright, I'll meet you there around... uhm... nine sound good?"

"That sounds great," I laughed, nerves.

"Okay okay, I'll see you then. I gotta get to class."

"See you."

He smiled and nodded as he rushed out of the room.

What the hell did I just get myself into?