*Update 31 Oct 2023* Safe Place is up and running over on Wattpad, and also on Inkitt! The old chapters have been rewritten, lengthened, and more shenanigans than before.* Just look for user DaniBrown82 on both platforms.

*drags a chair in front of the mic, then parks bottom into it and smoothly cross legs at the knees and folds forearms over them*

So…I guess I have some explaining to do.

Life fucking happened. Literally.

I got depressed…got better. Did some soul searching, and along the way met the love of my life who I went and married. Retried from the military, worked more on my mental health, and somehow during the last year, got back into writing, cooking, and just being fucking happy (I'm a pastry chef full-time now, a writer part-time). All my hobbies/passions took a back burner for the last decade, as I was just trying to survive and keep my head above water. Yet somehow, I made it back to the surface. I found me again, at least, a better—happier—version of me.

And I finished Safe Place. You heard me right-Gabe and Jess' story is finished.

At a whopping 300K-plus words, nearly 400k as I'm going through edits. And I started working on the next story in their universe (I've dubbed it the 'Eternal Love' universe), with more characters coming to life and incessantly screaming at me for the past several months. Let me tell ya—there's more blood, gore, intimate moments-spicy habanero, need a cold shower-moments. And holy shit there are moments that had me in absolute tears with those two when I was writing. But they made it through it, somehow.

So did I.

I don't know how many of my old readers are still around or even want to bother with me, but something compelled me to write this short blurb. I'm contemplating moving over to Wattpad so I can keep the Rated-R/NC-17 level of the story and not have to edit anything out, along with still trying to publish it (more than likely independently). Who knows, might move onto Patreon so I can crowdfund for the full book print, along with working on the short slices of life stories with all the characters; it ranges from funny moments, really intense moments, and even tear-jerking moments.

Anyways. That's it. If you're one of my old readers, lemme know if you would be interested in reading what I have to say on a new platform. I'll be starting to post up chapters on Wattpad in the upcoming weeks (username is DaniBrown82) until the entirety is up there. If not—well, I'll just have to start from the beginning, with a new generation. At this point, is not too much about getting paid for the story (although great possibility), but more of finishing something I started long ago. And i ain't no punk bitch :P