4172 Soldiers have died in Iraq since the war began.
Documented Iraqi civilian deaths from violence: 87,643 – 95,664
Clifton, New Jersey: Several 13- and 14-year-olds spray paint swastikas on Jewish homes.
Los Angeles, California: A group of skinheads tries to provoke a race war by plotting to shoot members of an African-American church.
Houston, Texas: A youth tells police he shot a gay man to death because he hates homosexuals.
Broward County, Florida: While yelling racial hate names, a mob of youthful partygoers beats to death a Vietnamese-American college student.

My anger may be quiet but that doesn't make it weak
Stop criticizing; listen to the words I speak
We live in a world so lost inside the pain it ought not got
Just looking at the wrong upon this land that man has wrought
Makes me sick
Makes me hurt
Makes me feel
And I ain't no saint.
I'm a little rich bitch living on the upper side of life
Does that undermine my right to feel your strife?

Hey, I'm Jewish, too.
But it's not about that, is it.
It's that I, too, know to feel pain.
My people too, have walked out in the acid rain.
Look, asian, sikh, Malaysian, pacific islander, dominacan
Japanese, carribean, Israeli, Swahili, Islamic, Buddhist, Wasp
Black, White, Wrong, Right
It doesn't matter in this place,
It doesn't matter what your race
We all feel pain.
Whether it's for our own or for each other
I know a girl, I know a boy, who's lost a brother
In every war known to this world.
I've seen them cry

I read the books, I watch the news
It drives me nuts that we're confused
As to what to do
There has to be a place to start
Whether in politics or art
It doesn't hurt to try.

Whether you're krumpin' in the ghettos of LA
Or hungry passion poets in the city with no say
Listen to this def jam,
Come together, huh?
Circumstances may be different but pain is all the same
We're all just pawns in this twisted black-chess game
Consumed by the need, by the greed to feel wronged and unique
You're not alone
The sheltered lies held beneath closed eyes: I see you
Yeah, I know you're there

Fuck the discrimination breathing down the back of every neck
Of any humanitarian that tries to fix this wreck
Why are people always rooting for the other side?
Blinded by the shit they spurn, the changing of their tides?

My friend went to India, this summer past
Danced with the kids, built schools, drew to her last
Breath and she came back and oh she vied
For something so alive, so warm – those ties
Acceptance, deliverance, remembrance
Resemblance, Happenstance, Instance.

There's a world beyond this microcosm, folks
We can make any number of hot, angry jokes but
Refuse to own up to the fact that we don't really know?
I say:
We should know.
We do know.
We can know.
We will know.