The whole point of this is really deciding whether the fetus is a person or not. Some people think it is. Some people think that it isn't. Obviously, we have different opinions. I think it is not a person just as I do not think an egg is not a chicken. It has the potential to become a chicken but it is not yet. Because the egg is not a chicken, I do not treat it as such. I do not give it a title that it does not yet rightfully deserve. The fetus does not rightfully deserve the title of person. It is not yet. You may think otherwise but this does not make you right. Or, give you the right to decide what a woman can do with her own body. Your opinion does not give you the right to say whether a woman should go through nine months of pregnancy. You opinion does not give you the right to decide that her choice to rid something unwanted from her body is "sooooo wrong". You may believe that abortion is murdering a fetus. But it is not. Under law it is not. It may be your opinion but an opinion should not be the deciding factor in whether a woman has an abortion or not. The opinion of an unrelated party (the only relating party being the woman) should not be the deciding factor in anything, let alone something that involves another persons livelihood.

I have noticed a trend, in the behavior of people who believe that the fetus is human and should be treated as such. Understandably, they believe that the 'baby' has equal right to any born human. They generally believe that the 'baby' should never be 'killed' because it never had a chance to live. But then they forget about any other people. People who are undeniably people. In their quest for the protection of life, they forget about life. They forget that the woman is a person and so, being a person, needs to be protected. She needs to have a fair chance at life. A chance at life which those who are 'pro-life' seem to ignore in their quest to protect the life of the 'baby'.

When we think about life, we need to think about quality of life. What is a life that is miserable and worthless? What is a life without choice? It is nothing. A life without choice, a life without one of the most basic human rights, is nothing. No one wants to live such a life. Yet there are some who want others to live such a life. They believe that they are saving life by forcing women to have unwanted, unloved children. They believe that by taking away choice from women, by taking away something that every human should have, that they are protecting life. But they are not. They are destroying life for the woman, the only definite, undeniable, nonnegotiable person in this situation. And that is not fair.

I am not saying that abortion is right. I am not saying that it is a wonderful, marvelous creation. No operation is. I am saying that for many people is necessary. They believe it is necessary for their own quality of life. Some people are perfectly content with having and keeping a child or adopting it out after it is born. But others are not. For some, going through NINE MONTHS of pregnancy is not an option. Remember, nine months is almost a year, which is a long time especially if you are young. It is nine months that will be hindered by a pregnancy. Nine months that will prevent a woman from doing what she normally would do. An unwanted pregnancy would surely hinder the life of a woman, so how is it fair to force her through it if she is an unwilling participant? If you become pregnant, then by all means, don't get an abortion if it your belief that it is what is right. But if someone else becomes pregnant, understand that they realized that they were unfit to spend nine months of their life caring for something they deemed to be unwanted, unplanned and unloved. Understand that the belief 'the baby is human' is not everybody's belief. There are others that realize that aborting a fetus is not murder. These people understand that abortion is a choice rather than a death sentence.

These people have decided that having a baby would ruin their life. For some, having a baby would not ruin their life. It is perfectly fine for them to believe that "the baby will end up to be the best thing that happen to them." But this is an opinion. They can not in any way prove it to be true for all people. People are so different that is impossible to say correctly that we all share the same opinion regarding unwanted pregnancies. There are some who rather than believing the pregnancy to be "great and wonderful" understand it to be a burden.

They understand that giving it to "a grandmom, an aunt, uncle, friend, or putting it up for adotion" will still involve nine months of pregnancy. They understand that they will not be able to endure these nine months and so should not have it forced upon them.

They understand that having a child is something that will last until death. They understand that if they were forced to have an unwanted child, it would be a life long punishment. Yes, the child will only be in their care for 18 years but that does not mean that after 18 years, it will be out of the picture. It will be there, reminding the woman of the choice that was unrightfully taken away from her. Surely that is punishment? I understand that there are those of you who believe that it is not punishment. "a baby only takes about 20 years to grow up. so they arent punished their whole lives." Twenty years is far to long a punishment for a mistake. In 20 years time I will be in my 30s. The best part of may life will be over. Would you rather that someone spend the supposed best of their life looking after a unwanted child that forever reminds them of the choice tat they lost. That is not fair.