Chapter 1

Okay. So, what am I doing here?

This was my first thought. It was a very simple thought and also my last intelligent thought as I stepped through the doorway and into the classy apartment. It was a few hundred dollars out of my range. Classy in that way you know they are trying to impress everyone… and everyone knows that they're being conned into being impressed but are still impressed anyway.

But who cares? It's a party.

I slipped in on my thin long legs, greeting those I knew, and even those I didn't know. Hot shoes. Tight butt. Oo, I have that outfit. I circled the chairs that were arranged around a long oval table. Glass table. Stylish. Everything in the room apartment seemed to come straight out of a high class catalog. Even the people. Me-ow.

I'd do him… him, and him.

Well… I'd have to be a few drinks in to do him. I reached out and grasped the well tailored suit jacket of a man, spinning him around. Hello gorgeous. I bent him over my arm and placed a kiss on his parted-in-surprise lips. I paid no heed to his drink that sloshed over the edges of the crystal glass onto the floor. Tastes like… hm, a Blue Devil. Suites him. I giggled and took his hips, pulling him back to his feet. "Hey there sailor."

"Oh not this again."

He laughed good naturedly and would easily give in to my whims. I'm totally like, irresistible. "Oh indulge me." I cooed placing my hand on my trim hip, legs practically single saran wrapped in jean material. I took in his outfit. He probably pulled it right off the rack. I chuckled under my breath.

Come now, play my games.

"Fine." He pulled off his bug eyed sunglasses, folded them and placed them in his pocket. He's always hiding those pretty blue-grey eyes behind those stupid things. Looks exactly like one of those caterpillars with the fuzzy coating. If the caterpillar had been left out in the sun to tan a toasty brown. A caterpillar marshmallow. Ew. Ew that's just gross! "-and what's a little seaport floozy doing at such a fine establishment?"

What was that first part?

Doesn't matter. Time for my confidence shattering come back! Stand back and beware! I mentally cracked my fingers. "Well I've come to get acquainted with all the sailors and seamen."


"Don't bite off more than you can chew." He laughed, pushing his fingers through his dark brown curls. I'm really surprised his fingers don't get stuck. How embarrassing would that be, really.

"You know me sweety, too much teeth ruins the mood." I snapped my pearly white in his direction. Nothing kills a blowjob more than the fear that your pecker's gunna be bitten off.

Just take my word for it.

It's better that way. "-you've had enough practice." Dammit I still haven't broken that very bad habit of not paying attention.

Can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I smirked and raised my chin. "You know that I'm the one who blows your sails."

"You're too young to use such innuendos."

And our game was over.

"Oh I am not." I frowned at him, folding my hands over my stomach as I regarded him. Stupid Darius. Always mistaking me for a kid. I'm not a kid. I'm old. Wait-no! Not old! I'm not old in a wrinkly way. I'm young-young in an old way. Damn.

Where was I?

"You're just a babe among wolves."

"I think you just mixed two metaphors together." I pointed out, watching his arm encircle my shoulders as he spoke. I prodded him in the side sharply. Even I know that it goes: Like a goat among wolves… er… babe in a meadow? Uh… fuck it.

"What would you know? You're here to look pretty."

Darius took my chin and shook my head back and forth. I lightly pulled back and sunk my teeth into his hand, holding it there. "What did I tell you about the teeth?" He yelped in surprise. I ran my tongue along the underside of his hand. Haha, bow before the awesome power of my tongue.

Few have stood against it and lived!

"Eh," Darius looked down at me. Hah, he's totally imagining my tongue elsewhere. I'm gosh darn adorable enough, and I'm flattered. I release his hand and leaned over to whisper in his ear. "Just don't imagine where that tongue has been."

"Ugh! Kade!"

Hahaha. Epic win.

"I should fraternize with the others." I gave his cheek a peck and slipped out from under his arm. "See you on Monday?"

"Yeah, try not to have too much fun tonight."

"Don't worry about me, I have two days to recover." I left him to his drink and walked up the short flight of carpeted steps towards the kitchen. Very, very posh. I glanced around, regretting having made Darius spill his drink on the probably very expensive carpet. At least it's not as bad as what people are going to be doing later.


I ran my hand over the counter that was the divider to the other room and fingered the coloured bottles that formed such a pretty line. Eenie. Meanie. Minie. Mo. Catch a rent boy by the toe, if they blow you let them go. Eenie, Meanie, Minie, Mo. My trailing fingers lingered on a bottle of Vodka. I smirked. Ssssexcellent. With the ease of practice I found the Amaretto and Sour Mix, raided the fridge for orange juice and voila, perfection was made.

Mmm babe where have you been all my life?

I babied the drink, taking small sips leaning against the counter, watching people come and go, mixing their own drinks with what was left out. I slunk around the island in the center of the kitchen towards a thin tall woman. I reached out and gave her bum a pinch.

