Once upon a time there lived a young woman. She was a fairly common girl living in a fairly common village. She made a living working at the local pub and was very well liked by her hometown.

She was a rather plain looking girl. She had dirty blonde hair and various freckles adorning her face. She stood a few inches shorter than her fiancée the blacksmith, a girl of great beauty with fiery red hair and green eyes. The weapons she made were not only efficient in battle but were also of great beauty.

The two of them had known each other from a young age and had begun courting at the age of fifteen and four years later had decided to fully commit to the other by choosing to marry Sa Ketla, a ceremony involving the couple tattooing the other.

It was now, a month away from their wedding that Lisosia found herself sitting at the bar across from her older brother, Lisonte, who had returned from the city of Dalysan with unsettling news.

"It seems," he began, "That Lord Bradley of Ayect has been…collecting magical items. People are worried that he may be planning something."

The girl frowned, "Hopefully if anything does happen it will not reach us. We are rather far away."

"They say he's angered the Djinn."

Lisosia grinned wryly, "Not that that's a difficult thing to do. What did he do?"

He leaned in close to her, "They say he captured one."

Gray eyes widened in shock. "Is that even possible?" She stared at him. "If he did capture one he must be very powerful."

The yellow haired man sighed. "As I said, it's only gossip at this point, though his magical items have included creatures."

She gave him a sad smile. "Sometimes I think humans are the worst of all the species."

Lisonte looked confused now, "There are plenty of worse beings out there: Sidr, Marbloth.'"

"It's their nature to be this way. It's how they were made. Humans seem to want to be inhuman. It's really hard to explain. Ty gets it."

"Speaking of Tyana, how is she?"

'She's doing wonderfully. We've got almost everything unpacked. Our house; we have our own house.' Whenever she spoke of her love she seemed to glow.

"I don't think I've ever known people to get a house built so quickly. But then again, I think everyone here adores the two of you."

The barmaid grinned, "What's not to love about her?"

"Evening Liso," The redhead looked up from the novel she was reading as her fiancée entered their home. "How was work?"

Lisosia blushed, a part of her still giddy about their house. Smiling, she made her way to the couch Tyana was on and plunked herself down into the taller woman's lap and placed a quick kiss on her lips. "Good. How was your day?"

Tyana cuddled into the smaller woman. "It was good." She smiled as Lisosia's fingers kneaded through her long hair. "I finished Dakin's blade. I'm glad that's out of the way."

"He was causing way too much stress on you. I'm glad he's got his blade now. No more pressure on you."

"Have you heard the gossip going around about this Lord Bradley fellow?" The redhead asked.

The blonde nodded, "Lisonte came to see me during my break today. He wasn't very far from Ayect."

Tyana nodded. "I heard he only recently came to power. Something about him being the youngest son of some noble family. I don't really know the details."


The two women jumped and gaped at the now open door. Standing there, waving stupidly, stood a tall, grinning drunk man.

Lisosia scowled. 'Tamaki, what are you doing? It's past midnight."

"I wanted to say hi to my favorite ladies." He threw an arm over a shoulder of each of the two, now standing, women.

"What about your wife?" Tyana questioned.

He grinned even more, "But you're my buddies!"

"Tamaki," Lisosia grumbled.

He stared blankly at her. "Huh?"

The redhead glared at him. "Please leave."

For some odd reason her body ached and she felt very heavy. She couldn't think of an explanation though. Maybe she was getting sick? She didn't feel sick though, just…strange. And was someone shaking her? She shifted her attention on the hands shaking her; and there was a voice too.

"Wake up! Lisosia, wake up!"

Her fogged mind came to the decision that it was Tamaki who was ruining her sleep and probably Ty's as well. She rolled over, determined to ignore him and to get some good cuddling time with her lover. Tyana seemed to be missing though, so she reluctantly opened her eyes.

Tamaki was the first thing she saw. He looked pretty beaten up and upset, and then there was what he was saying.

