Author's note:

I'm refitting some stories and I might start updating them.

Akira Murokashi and Nanase Stines are complete opposites. In reality, they would never meet one another. Unfortunately, in this reality they have to meet.

What would you do if you are forced to live in the same household as someone you can never understand? What would you do if your worst enemy becomes a person you see every day? What would you do if your father or mother decides to marry without you being aware of?

These are the trials and tribulations of the forced siblings.

Chapter One


"Today is the day!"

"What day is it?"

"The day I confess my love to Tanaka Shinji!"

Nanase sighed. Her best friend in the world, Russell Irwin, would begin every day with such a declaration. On the previous day, he declared his love to a random kid in 1-C. Since she started going to Kabushiki Academy, Nanase had grown accustomed to his 'declarations'.

"Don't you roll your eyes at me," cried Russell, "This is an important matter of the heart."

As always, she laughed at his response. It was their morning ritual. His declaration, then her laughter at his tenacity which was followed by a lengthy argument about whether they deserved to waste time on his loves. The arguments always ended with the last retort from Russell, "I don't see you confessing."

But on this day, she was allowed the last word, "Tanaka is the owner of the devil dog that we always see before we leave school!"

Russell smiled, "True, I can't marry into something that involves that beast."


The bell rang signalling them to run to the school.

Nanase Stines and Russell Irwin attended Kabushiki Academy, a high school dedicated to the rich and powerful. There was only one need for entering this high school: money. With money, the school could give Tokyo's richest kids the best in high school life.

But even in Kabushiki, there is a hierarchy. With every new crop of students, there was a new social order. In Nanase's year, the children of CEOs were the kings and queens of the school. Politician kids were next, followed by the celebrity children and the children of lawyers and other upper-middle students were at the bottom. The year before hers encompassed the celebrity kids dominating.

As they walked into their class, Nanase noticed her chair was missing yet again.

Welcome to Nanase's world.

For the past few months, her life at school was becoming hellish. First, she accidentally ruined the shirt of Souno Miyuki in arts class. Second, people were becoming annoyed with her constant chatter of speaking about meeting designers like Tara Pang and Mocha. Third, she denied people the chance of receiving free designer clothes from her mother.

These reasons made her the pariah of Class 2-B.

Russell snapped, angrily, "This is ridiculous."

He began to head towards Miyuki and her swarms of loyal minions, but he was stopped by Nanase. "There's no point," she said, "They won't tell you where my chair went."

"Nana, you can't go on like this."

"Come on let's find my chair."

" Any thoughts?"

" Thoughts of what?"

"Party? My place, then behind Jii's store?"


Suddenly, Akira remembered what she meant. Every day Coco reminded him of what had to be done to keep his delinquent, bully title at Hanbi High School. He maintained the title for the past year without any difficulties. His upper class men feared him, while the lower ones admired him. These sentiments needed to be sustained by the daily ritual of Akira bashing a few heads, cussing at teachers and infuriating girls with his perverted ways.

Coco sighed. It was hard to be Akira's secretary, if he always forgot important appearances. "Be aware," she said, as they entered the school's premise, "That you can flirt with Tayano-sama(the Arts teacher). She has broken up with Haruno (the male Gym teacher.)"

"Excellent," he smiled, as he thought of all the things he can say to Tayano. The woman was reaching the point where she needed to be reminded that she was beautiful. In a couple of months, according to Coco, she would be ready to date him. Akira was not interested in the dating. He was more into the thought of gaining a new title: Ultimate Playboy.

"Also," she said, "Saitou-sama (the English teacher) is open to more jokes about her divorce. If you make her leave, we can get a new teacher to torture. Hopefully a foreigner."

"Ah," he said, fondly, "foreigners my favorite past time."

"I'll go in first," Coco said, heading towards class, "Remember come in just as we bow."

"Yeah, yeah," he shooed her in.

Akira was grateful to have Coco as his secretary. Ever since he was in elementary school, he wanted to be the delinquent stuck in the system.

He glanced at his watch and saw the hands reaching the exact points. "Show time," he said.

Akira opened the door with such force, his presence was already known.


"Do you think it's possible for me to gain Tanaka's affection," asked Russell, sincerely.

She looked at Tanaka and saw him speaking to Shiori with such enthusiasm; one could notice that they were dating. "Um," she said, "yeah."