"Why you-"

She whirled around and steadied her hand. "Kade! I was going to render that face useless to Darius." She snapped and scolded me with an undertone of forgiveness. Everyone loves me. I am like a Koala.

"You wouldn't." I leaned against her arm. "So when's the fun going to get here?" I'm an impatient little bastard.

Little in a… figurative sort of way.

I twisted her long dark brown hair around my fingers, grinning in response to her rather scathing look in return. "Men have one track minds be they as bendy as you or as straight as a ruler."

"Sweetheart I'm a rubber ruler."


"Odd, one would think you're hard too often to be made of rubber."

I grabbed my chest dramatically and clicked my tongue to the top of my mouth. "Me'lady you wound me." I dropped my head to her shoulder dramatically, breaking the act by raising my drink to my lips.

"Don't quit your day job."

Hey, that's mean.

I stuck my tongue out at Tyrene. This rewarded me with her lips closing around my tongue. "Ew!" I jerked back and had to wobble to keep my drink in its glass. "That is so not appreciated!" I barked at her, faux spitting to make my point and to put on a show for her. Ew. Ew! Girl cooties! There are girl cooties in my mouth. I am effeminate enough I don't need their cooties!

"Stop being a dramatic bitch and go enjoy yourself."

She shook her head and turned her back on me to dismiss me. Tyrene was blunt like that. Nice enough girl, I'd be totally into her if she was a dude. She'd make a hot guy too, little skinny for my liking but nice strong Norwegian or something features. From Europe I think. Europe. Yer. Rope. Hah, funny word.

Those crazy Frenchies.

I took Tyrene's suggestion and sauntered from the room, carefully balancing my drink. I'm not letting it go the way of Darius'. The floor doesn't deserve my creation. I wonder what a drunk carpet would be like… would it spew dust bunnies if it was hammered?

Oo, party's starting.

The music had begun to creep up in volume and the living room was full of pretty people, and the people who took pictures of pretty people. I fall into the category of pretty people, not that other one. I pushed my fingers through my perfect blond hair. I say perfect because it is. Perfect.

Mm… Bend-me-over.

Which is a drink name AND what I wouldn't mind happening tonight. I strut across the carpet, moving towards the balcony where the light glow of cigarettes lit up the night sky, red against the orange of a cityscape. Like fireflies! Which is close to nature.


You rang?

I paused mid step and turned on my heel, glancing across the crowd to find the owner of the voice. "Yeahs?" I purred and grinned as I spotted the man waving me over. Oh sugar daddy, just who I was looking for. "Zacharie! I thought I'd find you outside you old chimney." I plopped down on the armrest of the chair that he was sitting in. Zach is… attractive in an old person sort of way.

"I was just contemplating getting up when I spotted you."

He placed his hand on my knee. I smirked over the rim of my glass at the man, my eyes flickered over his peppered hair. Hee, he looks like he's wearing a chinchilla on his head. I giggled to myself, feeling his hand slid up and down my leg.

He's not terribly bad looking.

I mean, if he was… thirty years younger I'd do him. He was a little heavier set where muscles were underworked but still there, trendy dresser and my way to the top. "Kade?"

Pay attention!

I glanced up. "Sorry?"

"Caught in your head again?" He was quick to forgive me in these sorts of settings, but on the set… Ever seen a crocodile go after a bunny? You know how much of a chance that bunny has? Yeah… I'll just give you a hint. I'm not the crocodile.

"Yeah." I chuckled, "Sorry. I'm still learning to pay attention to people." His hand crawled up to my thigh, dipping from the top to the more delicate inner flesh that lay under my jeans. No matter how used to being touched elsewhere I am, the inside of my thighs is still delicately tender.

Like chicken!

A shiver ran down my spine, I did my best job of hiding it from him, covering it with a stretch. "Was there something you wanted to talk about?" I asked curiously, wanting to draw his hand away from where it was inching.

Don't get me wrong, usually I'd accept the offer but…

But this is different. "Oh." He seemed now to be as distracted as I was. "Yes, I was wondering if you had time to come down to my office on Monday, I think that there's a project that is interested in someone of your type." He slid his hand back down to give my knee a pat. Oh good lord thank you. I don't need old men hitting on me. I get enough of that at work… also from him but… still.

This is my weekend! My party time!


"With a good word on my part I think that I can turn their attention towards you." His dark eyes met mine. He has very pretty eyes at least. Green… maybe brown. Burgundy? "But first I want to know if you're interested."

Work… I like work!

"What's the project?" I asked curiously. Zach's hand dipped into his pocket and retrieved a cigar, placing it between his lips. I hate it when people talk with things in their mouths, cigars, cigarettes, it's like trying to decipher some sort of Morse code of mumbles and failing attempts to keep such a thing in their mouth.