Her body froze and her heart pounded. Shaking, she stood up, barely realizing that she was clinging to him for support. Her legs felt weak but she managed to move around. Her heart sank more and more as she saw how trashed their home was. She had some vague memory of Tamaki telling her it would be okay. It didn't seem like it to her. How could it be okay? Someone had taken Tyana.

"You feeling any better?" The lanky man asked.

Lisosia took another sip from the tea, enjoying the warmth she received from it. She felt so numb right now.

Tamaki sighed, "I'm really sorry about what happened."

Gray eyes stared blankly at him. "There's no way I would have slept through that, and then the way I felt when I woke up. They drugged me right." Tamaki nodded. "Tell me what happened."

"I kind of passed out by the door. They came sometime during the night. Not sure what time. I tried to stop them from getting inside but they knocked me out." He scratched the back of his neck. "When I came to your house was trashed and Tyana was gone. If it makes you feel any better, it sure looks like she gave them hell." Lisosia attempted a smile. "You were out cold. They used some very potent sleeping potion on you."

"Do you have any idea who took her?"

"I'm sorry."

They were silent for the next few minutes. Lisosia stood and eyed the room. "Could you please leave?"

"Do you need any help cleaning the place up?"

She stared at the floor. "I'll be fine. Please go. Let the town leader know." She could tell he wanted to say more. She didn't really feel like listening. "I'd just like to be alone."

Tamaki walked over to her and drew her into a hug. "I hope she's okay." With that he left, leaving Lisosia alone in her misery.

She stood there, not knowing what to do. She wanted to get rid of the emptiness she felt.

She felt so useless! Tyana was gone and all she could do was clean up the mess left behind. Rage boiled within her. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in her hand. She glanced at it, finding the appendage in a hole in the wall. She pulled the hand out and stared at the blood.

She was a sleepwalker as she tended to the wound. She was sleepwalking through the day.


Why hadn't it occurred to her before? She made her way to the fireplace where her eyes settled on the twin blades attached to the wall above it.

They were lovely blades. Tyana had made them for her and had offered them to her along with her marriage proposal. Delicate, curved blades with an oak handle. They were beautiful. They were enchanted with protection spells. Tyana had always said she wanted to ensure her girl's protection.

She reached up and took the blades.

She was angry. She had definitely let her captors know that. One of them was still nursing the wound she'd left him. He kept his distance from her now. He didn't want to lose another chunk of skin.

They'd gagged her not long after they'd taken her. She would have drawn way to much attention if they'd left her free to scream.

The redhead very much hoped that Lisosia was okay. They'd fed her some odd plant, which she'd been assured by the leader that it would only make sure she slept. Still, they had kidnapped her so it wasn't too mad to think they could be lying.

"Please," Tyana thought, "don't do anything stupid Liso."

Lisosia wasn't sure what she'd expected, but exhaustion wasn't it. She was miles from any towns and her food supply was dwindling. Her water supply had run out early that morning. It was extremely hot out and apparently she'd taken the wrong kind of boots.

She sighed. All of that and her skills with the blades weren't improving. She'd begun to doubt herself. If she couldn't handle all this, how could she ever hope to find and rescue Ty?

"You okay there?"

She wheeled around. Standing there was a man around…she'd have to guess fifty years. He didn't seem threatening but she didn't want to let her guard down and proven wrong, so she kept a firm grip on the blades.

He smiled at her. "You're holding them wrong."

She blinked at him.

"Don't look so confused. And don't worry, I don't mean you any harm."

She inched toward him. "Who are you?"

"The name's Ril'iss of Blieyris." He smiled at her. "Who might you be?"

"Lisosia of Delelm," she answered.

"You seem like you need some help, Lisosia of Delelm." Ril'iss pulled a yurno fruit from his pocket and offered it to her. She accepted it.

"My fiancée was kidnapped about a week ago."

