The Storyteller Chronicles

The Science Of Magic

Part 10

Tricking Out The Results

Ithought it was interesting thatTarte Medievale really is a medieval dessert which is simply flan in a pie crust. Mr. Watcher set his aside, not pausing to eat. I set mine aside as well.


The Storyteller was in an unusual state, in essence his mind was housing his body instead of the other way around. It was this unique circumstance that allowed someone of Tonya's unique abilities to gain access for herself and Ziribella to The Storyteller's mind. They followed The Storyteller's path, avoiding obstacles, till they finally came to a dead end. They found themselves in a plain white corridor that within a few paces had crumbled away to reveal the unspeakable horrors of The Storyteller's subconscious mind.

"Are you sure he's in there?!" Tonya asked, narrowly avoiding a man sized insectoid pincer which reached out at her from within the roiling scene. "How are we going to get him out of that?" She recoiled further noticing that the pincer was covered by tiny versions of what was surely the parent creature.

"He's in there somewhere, I can feel it." Ziribella exhaled. "I must go on alone from here. You've taken me as far as you can."

Tonya gripped Ziribella's arm more fully. "No, you can't go in there, you'll be killed."

"Actually I'm the only who can survive." She gently removed Tonya's hand from her arm. "Now you need to get out of here in case this doesn't work."

Ziribella turned to enter the madness. "Wait." Tonya said turning her back. "Are you sure about this?"

"Have faith, I do." And with that Ziribella's stepped into the subconscious.

The sudden rush of random forces tossed Ziribella like a paper doll in the wind. Through a truly superhuman resolve she regained her feet and pushed on, one foot in front of the other. She reached out with one hand, probing her path a head. She slipped and fell. Again she pulled herself to her feet and again took a step. Two steps, three, four... The ground gave way under foot, sending her tumbling violently. Momentarily stunned from the fall, Ziribella found herself lost and disoriented. She was beginning to lose the faith that made her strong as the subconscious was about to overtake her.

"Pick yourself up!" Ziribella scolded herself. She collected her arms and legs underneath her and drew herself to her feet. There was know way to know where she was or even where she had been. Moreover, her analytical mind could see no way to effectively search this undefined and continually changing place. Despite the utter hopelessness of her situation Ziribella was more sure than ever she would search for as long as it took, even the rest of her life. She started again to probe into the chaos with both hands. The very tips of her fingers brushed something. Another step and she reached out again. This time her hand grasped a fist full of shirt.

The Storyteller lay in an unnatural position, twisting and turning freely to the whims of his own sub-conscious. Ziribella knelt over him, straightening his body and resting his head in her lap. She sat there for a long time, brushing the hair from his face and caressing his cheek. Finally, with tears streaming down her face she bent down and tenderly kissed him on his lips.

Ziribella could never decide whether the sensation that followed more closely resembled being forcibly pulled from The Storyteller's mind or that his mind was being sucked into him. The Storyteller began to convulse violently. Ziribella struggled to hold on to him for fear that she would lose him, but the increasing ferocity of his seizures and their turbulent surroundings threw them apart.

"No! No! Get off!" The Storyteller thrashed on the floor of the testing room, kicking and punching at the air. As The Storyteller began to calm down, he slowly started to become aware of his surroundings. It was still and silent. Not completely still, he was being rocked gently back and forth in what he first thought of as restraint but than came to realize that he was being held in someones arms. It was no longer silent as well. Quiet words of encouragement, of devotion and undying love were being whispered.

"Ziribella." The Storyteller croaked hoarsely, returning her embrace. "I thought I was never going to see you again." A wave of realization flooded over him. "Where's Sam?!"

"As far as we can tell." Rachael said having come through the newly opened door. "The only ones that came out of where ever you were, was Tonya, Ziribella and yourself."

The Storyteller breathed easy. "He was going to kill all of you all. I had to stop him."

"No, not Sam." Rachael said in disbelief.

Tonya cut in. "I saw it to, he would have killed us and we wouldn't have been the first." Rachael walked away, quietly stunned.

"You were able to get into my mind?" The Storyteller asked, noting the dramatic change in Tonya.

Tonya knelt beside them. "I couldn't have gotten in without Ziribella. I not sure what happened, the others gave her a shot and then she gave me what I needed, she completed me. She completed you too."

"You always completed me Z." The Storyteller said. "What was this shot?"

"We were developing a drug to to enhance mental ability. I had to do something so I took it." Ziribella explained.

As Ziribella spoke The Storyteller began to realize something was not right. "Z, why won't you look at me?"

Ziribella was quiet for a long time. "The drug gave me the ability to give others like you and Tonya what you need to use your ability to the full, but it seems that there were certain unexpected side effects." She raised her face to meet his. The air escaped from The Storyteller lungs at the sight. "I'm blind."


"Ziribella's blind!" I exclaimed jumping to my feet. "Is she going to be okay?"

"Sit down Owen." Mr. Watcher said testily. "It's just a story." Feeling like a dope, I obeyed. "Now to answer your question, Ziribella eventually regains some of her eyesight but not enough to be considered anything more than legally blind. Other than that she is completely fine. The Storyteller would one day face the results of having a sociopath trapped in his mind. Then there was the issue of the blue monkey."

"The blue monkey?"

Mr. Watcher smiled. "I will save that for another time. Now eat your dessert my boy."

The End

For now

The Storyteller and Ziribella will return in Games Of The Mind