All I have left of you
Are me-mo-ries
To memorize?
To analyze?
I have only a few
Sy-lla-bles left
to sift through?
to come to?

of inadaptable cause.
And effect?

My heart, the wreck.

Is it my
Trust in ever after,

Of heartfelt?
Promises that fell on empty ears.

You know, it's already fall here.
The purples,blues,greens,yellows
Overstep their linear boundaries
Swirl soliloquies around Bethesda's ears.

This deafening crack,
The schism of kaleidoscopic dreams;
(Infallibly unrealistic, through and through)
Has ruthless, cold strings
attached to my marionette heart.

Your depart-meant,
From my compartment,
Says I'm
Only miss-ing
In the end.