A/N: Here is another poem by SilverIsamu.  Enjoy!

Looking Back, Instead of Forward

By: SilverIsamu

As I stand here

My eyes closed

I'm taking in the scent around me


Where am I?

I see you in my mind

Smiling and not giving a care

Every vision as clear as the next

And I swear I can hear your warm laughter

Whispers submerge my mind

Drowning it in you…

The visions are getting faster

Accelerating, rushing

The times I've spent with you

I can't breathe

I'm getting colder

But do I dare to open my eyes?

To look around at my surroundings?

Yes…Where did you go?

I see darkness

Bitter darkness

I open my eyes and see unfamiliar faces

The scent of roses is now stronger then ever

Black roses

In my hand

Only in the center, one single red rose

I look before me

And see your name carved on that icy stone

Can it be?

Death overcomes love…

Come back to me, my love

Please, I love you


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