I Am a Jane Austen Gal Now, but My Prince Charming Is Nothing Like Mr. Darcy.

The only thing I remember from that day after my fainting was waking up in Hayden's arms. It was probably the happiest moment of my life- so far. Another good thing that came out of that ordeal was the fact that I didn't wake up in hospital due to head trauma.

Now, you, my dear reader have to understand this, Hayden and I's relationship is not all fun and games. Okay, wait, I'm going to rephrase that. It's not just making out and going on dates. Hayden and I fight about almost everything. Most of the time it's witty banter back and forth, but we have had our true lover's spats. About collage, about life, about Leona and Arron (who, surprisingly, have started dating. It's like a match made in hell). Trust me, ladies and gents, love is not a walk in the park.

But what is a walk in the park, is the fact that if you truly love each other, you'll work things out. And the moments you do spent together, it's always one of the best moments of your life. I never, ever, thought I would fall in love with some one like Hayden Michaels. He was nothing at all like I pictured my fairytale prince. When I was little I pictured my prince some one tall, dark, and handsome. Like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom.

Then, Hayden came along and he was no where near what I wanted my prince to be like. But you know what? Hayden's turned out ten times better then Orlando or Johnny. Especially since Hayden isn't illegal.... yet. And I truly believe that now, even after reading the Twilight Saga, that our relationship is way more realistic (sorry folks). Plus, you know, Hayden doesn't lust for my blood or anything.

"Kexy? You kind of zoned out there for a second," Hayden said, snapping my thoughts back to attention. I'm sorry, but Hayden is just way more distracting then going on my fluffy rant about relationships.

"Sorry," I sighed, blushing. I still had a habit of blushing in front of him, which was naive, but he is, well, my prince.

"What were you thinking about?" He questioned, his hazel eyes piercing with a light humor.

"Oh, you know, just stuff," I replied, trying to think of an answer while waving my hands in the air. I looked at him sitting on the swing, yes, highschoolers do still go to children's parks. He stared up at me with a raised eyebrow. Hayden then pulled me into his lap on the swing, having me let out a giggle.

Oh, and I really have turned into a Jane Austen girl. But I still think I'm more headstrong like Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice. I still have my cunning and dignity intact. Sort of.

"What kind of stuff," He whispered airily into my ear. It tickled, making me squirm, blush, and smile. Hayden wrapped his arms around my waist, and started to swing us back and forth. I smiled deviously.

"Well, I was thinking about my Prince Charming," I started.

"Which would be me," Hayden cut in arrogantly.

"No, see when I had my prince in mind it was more like a mix between Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. They've got that tall, dark, and bringing sexy back type of look. I'm like Nancy Drew, I like figuring the mystery guys out," I told him, and then turned to look at his ash fallen face.

"Oh," Hayden replied stiffly.

"But, you see, when I imagined my prince, he was like that. But Aphrodite had another idea," I continued. "She gave me this difficult, pompous, asshole named Hayden Michaels who just wanted to use me to make his ex mad. But you see, I fell in love with him. I couldn't help it. Arguing with him was just way to fun. He was nothing like my Prince Charming, but he turned out ten times better then I imagined."

Hayden smiled bashfully at me, looking like an adorable four year old that had just given his pre-k sweetheart a valentine with a worm in it.

"Yeah, Aphrodite had other plans for me too. I wanted Angelina Jolie, but what I got topped her," Hayden smiled, playing along. He then planted a kiss on my lips. Did I ever mention he tasted like strawberries? Yeah, well, he does. "Kit Kat Bar?"

"Sure," I said and laughed at the randomness of the question. He pulled it out of his pocket and it broke it in two. Then he threw the wrapper on the ground.

"Hayden!" I scolded. "Throw that away, your going to kill the Earth and we are all going to die because you polluted it and-"

He cut me off with a Kit Kat flavoured kiss.


A/N: I am so sorry this took so long. I'm so sad it's actually over. I didn't think it would end like this, but it did. I will be re-writing and editing it soon, so all the chapters are going to be deleted and re-written, a new story in the place of this. Still the same characters, favourite moments, favourite parts, the only things I'm changing are the mistakes I made and I'm also adding some things. If you have any ideas of what you want to see, if you want a sequel, etc, PLEASE PM ME AND REVIEW.

I will probably be making the sequel about Lani and Drew but I really need to know what you, the readers think happened between the two of them. Because, seriously, I have no idea what even happened between them. My characters have the minds of their own.


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