He sighed. "I'm sorry child."

Steely gray eyes met his bright blue ones. "I'm going to get her back."

The man was silent for a moment. Then, "Not with those sword skills you won't. I'm not great with a blade, neither is my son, but we're decent enough. He's back with the horse and cart. We're both traveling merchants you see. It's always good to have some skills with the blade when you're in a profession such as ours you see." He gave her a friendly wink. "We can help you find a master to study under and teach you a few things. In return, you'll help the two of us along the way and help us defend ourselves if we come across any bandits."

She agreed.

This was the great Lord Bradley? He wasn't even into his third decade of life yet. He wasn't even a large man. His ambition made up for his size though. He wanted power. He wanted a powerful weapon. He wanted the Undasia, a blade that only existed in legend. A blade that could wield the power of fire, could cut through any material and defense, and, some whispered, could even bring the dead back to life. A living blade.

He wanted her to help make it. She'd tried to convince him that it was impossible, but he shrugged her arguments away. He insisted that with the right materials she'd be able to. That she'd combine the materials he brought to her and the finished product would be the blade that he and many others desired.

She glanced over at her fellow prisoner. He had it worse than her. He was trapped in a bottle.

She'd been traveling with the merchant and his son for almost a month now. They'd managed to teach her how to properly use the blades. She'd made it to her destination. As sad as she was to part with them, she did it with no hesitation. It was taking far too long for her to become an accomplished swordswoman and her worries over Tyana grew worse as each day passed.

Ril'iss and his son had dropped her off in the town of Buzon where a swords master resided. They'd made sure to leave her with plenty of supplies.

Lisosia wasn't very sure what to do now. How was one supposed to approach a person they wished to train under?

Taking a deep breath, she approached the door. After standing there for a minute or two, she knocked. She waited there, fidgeting, hoping that someone would come. Thankfully, she didn't have to wait terribly long. A man around Ril'iss's age opened the door. The tunic he wore was simple and she had a thought that perhaps she had disturbed him from reading or something.

He eyed her. "Can I help you Miss?"

"Oh, right!" She gave a nervous laugh. "The swords master Theran lives here. Are you he?" The man nodded. "Please teach me!"

Theran sighed, "I've had far too many children show up at my door with the ambition of learning the blade. The sword is not a toy."

"I know that. I need to learn it though! My fiancée has been kidnapped. I need to save her." She looked him straight in the eye. "I am Lisosia of Delelm and I seek to find the ones that stole my love from me."

"Do you have any idea who took her?"

The blonde frowned, "Unfortunately no. I'm trying to do whatever I'm capable as I am."

He raised an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"I don't know who took her, but I'm sure I'll need to fight once I find out. Learning to fight is something I can do now, and if you don't help me, I'll find someone else."

"I will help you girl. In more ways than one."

"Lord Bradley!"

"He's been capturing various magical items and a few creatures."

"I've heard that," Lisosia grumbled.

"Well, have you heard that he's kidnapped a few blacksmiths?" Theran gave her a small smile.

"He has?" she shouted.

Theran laughed. "I just told you he was."

"Why would he do that?" the blonde questioned.

"I heard he wants them to make him the Undasia."

Her eyes widened in shock. "The Undasia? That's only a legend. And even if it was real, how could he even begin to think he could make it?"

"His desire for it clouds his judgment. My guess would be that he's the one who took your fiancée." The young woman looked so lost to him. "Don't worry; I will prepare you, though your lessons will not last as long as the standard ones."

"You okay?" Tyana asked the creature.

"I don't like it here," he responded.

It was odd, Tyana thought, to be speaking to smoke. Not that it looked like normal smoke. The small creature was a fiery being, though it seemed to her that it…faded…a little each day in its glass prison.

He was an amazing creature, the young Ithyrrlyn was. She'd never met a Djinn before. Just looking at him made her feel better.

"What do you think he's going to do when he realizes we can't make it for him?" Ithyrrlyn asked.

