Yeah, so this school assignment was to write a poem following the same rhyming pattern as Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" and use the same literary devices he did. Therefore, I am well aware that this poem has the same rhyming pattern as "The Raven" because it's supposed to. We were also supposed to rhyme our last line with 'ore' like 'nevermore'. It was kind of annoying and limiting but I like the concept that I came up with.

"Coming Ashore"

Once upon an age-old ship, a man held the railing with a captain's grip.

Battered was the Rosemary for she was returning from a bitter war.

All the crew aboard were tired and their strength, nearly expired,

For what they desired now would be found waiting on the shore:

Their families watching for them on the shore,

Yes, reunited when Rosemary would come ashore.

The sea herself was wrought with sorrow for she knew that on the morrow

There would be no warm embraces on that distant shore.

No, there'd be no welcoming embraces and no smiling faces,

Merely an empty sea that would give cause to mourn forevermore,

A sea so still and silent and so it would be forevermore

But for now all believed they would come ashore.

The captain stared out at the ocean, with its undulating motion

And patiently tapped his foot upon the ship's floor.

He saw a lone seagull dip, crying out as it passed by the ship

And the captain smiled as the gull flew o'er,

And the crew cheered as the gull passed o'er,

For it meant they would soon be coming ashore.

But presently the lookout could see - up ahead – a fleet of three!

He called a warning to the captain for he'd seen those masts before!

But the Rosemary was worn and her crew so forlorn,

That they made no effort to escape though she did implore.

Nothing was done to turn off course, though Rosemary did implore

For all the sailors still yearned they would come ashore.

Enemies, soon with smooth navigation formed a triangle formation

Around lone Rosemary who did her best to ignore

And continued in the direction where lay the crew's affection

And the captain, hands still on the railing, closed his eyes and swore

By the life of the ocean herself, knelt on his knees and swore,

"Don't you worry, lads. We're coming ashore."

Then came a terrible crash followed by a horrible smash

And all around there was an incessant, screaming roar

As Rosemary was impaled but still, still onward she sailed

Never did she falter course though water did outpour

Like blood or tears from Rosemary did the water outpour

And still the whisper "We're coming ashore."

And so it was the morning after, the beach was devoid of laughter.

Rosemary's carcass had, during the night, washed on the shore

And the bodies of her crew, bleeding, swollen had shown up too.

Though it was true that both would sail the open ocean nevermore,

The mourners thought they heard a voice that should speak nevermore

Whispering still, "We're coming ashore."