Should I get a pen and paper?

"There will be none of that talk now." His muffled reply made me inwardly cringe. I watched the cigar bob with the words. Zach stood and made a move to ruffle my hair. Don't' mess with the hair betch. I ducked out of the way. "I need a smoke. Care to join me?"

… Not really.

The door opened and a small commotion came form the people around it, greeting the new guests. I bobbed up onto my feet-like a meercat. I burst into a grin. "Sorry Zach, maybe next time." I slid off the couch and moved towards the new arrivals, leaving Zach behind with his cigar perched between his fingers.

Heh, double entendra thinger.

I grinned broadly, seeing the well-groomed beautiful men in the doorway. These weren't the beautiful men and women who were here, these ones carried the slight air of shame around them that we didn't. These were workingmen. And I don't mean blue collared day job workingmen. They were the ladies of the night.

Each more delicious then the last.

I glanced over the skittish looking blond, I still am not big on blondes anymore… The gorgeous and totally out of my league auburn haired God in the center… I don't think I could get with that one even if I paid… and a lovely Asian boy boasting confidence with every fierce look.

I piiiick… door number three.

As they split up across the floor I caught the eye of my prey and invited him towards the circle of couches, flopping back onto one. I glanced at the table briefly, wondering how much they knew about these little… after party gatherings.

How innocent are you sweetheart?

He leaned back over the glass table, pulling down his already low pants along the line of his hips, exposing them. They were obviously all informed about what goes on here. I flopped down beside him before anyone else could get at him. Oh claimed betch. I dug around in my pants pocket and found the tiny baggy I had placed their earlier today. I tapped the white powder to the side and opened the top, pouring a thin careful line along the beautifully curved hip of the man on the table.

Finally. Now the fun begins.

I leaned over the pretty broad man, running my hand up his side, leaning in close, so close I could smell his skin, warm and human. The white powder stood out so starkly against his dark skin. I pressed my thumb against one nostril, following the line breathing in fast and deep. The first time it had been hard to fight the urge to cough and sneeze.

It got easier with time.

I sniffed, wiping under my nose with two fingers, sniffling. Not the most pleasant experience but better than needles and shit like that. There are worse ways to take drugs. I dropped my head backwards and closed my eyes. Now it was only a matter of time until it hit my system.

In the mean time…

I might as well enjoy he pre-party. I burst into a slinky grin and opened my eyes slowly, focusing them on the 'hired help.' The blond and the auburn boy were on the other side of the room, the lovely Asian number was still laying on the table.

No chopsticks required.

"Hey," I breathed, leaning over him absently pressing my finger down against his hips to pick the last bits of white from them. I rubbed said finger across my gums before murmuring, "What did you say your name was?" My knees bumped his, hands on either side of him, palms pressed to the glass table.


His voice was dripping, utterly smug as if he knew I was under his control. I am not under his control. Who's paying who? Well… I'm not personally paying but… "I'm Kade." That's so you know what to scream.

"Pleasure to meet you."

"Pleasure's only just begun."

I straddled Lotus' thighs and leaned forward, my mouth crashed to his. My heart hammered in my chest. It felt like it was going to burst out like that thing from Alien. The Alien. Yeah. I twisted my fingers through his hair, pulling the brilliantly coloured bangs from his face. They stood out against the pitch black of the rest of his hair.


Ah-yes. This is my favourite part of the evening. Riding the high I pressed up against the other man, hips sliding from his thighs right up against his. I felt his hands pressed down along my sides, gripping my tight bottom. I let out a little squeak before being thrown down onto the couch on my back.

My luck I pick the aggressive top.

I should have gone for that meek little blonde-eek! I arched my back, his teeth closing around the sensitive flesh between my collarbone. Vampire! Vampire! Mm. Vampire. I gripped his shirt, unable to break the grin that was plastered on my face since the high had hit me. I was far passed the point of no return. Mm… I want a rent boy, one of my very own.

His hands know exactly where to touch…

And how to touch. My heart thundered faster in my chest, every ion of my body seeming to vibrate sending wild chills down my spine. My knees hugged Lotus' sides. Sure as hell I was going to make at least a little use out of the hired help. It's a party after all. Celebrating another year that was completed without mishap.

Except that one time…

They should really learn to hire girls that aren't such fussy bitches. The tantrums they throw-I can't wait until I'm famous enough to do that. I squeaked and squealed with delight, everything becoming more and more intense until the world was a mix of smell, touch and taste.

Ah. Mm.

Everything was moving so fast, my heart, my senses. Everything. Everything felt so good. Breathing, touching, being touched, moaning, hearing, hearing moans. Everything. I never wanted it to end.

My name is Kade. I'm a model. I'm twenty-three years old. And right now, I'm totally fucked up.