The redhead frowned, "I have no idea. I…I don't see any reasons why he'd let us live when he's killed some of the others."

The smoke seemed to sigh, a vague humanoid shape visible to Tyana. "Something seems to be bothering you. I mean, other than being held here against your will."

"Bradley…He said that…if I didn't make him the blade," her voice began to crack, "he'd kill Liso."

The bottle shook a little as the flames within it roared. Ithyrrlyn's voice was harsh now. "I won't let that happen."

She'd stayed with Theran for a month before they'd both decided that it would be best that she continued on. The more time passed, the worse Tyana's chances would get.

Theran smiled at her. "I have a gift for you, before you go." He pulled out two black rectangular cases. "You can't keep carrying your blades in that old thing." He gestured to the old case that was attached to her hip. "These work a little differently." He removed the old scabbard. "Turn around." She did and he proceeded to attach the cases to her back. They formed an 'X' across her back. As he finished tying them in the front she thanked him. "It's no problem. Oh, I also added straps to the blade handles. It'll help to keep the blade steadier in your hand."

This time she threw herself into his arms. "Thank you. Thank you so much."

Theran chuckled heartily, "Go now warrior."

She did.

She poked at the eggs. This pub was not very good. She took another sip of her buttermilk ale. She could make it much better.

"Hello," a young male voice broke into her thoughts.

Lisosia glanced up. Her jaw dropped. The man standing above her stood at about eight feet. "You…You're a giant!" She could feel her face flush. She should have had more tact than that!

He laughed. "Glad to see you noticed. The name's Kimunt, Kimunt of Enthtasough. It's a pleasure to meet you Miss…"

"Lisosia of Delelm." He had a very pleasant demeanor. He was rather pale with dark brown hair and red eyes.

"I couldn't help but notice that you're a swordsman. I'm kind of in need of a job and I was wondering if you'd be willing to hire me. I could shine your blades." He gave her a big smile. He kind of reminded her of a puppy.

"I don't need help with that kind of stuff. Sorry. I'm on my way to Ayect."

He frowned, "Why would you want to go there?" She told him. "I'm sorry to hear that," he said once she'd finished. "My offer still stands. I'm pretty strong. Not as strong as other giants, also not as big, but I can still help."

"Why?" she questioned him.

"Kimunt sighed, "Honestly, I have nowhere else to go. I'm kind of a joke to my people. I may be strong, but I'm rather clumsy. And as I said before, I'm rather short."

"You don't seem short to me."

"That's because you're human. Giants can grow to ten feet. As you've noticed, I'm not that tall."

"This isn't exactly the safest thing," she pointed out.

"I promised someone I'd help. Their son was kidnapped by the Lord Bradley. I told them I'd try to get him back. He's a friend of mine."

She grinned at him. "It seems we have a similar goal after all."

"So who is this friend of yours?" She asked her companion.

"His name is Ithyrrlyn. He…He's a Djinn."

Lisosia gaped at him. "You know a Djinn?"

Kimunt nodded sheepishly, "We met a few years ago. He cast a heat spell on my gloves. If I wish them to, they can burn."


"I'm taking you to meet the Djinn. Maybe they've got some new information. Plus we're not that far."

"I never dreamed that I'd be able to meet the Djinn."

The giant grinned. "You're going to have plenty of tales to tell your girlfriend once you get her back." He noticed Lisosia's shoulders begin to shake. "Don't cry. You'll save her!"

"What if she's dead?"

"You've told me countless times that you were sure she was alive. That you could feel it."

"I could be wrong," she whimpered, "I keep telling myself that she has to be okay. She has to be! She's my everything!"

He pulled her into an embrace. "She's fine. After everything you've told me about her, I find it hard to believe she'd let herself be killed. She's a fighter." He smiled. "Just like you."

"Thanks." There was silence for a moment then, "Um, Kimunt, do you think you could put me down?"

