Coming Back To Find My Path

Coming Back To Find My Path

By: Charisma Hishaw

Written on: 7/22/06

A/N: I wrote this when I was seventeen, enjoy!

Time flies by

But still I wonder

Could I possibly be whom I show I am?

Skimming through the pages of my past

I see someone who is afraid…

Could she be afraid of the person that I have become?

Through the tears I've wasted from my soul

Is there anything left?

Who is there to trust?

Trusting only myself makes me more lost

And people say don't trust anyone, for they might betray you

Have I myself, betrayed me?

By not showing how really afraid I am?

By acting tough

I trace my fingers over blank pages

The future hasn't been written…

Shall I continue my life like this?

The page number reads seventeen

Every page for ever year

Who am I?

And where am going?

A/N: This is a poem based on personal experience for once. I usually don't write poems like these so please give me your opinion in a review! Thanks!