What could I possibly say to curb this kind of talk? Supernaturals can sense others like them, but Adam and I somehow never got picked up on. We passed for regular humans around them. This was how we so easily eluded them for all this time. But Jensen was powerful and I don't think I had ever been around a being who's aura vibrated as strongly as his, except when our parents were killed. The vampire who led the attack, he was...

I shuddered, I could almost feel Ethan's breath on my neck right before...

"Do you want to know what else I smell on you?" Jensen asked in a low growl.

I bit my bottom lip and kept my eyes on Pippa, across the bar. "No," I barely whispered.

"Magic, Ava. Dark stuff."

"I don't know what you're talking about Jensen."

He laughed, "You can't hide from me. I knew there was something about you in the library, but I couldn't pick it up. Then you walked into the bar tonight and - "

He pulled me very close and took a deep breath in, his voice becoming very quiet. "It's intoxicating."

I pushed away from him in a panic, it was like someone had grabbed my heart from inside my chest and gave it a hard squeeze. Ethan said the same thing when I was in his arms, and his voice slithered into my head, "Your scent, it's intoxicating. You may fool some of them, but I know what you are. You can't hide from me Ava."

My eyes were probably bulging as I stared at him.

"Ava?" Jensen asked, his brows furrowed with questions.

I knew he didn't say those things because he knew who I was. He could sense my difference, my ability, and he probably hadn't come across very many humans who smelled the way I did. He thought I was playing a game, pretending not to know what I was. It occurred to me that most Supernaturals don't pretend to hide around each other, after all, they were all keenly aware when others were in their presence. Still, I was different.

"Jensen, I'm sorry, I can't - "

I walked away from him towards Pippa. I nodded to his friends as I approached the table. She was pretty tipsy, "Come on Pip. It's time to go."

"Time to go?!" she whined. "But it's only eleven Ava."

"Yeah, and you've had quite enough. Come on, I'll drive. You can stay at my place tonight."

"Okay," she said, begrudgingly.

"Night boys."

Connor and Rick nodded.




When I got home Adam was no where to be seen, and I silently thanked my lucky stars. I really didn't want to deal with him tonight.

I helped Pippa into my bed and made sure she was asleep before I left the room.

Adam was sitting on the couch, in the dark.

"You've been thinking about Ethan," he said. "You're scared."

"I don't need a lecture tonight Adam," I sighed as I turned on a lamp in the corner and sat down next to him.

"What happened?" he asked, turning toward me.

"He's much more powerful than I gave him credit for."

"He knows..."

"He knows I'm not normal. He...he said something that reminded me of the things Ethan said, and I just...you know I can't..."

Tears. I was choking up. The pain of those memories were too much sometimes, especially when they resurfaced when I was least expecting.

"I know, Ava."

Adam reached out for me, and I embraced him tightly, sobbing as I was flooded with those dreamlike videos from a part of my brain I tried to keep locked up most of the time.

It was a hot summer night, a year or so after Adam and I graduated from high school. We were both home from college.

The stereo in the living room was on so loud it woke me up. I thought it was just Adam and some of his buddies being obnoxious. So, my intension was to demand a little quiet at 3:00 AM. As I walked down the stairs I could feel that something was off. I sensed strange things.

I remembered my feet suddenly stepping onto carpet seeped with warm liquid, before I switched on a light.

It was blood, too much blood, and my parents were lying on the floor, eyes open, skin so pale. Their throats had been slit. I dropped to my knees in the blood and started screaming.

Faster than I could see, someone grabbed me my the throat and shoved me up against the wall. His eyes were the most unnatural green, and his hair was long for a guy, came to his chin, and it was black. He had a classically handsome face, not too masculine, slender.

"Shhh my love," he warned, baring his fangs. "Wouldn't want to wake the neighbors now would we?"

At that moment in time, Adam and I had no idea things like vampire existed, but as soon as I saw his fangs and felt his cold skin against mine, I knew exactly what I was up against, and it was as real as anything else in the world.

Two of his friends had a hold of Adam, and they had gagged him.

He let my throat go and laughed, "Forgive my manners. I'm Ethan, and my companions here are Max and Olivia."

Ethan bent in and smelled my hair, "I can't believe you've been living here all this time, right under those dogs' noses, and they never knew."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, realizing it was a bit brave to have said anything.

He smiled, "Oh Ava, you have no idea, do you? I would think a person of your abilities would have seen this coming."

He said that knowing I had seen it. I had nightmares for weeks about blood soaked carpets and a man, Ethan, telling me about a prophecy. A prophecy involving my twin brother and I. "Yes Ava. A prophecy."

He was reading my mind, "I am."

"You and your brother have been living in werewolf territory your whole lives. Incompetent mongrels really," Ethan explained. "But then you went away to college, and cities are a vampire's paradise my love. You walked past me once, with a bunch of your friends on your way to a play. I could smell you, and I knew then who you were."

His hand was inching up my bare thigh, all I had on was a long t-shirt because it had been so humid lately. Under his eyes I felt completely naked, as if he could see through me. He nuzzled his face against my neck. "Your scent, it's intoxicating," he whispered. "You may fool some of them, but I know what you are. You can't hide from me Ava."

Ethan grabbed my arm, flung me down on the carpet into the blood, and crouched down over me, smiling. "You know what's coming next, don't you?"

"No," I cried. "No, no no. Please."

But his hands we like iron, there was no fighting him. He licked the pulse on my neck while his hand wandered up my shirt, and then he bit down.

I could feel him inside my head, telling me to stop struggling, to enjoy it as much as he was going to. I had no choice. Once a vampire as powerful as Ethan gets to you like that...

I remember wanting to cry and beat my fists at him, but completely lacking the ability. I remember not being able to look away from his eyes, kissing him, touching him, wanting him. The feel of the cooling blood on my back. His fingers...

Pathetically begging him for it...

Moaning underneath him.

"This isn't over my love," he said softly. "Never think you can hide from me now that you're mine."

And with that, he was gone. Ethan and his friends vanished.

I don't remember screaming for Ethan, and fighting Adam with all my strength to run after him. I don't remember the paramedics arriving just as the sun came up, or the cops asking us questions. I don't remember having a seizure in the ambulance.

I woke up in the hospital two days later. I had to have three blood transfusions, and they sedated me because I wouldn't stop screaming. Adam was sitting in the chair next to my bed when I opened my eyes, and he smiled halfheartedly. He got into bed next to me, sensing the build up of emotions I was feeling, and I cried for what felt like hours in his arms. He never said a word about it.

Our parents were dead, and I was....broken.

The next day, as soon as they released me, we went home, avoiding the living room, packed up Adam's jeep and disappeared. Here we were, three years later, and I still couldn't escape the memory of that night. I had never really escaped Ethan. He was always there, in the back of my mind, the prevailing villain of my nightmares.