The giant's face flushed when he realized that he'd lifted her off the ground. "Sorry."

"How's it coming?" He glanced at his servants. The redhead had been getting on his nerves lately. So was the little flame bug. Djinn. Whatever.

The young smith glared at him. "It's coming. We need more time though." She was tired.

"I am giving the three of you one more week. If you don't have the Undasia completed by then I will have you all beheaded. And the little one's flame will be extinguished."

The sorcerer shouted, "If you'd let me use more of my powers perhaps it would be doable, but at this rate I'm far too bound!"

Bradley smirked, "Too bad."

"Did you hear something?"

He just kept waking her up. "I don't hear anything. Go back to sleep." She huddled into her sleeping bag.

"I really hear something."

The blonde strained her ears. There was the slight movement of the bushes. "It's probably just an animal."

"It could be another bandit."

Lisosia frowned at him. "I doubt that." She slipped out of the bag. "Is anyone there?" She called. The bushes moved again. Sighing, her arms went over her head and pulled the dual blades out of their scabbards.

Kimunt gaped at her. "You slept with those things on?"

"I was too tired to take them off. And the sounds you hear are not the kind a human would make. As I said, it's probably an-"

Something slammed into her.

Kimunt giggled as Lisosia struggled on the ground. "Well, you were right. It was an animal." He pulled a piece of meat from their pack. "Here boy."

The canine backed away from the startled girl and trotted over to Kimunt, gleefully taking its prize.

"It's a girl you idiot," Lisosia pointed out.

Kimunt laughed, "Like I could tell from this angle."

The swordswoman stood and walked over to the dog. It was a beautiful creature. It actually resembled a wolf more than a dog. It was large and silver; the ears though, were longer than the average canine's. "She's got a collar. Wonderful craftsmanship, says her name's Iaris." She pet the beast and was rewarded with a slobbery kiss. The dog then crawled into Kimunt's sleeping bag.

Lisosia laughed. "I think Iaris here has the right idea."

"Hey!" Kimunt yelled, "Where am I supposed to sleep?"

"It's getting really hot," Lisosia complained.

Kimunt nodded. "We're getting close to the Djinn. And don't worry; Ayect is only a few days travel from there."

"They live in a volcano right? Fun." Even Iaris seemed to be bothered by the heat. The dog had decided to tag along with them and had been with them for three days now. She'd proven herself quite useful. The three of them had been attacked by bandits. Lisosia's arm would bare a decent scar from that. If it hadn't been for Iaris it would have been much worse.

"Dyniprilbanyvesbrosanchsodstnyndstalugwlerllynaslek, blurressslep."

Lisosia stared at the newcomer while Kimunt smiled and Iaris barked cheerfully. "You-You….You're a Djinn!"

The creature nodded. "I am Ssilkaensae." Its voice had a pleasant lilt to it. "It pleases me to know that you have gained an ally young Kimunt."

The giant smiled. "Thank you ma'am."

Ssilkaensae eyed Lisosia. "Come here girl."

Nervously, she obeyed.

"It's marvelous. This will show her." He held the sword in his hands. It wasn't as lovely as he'd hoped it would be, but he could feel the power pulsating through it. It would do.

"I am afraid you cannot go any farther than this," Ssilkaensae told her. "The heat would be too much for you. Please," the spirit gestured to a chair, "Take a seat."

Lisosia obeyed.

"Our sources tell us that Lord Bradley has managed to create a sword. Or rather, he has managed to force others to create it for him. Whether it is the true Undasia or not is still unknown. The point is that he now has a very powerful blade. As you are now, you stand no chance."

Lisosia looked the creature straight into the eyes. "It does not matter to me. I must at least try."

The Djinn nodded. "It pleases me to hear you say that. Hand me your blades." Lisosia did as she was commanded. Ssilkaensae examined the weapons, then muttered some words. "Here." She handed the blades back to Lisosia. "All that needs to be done now is for you to say enkendar. That will activate the spell. To deactivate it, you will say endakre."

