A/N: I started writing to clear my mind, and it came out Shakespearean. Go figure. C&C would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy.

--Thine Strength--

Dancing wildly within me,
I know not whence it came!
Wherefore must this pain inside me be?
Wherefore must I bear this flame?
Inside of me the burning grows
Overtaking all my being -
Thou art cruel, don't thy know?
Doing nothing, and only seeing.
Thine heart is cold, thy smile hard,
Of compassion I see but a shard.
Within thine eyes is thy soul
Reflected there, I see life's toll
Upon thee, and thy mortal being -
Fallen goals and broken dreams.
An empty, sad, dejected feeling
That hits thee hard, and leaves thee reeling.
Something moves within me now,
Wherefore it moves, I do not know.
Thy may even wonder how
My words connect and how they flow.
But let not my words distract thy mind
From the tasks that lie ahead.
If thou art as strong as thou art kind
Thou shalt keep on living instead.