"Really?!" Russell became excited. When she answered him, she assumed he would notice her sarcasm. Unfortunately, he didn't notice anything

"Russell," she began to say, " You can't live like this."

"Oh, hush up," waving his hand to shoo her away, "Let me admire in peace. Please."

Nanase could do nothing but sigh and glance around the cafeteria, while her best friend was watching the current man of his dreams.

Every time she observed her school, she was always surprised to seeing everyone looking the same. All from the same sausage factory. The only people excluded from the clone fest were Russell and she. The reason was for the ethnic backgrounds.

Russell was British with other European blood mixing in his blood( he also swears he has a Native American ancestor, due to his family's brief stay in what has become known as the state of Montana in the USA). Because of his European background, Russell was given strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes. Nanase was born to a Japanese mother and a British father. Her father's dark looks did not make much of a dramatic change of his child's physical appearance. She was given black hair and chocolate-brown eyes.

When she was younger, Nanase was not fond of her eyes. Children told her how large her eyes were. For a good two years, she was 'Nana the Bug'. Even though it was years ago, she still felt insecure about her eyes.

She wondered if Kabushiki, the sausage factory school, would ever change.

"This is the 240th time you've been here, Murokashi. Will there ever be a time you're here for good reasons?"

Akira stared at the principal and simply blinked. They both knew the answer . He said, in an innocent tone, " I swear on my soul, I didn't do it."

The principal's mouth twitched, something that had become a norm with any case involving Akira. "We both know," he said, trying his best to stay calm, " You put graffiti on Haruno's car. And you placed your logo on it too."

Akira's logo consisted of a chibi version of him giving a thumb up. He did not listen to Coco when she suggested something more ambiguous. The Chibi Akira had his Mohawk and piercings.

"Is it possible," Akira began his usual speech, " That someone is framing me? And where is your evidence against me, Sir?"

The principal's twitch continued through the questioning. Akira outlined his case being one of discrimination. "It's the Mohawk. You always pick on the Mohawk," Akira sniffed, " The Mohawk is a form of my expression of what my identity is-,"

"THAT'S IT," the principal slammed his fists on the desk. His anger caught Akira a bit off guard. For some reason, Akira had assumed the principal was amused by his reign of terror. Akira could have sworn the principal smirked at one of his graffiti works.

"You, young man," he shouted, " Are hereby expelled from Hanbi High School!"


Nanase stood outside of the Student Council classroom. Despite the day being over, she waited for Russell. Since they lived in the same area, they tended to go to school together.

Russell was in a student council meeting. He acted as the student representative of their class. Both Russell and Nanase knew why he was chosen. He was handsome, British and had 'access' to the royal family, which did not unsettle him. After all, he could spend hours with the lovely men in the council.

The classroom door opened, making Nanase become alert. She expected to see Russell, instead she got Takeru Genji. Takeru was a third year student and treasurer for the Student Council. As treasurer, he met many students. These students would cry for more money to go to exotic places. To him, those field trips were pointless. The students had enough vacations as it was. He was notorious for making his choices on the budget. The money was never a collective decision among the Council, which angered the student body. At the end of the day, no one could accuse Takeru Genji of corruption. He always put the money to good use. After all, Kabushiki Academy was well-known for its drama department and elaborate festivals.

"Oh," she said, in a surprised tone.

"What," he barked, annoyed at another suggestion for the Paris Fashion Week.

"Nothing," she squeaked, suddenly becoming frightened, "I'm just waiting for a friend.

"A friend?"

Takeru was now the one who became surprised. He said, curious to know the identity of her friend, "Who is your-,"


Takeru and Nanase turned to see Russell coming out of the classroom.

"Russell," she smiled, "You took forever."

"I know," he said, walking over to her, "the Council was discussing the problem of the right to bring dogs to school. I hate to say it but I told you so. Tanaka's dog has caused a frenzy."

Before she could remind him that she was the one who voiced concern, Takeru interrupted her.

"I didn't know you were that popular, Irwin-san," said Takeru.

" Me? Popular? Why whatever do you mean," Russell asked, innocently.

Takeru pointed at Nanase, " Your girlfriend."

Russell and Nanase glanced at each other for a moment and began to laugh.


"My girlfriend."