Lisosia eyed the blades. "What will it do?"

The spirit grinned. "It will give you the power of fire."

"He's not going to let us go." Ithyrrlyn signed.

The sorcerer, Morrisill, glared at the Djinn. "It was foolish of us to agree. And when he learns the truth he will surely kill us."

"Have a little faith in us Morris," Tyana smirked. "He did fall for it, didn't he?"

"We're almost there," Kimunt smiled at her.

Lisosia sighed, "It feels like it's been a lifetime since I last saw her."

"It kind of has. You're a pretty different person now. I mean, your hair's almost brown now."

She glared at him. "We're not talking about my hair now."

Iaris barked. Lisosia liked to think it was in agreement with her.

The three of them wandered through the city. It was fairly active and its inhabitants weren't terribly unfriendly. In fact, some whispered to them that Lord Bradley seemed somehow off. They said he'd been a kind man until a few months ago when his obsession with collecting magical artifacts began.

They were making their way to Bradley's keep. After over three months, she'd finally be reunited with Tyana.

Lisosia reached up and drew the dual blades. Looming before them was a tower and she had a feeling that that was where Tyana was being kept.

Lisosia glanced at Kimunt. "Why is it always a tower?"

Kimunt stared at her, "Huh?"

"You know, in stories, the kidnapped princess of whatever is kept in a tower."

He shrugged, "Oh yeah."

The woman grinned at the giant. "You ready to make Bradley pay?" He grinned back. Iaris barked.

The three of them charged into the building. They ran into the guards rather quickly. Thankfully, there weren't as many as they'd thought there'd have been. They made it through that fight with minimal bruising. The enchantment placed on her blades and Kimunt's gloves were essential, and Iaris was a fierce fighter.

"Look what we have here, little Kimunt," came a taunting voice.

"Telkral! Kimunt snarled. "What are you doing here?"

Telkral laughed. He stood a good two feet above Kimunt. "Working for the winning side, clearly. Lord Bradley shall rule the world you know."

"Liso!" The small giant yelled. "You go on ahead. I'll take care of him. We have some unfinished business to take care of after all."

Lisosia hesitated for a moment, then continued on, Iaris by her side. Once she was gone, the two giants charged at each other.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

She was tired now from climbing all of those stairs. That was not a good thing. Bradley was now before her, lazing on an immaculate throne.

He was younger than she had expected. A man into his fourth or fifth decade…maybe with an eye patch was more along the lines of what she'd thought she'd find. Instead he had a fairly young face, black hair and a goatee.

Taking a deep breath, she announced, "I am Lisosia of Delelm and I have come here to take back my fiancée, Tyana of Delelm and Prince Ithyrrlyn of the Djinn of En'urne."

"I am afraid I can't give them back to you," he smirked, "You see, I can't have them creating anything for anyone else. They belong to me." He gave Lisosia an obscene grin. "Maybe I'll take your redhead for my bride. She is quite lovely after all."

Lisosia leapt toward him with a murderous yell. He quickly pulled Tyana out, using her as a shield. Lisosia's eyes widened, fear shooting through her body. "Eyjadra!" Her blades stopped an inch in front of Tyana's face, bouncing off an invisible force field. Lisosia flew backwards, murder and relief in her eyes.

Tyana smiled. "I'm so happy that you're alright Liso." Tears welled up in her eyes. "He told me you'd been almost killed."

Lisosia met her lover's eyes. "You'd know if something happened to me, just like I'd know if something happened to you. And he'd be dead already if he'd killed you."

Bradley groaned, "Kill me now if the two of you are going to keep up with this sentimental drivel." He grinned. "Better idea, I'll just kill you!" He threw Tyana to the ground and lunged at Lisosia.

