A Child's Perspective

I wrote to the man

Whose camouflage was stained with dark


I think it was blood

He wrote back saying

"God Bless America"

I wonder why he didn't say

Our world

Maybe he just forgot.

I was watching the news

And the man in the black suit

Wouldn't tell us something

When the topic was war.

My parent's friend worked

In the Twin Towers

I think she is still

With us

In our hearts .

Mommy and Daddy are mad

At the people who killed her

But I didn't know her well.

They pray at night

For God's help

But I guess God doesn't hear them

Because it isn't getting better.

I had a pen pal

In Iraq

But I think she moved

Because she doesn't

Write back anymore.

There was a bomb

In her town

I asked if she was okay

The letter came back

With water dripped across it.

My neighbor's dad is in Kuwait

He has been there

For a long time

Whenever I ask her

About him

She cries.

I don't understand


I am pretty sure she

Isn't telling me something

About him

But I can handle

What happened


The Truth

Written on September 11, 2007