The two friends walked away from the perplexed Takeru, who was trying to figure what was so amusing.

"I can't believe I was kicked out," exclaimed Akira.

He stood in the crowded train. Akira, as always, was not thinking. He was not aware of his surroundings, especially the poor young sixth grader who was terrified of Akira's appearance.

Akira was 5"11 and towered over the 4"9 boy. His ears were covered with multiple piercings. His left eyebrow, also, wore a piercing. His streaked Mohawk was spiked to its full height, making him to appear taller than he was.

"I can hardly believe it. What will Coco do? Jesus, what about Dad? Shit!"

He turned to his unwilling listener and cried, "What should I do, man?! Wait, don't answer that."

The boy was not considering answering. He was trying to figure out a way to squirm out.

Akira tried to think, but the entry of new passengers altered his focus. All he could hear was annoying laughter. He turned his head to see a couple standing near the door. The pair consisted of a girl and boy, both wearing school uniforms. Akira noticed the uniforms were not one of the public schools'. The uniforms consisted of a dark blazer paired with green plaid bottoms. To Akira, the uniform was hideous. He did not understand why the private schools had to be so distinct from the public schools.

He tried to ignore them, but their voices entered his thoughts.

"I can't believe him," giggled the girl.

"Yeah, I know," said the boy.


And the laughter commenced again.

Akira was never one for patience or understanding. He felt his temple throb and his mouth twitch. For a slight moment, he understood why his principal's lips twitched.

"If only he knew."

'If only,' rang in his head. He glared at the other people on the train. Why weren't they annoyed like him? Were they that immune to teenage chatter? Was he doomed to listen to this kind of thing for the rest of his days?

"Oh, Russell. Does he really know?"

"Of course not."

"That's it," Akira said, loudly.

The young sixth grader was smart enough to disappear from his war path. Akira squished through the crowd, heading towards the couple. He grabbed the collar of the blond young man and slammed him to the door. Akira did not think of his plan quite thoroughly. The door opened up, causing him and his victim to stumble out.

"Russell," cried the girl.

The two teenage boys fell on to the platform. The boy shoved Akira away and shouted, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"You are."

Akira slammed his fist into the boy's handsome face. The boy stumbled backwards and touched his swelling lip. His girlfriend ran over to him, placing her hands on his face. Her concerned face disturbed Akira for some reason. She faced him and cried, angrily, "Who gives you the right to hit people?"

Simply, he stared at the two. That was a question that always puzzled him. He assumed everyone understood why he did the things he did.

Nanase stared at the teenage boy, awaiting any answer from him. But there was nothing. She was not surprised. He was a punk and punks never answered.

Russell grabbed her hand and nodded his head towards the exit. "Let's go," he said.


He shook his head, "There's no point."

She allowed him to guide her out of the station. She did not look back, hoping that she would not meet the boy again. He was absolutely awful for picking a fight on an innocent person. He hit her Russell. If she ever saw him again, she hoped he would curse the day he angered her.

"Don't worry," Russell said, breaking her train of thoughts, "You won't see him again. I mean, what are the chances? We'll take the bus or the reliable transportation form of chauffeured cars."

She smiled, "But that's like admitting defeat. We are planning to avoid him. So are we bowing down to a punk now?"

"Don't hate. He could be a punk with feelings. Punks are not born punks."

"Right... And I was born as your mother."

"Really? That would explain why we get along so much. Maybe I traveled back in time by accident and my future mum and I destined to be best friends for life."

Nanase laughed. Only Russell could cheer her up through his silliness.

Suddenly, she felt her cell phone vibrate in her pocket. She took it out to see her mother's phone number showing up. "I've got to take this," she said to Russell, "We'll continue this mummy issue later."

"Hello," she said into the phone. Nanase's mother, Rumi Kamiya, was a fashion designer. Her mother tended to work extremely late and mostly called around dinnertime to check up on Nanase.

This phone call was a surprise to her.

" Nanase," she heard her mother's voice say, "Are you home yet?"

"No, why?"

"Can you come straight to Nobu? We need to talk."

"Mom, isn't it a little early for dinner?"

"It's never early for an important date."

Akira walked out of the station, as well. Unnerved by the fight, he fretted over the girl's question. 'Who gives you the right to hit people?'