The second his sword collided with hers, he was flung back. Rage grew in his eyes. "What?" He repeated the attack with the same results. "What did you do?" he snarled at the blacksmith.

Tyana smirked from the ground where she was trying to untie herself. "Gave your blades a little present."

He continued his attack on the swordswoman. His annoyance grew as the dog snapped at him. He noticed though, that with each time he missed, the redhead grew more nervous. He swung it sword and was rewarded with a solid hit to her blades. He grinned, "There was a limit to how many times that would work." He attacked more vigorously now. He could tell the woman was tiring.

"Enkendar!" Lisosia yelled.

Her blade grazed his arm and his flesh suddenly felt as though it were on fire. He'd have to be more careful, seeing as he wasn't the only one with an enchanted blade. No matter. His eyes noticed what was behind the girl. He continued his onslaught. He prepared for the strike. He grinned as she was knocked off balance and fell through the window. It was even more amusing to see her struggle there, holding on. Death was what awaited her if she fell.

He brought his blade down across her fingers.

She fell.

Tyana screamed.

He smiled, feeling very satisfied with himself. He was a pretty cut up, but that didn't matter. He'd won. The girl was dead and her beast had presumably gone left the room to go after her.

The blacksmith barely seemed human anymore. That didn't matter to him. There was nothing but rage and misery in her now. She was screaming uncontrollable.

"Your woman was weak," he mocked her.

She'd somehow gotten herself free and was now running toward him. He easily threw her to the ground. She pulled a small dagger from her sleeve, something she'd been able to make in secret, and attacked once again.

"Back off!" Kimunt ran into the room and slammed himself into Bradley. He looked around. "Where's Liso?"

Tyana face twisted with anger. "He killed her."

"Not quite."

Bradley, Kimunt, and Tyana stared at Lisosia as she entered the room, her blades glowing in her hands.

"Liso," Tyana gasped.

Bradley scowled. "I killed you." He noticed her hand. "And I cut that off." Iaris stalked into the room, her eyes seemed a bright yellow. She howled.

The woman grinned, "You did. Iaris brought me back."

"Fey hound," hissed Bradley. His eyes widened. "Iaris you say?" He seemed to grow angrier.

Lisosia nodded, unnaturally calm, "She told me about you, how she'd sealed you centuries ago."

Bradley's body seemed to shift. His fingernails lengthened. His skin took on an ashen tint.

Kimunt's gaped, "Demon!"

The swordswoman and dog leapt into battle.

Tyana grinned. Today was her wedding day. A few months ago she'd ever get to this day. That final battle was still etched into her mind. Lisosia hadn't merely been fighting; it had been more like a dance. She had defeated the demon possessing Bradley's body, shattering the fake Undasia. Bradley never realized that there was a limit to how long the blade would remain enchanted.

Morrisill had fled sometime during the fight. She hadn't heard from him since and it didn't bother her; he wasn't a pleasant man. Lord Bradley was safely in his kingdom. He couldn't remember much of what had happened while he was possessed but he was trying to make amends.

Iaris had remained by Lisosia's side afterward. The canine was a vessel in which the spirit was able to take control of. The dog was loyal to the goddess and now to her new master as well. Tyana still didn't fully understand, but to her it sounded as though the blades that she had made had somehow become the Undasia. Lisosia's soul was now tied to them. A living blade.

She gently placed a kiss onto Lisosia's shoulder bone as she began inking the area. She'd always believed that marriage via Sa Ketla was the best option. Her own shoulder tingled where her new wife had tattooed her.

She heard Iaris bark from beside them and saw Kimunt, Ithyrrlyn, and Lisonte's smiling faces out of the corner of her eye.

Once the ceremony was done, Lisosia placed a kiss onto her lips.

Lisosia and Tyana walked into town hall to find Kimunt and Tamaki animatedly telling the story of the Undasia, their story, to a group of children.

Kimunt ended it with, "And if they're not dead yet, then they're still alive." He winked at the two of them.