"Ugh, Rookie is so…stuck up." Wide Receiver grunted after practice, running his calloused hand through his sweat soaked hair. Quarter Back nodded furiously with a renewed energy.

"Yes. I think I'll throw him some hard to catch passes next game. Make him look like an idiot." Quarter Back snapped. Wide Receiver and Quarter Back both hated Rookie. He was arrogant and thought himself perfect. Captain had considered cutting him many, many, many times.

"Haha, perfect. It'll totally mess with him." Wide Receiver smirked.

"I heard he asked Gossip to Homecoming." Quarter Back supplied. Wide Receiver smirked.


"Yeah, are you going to ask her too? She hasn't replied to him yet." Quarter Back questioned. Wide Receiver looked away, a smirk on his lips.

"Maybe, I don't like Gossip much…"

"Yeah, the whole thing with Cheat was too bad…" Quarter Back continued.

"Eh, whatever." Wide Receiver looked away.

"You should ask her, hook up and move on." Quarter Back suggested. "I would but I don't think Cheer Leader would be too happy about it." A smile decorated his lips. Wide Receiver smiled at him slightly.

"Yeah, I doubt she would want you to fuck Gossip." And Wide Receiver's crude speech shined through his careful façade around the coach.

"Haha, yeah. Who would you ask otherwise?" Quarter Back questioned, adjusting his helmet under his arm.

"I dunno, maybe Cheer Leader's friend, Shout…or something."

"I think it would be great if you asked Gossip." Quarter Back continued without guard. He wanted to hurt Rookie so bad that he would convince this guy to go to homecoming with Gossip.

"Yeah…I think I will…" Wide Receiver smiled carefully and stared at the ground for a brief second. This was going to be so beautiful, so perfect.

And Rookie was going to hate him for it. Whatever it wasn't like Rookie had any power – he was just a junior. And I guess Gossip was pretty…in a used sort of way.