Everyone alluded to that question, but that girl was the only one to ever be straight forward about it. Briefly, he wondered if his lifestyle was wrong. He shook his head, trying to shake away the thought.

"No," he said to himself, "There's nothing wrong."

But still, what if he was?

Akira heard his ring tone, Super freak, playing. "Hello," he answered.

"Akira? Can you come and meet me?"

"Dad," he said, surprised to hear from him. His father rarely called him. Only for emergencies, which were rare. What if his father received news about the expulsion?

He gulped, wondering if his father was already planning his execution. The only person in this world Akira respected was his father, Yamato Murokashi.

Back in his day, Akira's father was a delinquent. He terrorized his schools until he met Akira's mother, Kana. Kana was not like the usual girls of the 1980s. His mother was a delinquent as well. Together, his parents ruled the biggest school gangs in their district. A couple of years after high school, they married and had Akira.

Unfortunately, Kana died during childbirth. His father always acted as both father and mother for him. The reason Akira had respect for his father was because he managed to give so much to him. His father worked multiple jobs, while Akira was being cared by his grandmother. Through these jobs, Yamato managed to get experience and landed with a job as a mechanic. His father chose to work for a garage for thirteen years and continued to do so.

"Akira," his father said, "I want you to dress up and meet me at Nobu's."

"Nobu's? Isn't that too classy for us?"

"Yes, but I want to tell you something important."

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"Well, I want us to celebrate it as a family."

"Okay... I'll come."

"Good," with that said his father hung up.

Akira wondered if his father has received the promotion. If he did, Akira would promise to work hard for his father in the garage. After all, that was where his life was heading.

"Way to go, old man," he smiled at the realization of his father's success.

Nanase entered the restaurant. Nobu was one of the many expensive, classy restaurants where her mother and she went out to. It was also her mother's favorite place to go. Her mother loved the modern Japanese decor. Screens were all over, acting as rooms for customers. Scented candles were placed on the tables, creating an atmosphere of Zen. Nobu calmed her mother's senses. She came here for lunch every day to inspire her designs (Starbucks was the other place for inspiration).


Nanase looked ahead and saw her mother waving for her to come. Her mother, Rumi Kamiya, was a gorgeous woman. She always knew what clothes best suited her figure, many people were amazed at how Nanase's mother. People would doubt that she had given birth, especially to Nanase. Rumi and Nanase did not look alike. The only similarity between them was only their chin. Nanasewas 5"7 and slim. She appeared to look more like her father with her physique. Her face was too blended to look like either Rumi or her father.

"Mom," she smiled, hugging her mother. She loved hugging her mother. Every time she was reminded that Rumi birthed her, no one else. Once she became taller than her mother, it felt awkward. It was like hugging a child. Eventually the awkwardness subsided.

"Come," Rumi said, leading her to a seat, " we have to talk."

They sat down at four seated table. Usually, Rumi and Nanase sat a two seated table. Nanase noticed the change. "Are we meeting with other people?"

"Yes," her mother said, picking up her menu.

Before she could ask her mother, a waiter appeared and asked for their orders. Simply, they both said in unison, " The usual," and gave him their menus.

"Mom. Who are we meeting?"

"Some people very special to me. Oh, there's one of them now."

Her mother's face lit up and she waved at someone. Nanase was surprised to see her mother's face radiating with glee. It had been awhile, since she saw her mother like that.

She turned around to see an older man approaching them. He was handsome and appeared to be in his early forties. His hair was greying in small places. The greying was noticeable once he kissed her mother's cheek. He wore a dark suit and a lime green tie. The tie surprised Nanase. It was too bright for the suit, but it seemed familiar to her.

"Nanase," her mother's voice said, breaking her wonderment, "This is Yamato Murokashi. He's an old friend from high school."

"How do you do," he smiled, extending his hand across the table.

Nanase was hesitant to shake his hand. She did not understand what was so important for her to meet him. She never met her mother's high school friends before. Realizing that she appeared rude, she shook his hand and smiled politely back at him.

"Your mother told me so much about you."

'Funny,' she thought, 'She never mentioned you.' Her smile remained frozen on her lips. Years of practice made her a person who could keep her emotions in check.

"So," Nanase asked, trying to make an effort to converse, " Are we waiting for someone?"

"Yes, we are," said Yamato, " We're waiting for my son, Akira."


