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How Nighttime Came To Be

Long long, ago, when the world was new, the sun was always in the sky. There was no dawn, no dusk, no evening, no morning. There were no days, weeks, months or years. No one ever slept or felt the need to do so. Yes, this was the world in which the first men and women on the earth lived in. An endless afternoon.

It was during a certain point of this afternoon that Demeter, goddess of the harvest and the wife of Zeus, gave birth to a baby girl, Persephone. The other gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus all marveled at how beautiful she was. She had even managed to charm Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. As a gift to Persephone, Athena made a navy blue blanket, embroidered with hundreds upon thousands of gold and silver beads, along with a large silver sequin in the middle. However, this blanket had a spell put on it. Anyone that went completely underneath it would fall asleep instantly.

Unaware of its magical properties, Demeter gladly accepted the gift. As she began to grow older, Persephone used it more and more. She lay down on it, she wore it as a toga, she used it to cover her hair, but not once did she ever think to go underneath it.

At another point of the afternoon, Persephone had rolled her blanket into a little cloth ball, and was playing catch by herself near. After throwing it up into the air again, Persephone slipped and fell. The ball then hit the ground, and started rolling away. Eventually, it rolled of the mountain and onto the earth below! It unraveled itself covered the entire earth and blocked out the sun. Almost immediately, the entire world fell into a deep sleep.

Persephone was frightened. What would her father say about this?

Being on top of an exceptionally tall mountain, it took at least eight hours for Persephone to walk all the way down and pick it up. Then all of the people awoke from their slumber, and returned to whatever they were doing before they had gone to sleep.

Due to Persephone's clumsiness, this happened at least 5 times. She then thought that she should tell one of the gods or goddesses about her new discovery. She told Athena as she was the one that gave her the blanket in the first place. Athena found the idea of making the people go to sleep against their will amusing, and decided that she and Persephone would drop the blanket together.

This carried on even after Persephone was made Hades queen. During the six months Persephone is in the Underworld, Athena drops the blanket herself. And while she is at Mount Olympus, Persephone drops the blanket. Athena is slightly slower at running down to fetch it than Persephone is. This is why the night is shorter in winter than it is in summer.

And that is how nighttime came to be.

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