The anarch-child (mechanical) squatted above our naked forms like a monster metallic.

Red lights beaming from tech-ovum.

We were shaven clean, freezing in the cryolabs.

Swift laser legs scattered around us, studying us, wanting to know from our minds.

It picked up Rachel first.

We could not scream at the thing. The memory of our voice and mouths had been erased. The robot-alien-thing studied the girl I loved. Her eyes wide with horrid fear, straining her head back to find me. I could only send her desperate and calm energies with my thoughts. Through my eyes, I promised her to see her on the other side. She seemed to have felt it. She closed her eyes in ecstasy. And I knew she was at peace, as the anarch-child (A.I) extended its cybernetic eel feelers into her modified flesh and bones.

Piercing her.

Searching her.

Deforming her.

Breaking her.

Delivering her to a post-future death.

I remembered all of this as I killed the monster with my mind, eleven years after the loss of Rachel.