He nodded, " I know you guys will get along great."

Nanase did not like the sound of that. "Why?"

Her question was not answered. Yamato, suddenly, said, "Akira."

She turned and saw a young man in a white shirt, black tie and grey pants was standing behind her. His hair style was unusual. He had his left and right side of his head completely shaved. In the middle, were chunks of dark brown hair falling on to his right side. His hair (or what he had left) reached the nape of his neck. His eyes were dark, just like hers. There was something very familiar about him.

But he confirmed her reason of familiarity before she could.

"YOU! That girlfriend!"

Her eyes widened in surprise. It was that punk from the train. The one that attacked Russell for no clear reason. "You," she cried, jumping out of her chair.

Akira stared at the girl sitting on his left. She kept on avoiding his eyes. Neither one would admit to their parents where they knew each other from. Akira believed that she was going to join all the other people he would never meet again.

He turned to face his father, the only one he truly knew at the table. "What the hell is going on," he asked.

"Well, son," his father grabbed the hand of the woman sitting to his right, "Rumi and I have dated for the past year-,"


Yamato was used to Akira interrupting him. He continued, "Rumi and I dated for the past year and we've decided to take the next step." He gently squeezed Rumi's hand. Akira raised his eyebrow at the gesture.

"What step is that, Dad," said Akira, who was beginning to become confused.

"We are getting married next month. We want a spring wedding."


Akira looked at his father, hoping he was joking. Maybe he'll say 'Gotcha' and they would go out for real food at a noodle shop. But, nothing came out of Yamato's mouth.

"Mum," the girl said, "Is there more?"

Akira glanced at the woman, wondering if she had something to top his father's shocking news. The girl looked more worried than he was.

Rumi nodded, smiling happily, " I'm four months pregnant."


That was the third time Akira said it. The girl was not shocked enough to cause a scene like him.

"How can you be pregnant," he cried.

"Well," his father said, " It happens when a man and a-,"

"Dad! I already know how. I don't need you tell me the details! How can you be so irresponsible?"

"Lack of condoms?"

Akira stood up and threw his table napkin on to his plate. He did not care if he was causing a scene. For a moment he thought of his faithful secretary Coco. Coco would actually prefer him to place this form of passion to his delinquency career.

"How can you do this to me? Your son. What happened to the bachelor days till the end of time?"


"No, Dad. I can't believe you. What would Mom think-,"

"Akira! Calm down."

He refrained from speaking and sat down. Akira could do nothing but glare at his father. He knew a lecture was coming.

"Honey," said his future stepmother, "You haven't said anything."

Akira looked at his future stepsister. She had not said a word. It was all him. Just from this behavior, he already knew that they were going to have a hard time getting along.

The girl said, "I can't say anything. It's your life, not mine. I just hope you are happy."

"I'm happy, honey. Really."

Akira laughed, "As if anyone is that mature."

"Akira," said his father, sternly, "Don't push it."

Akira turned to the girl, " Are you seriously saying you have no problem with this? I know you hate it as much as me."

"Unlike you," she said, staring him straight into the eyes, " I care if my mother's happy."

"Nanase," her mother said, her tears beginning to drop.

"Oh, Mum," she cried, walking over to hug her, "Congratulations."

Akira looked at the other customers in the restaurant and yelled, "Is she serious?"


The girl walked over to his father and hugged him too. "Please make her happy and the baby."

"I will, I promise you that."

She returned to her seat and looked at Akira. His father and the woman were looking at him too. It was as if they were ganging up on him, waiting for him to give in to the possibly mushy family moment. He, Akira the Delinquent, would not give in to such pressure.

"So, do I go to the same school as her?"

The parents looked at one another. Rumi decided to tell the children of their decisions.

"We've decided to transfer Akira to your school, Nanase. The headmaster has already accepted. We've also choosing to move into a house in between my boutique, the garage and the school. We're starting everything tomorrow."

Akira decided to look at the girl's reaction. No one could be as composed as she was. He was happy to note, the girl's face went pale.

"How can you do this to me!"

Quickly, he glanced at the parents. Her outburst shocked them.

Promptly, the girl got up and stormed off, crying out blasphemy. Akira turned back at the parents and saw the stunned looks. "No one is that mature." With that said, he grabbed a fruit tart from the waiter walking past the table. He did not even say.