Fear strikes through my defenseless heart

As the screaming anger starts.

Her senseless rage this afternoon…

I stay away; you won't see me soon.

She screams and punches, flying fists,

Why, oh why do I deserve this?

Her anger just might kill me yet,

Tears of fear make my face wet.

I know that I did nothing wrong,

But still, rage makes my sister strong.

I run from her, hiding in my room,

I stay away; you won't see me soon.


a/n: My sister is bipolar, and today something pointless made her so angry at me that she started screaming her head off and running at me, fists ablaze. I admit, I screamed like a little girl and ran for it. I've barricaded myself in my room and I refuse to come out. Not to eat dinner (I'll eat in my room!), not for an apology (since when is she ever really sorry anyways?), not for anything. I refuse to even look at her. If I go anywhere near her, I'll break down in tears and run away again. This is the first time I've ever been truly afraid of my little sister. And I don't think I ever want to see her. Ever again.