"Are you going to Homecoming?" Misery asked Mercy. Mercy shook her head, her black and purple locks shaking a bit.

"Only if Blackness asks me out." She referred to one of the other Goth Gang members. He was the object of her crush for years – two to be exact.

"Really?" Misery continued. "Doom asked me out yesterday. I said no, I'm above such human experiences." She fell back into the stereotype response. "We're going to go to the Type O Negative concert together instead."

"Ah no fair!" Mercy snapped at her friend. She thought about Homecoming. Blackness might ask her out but…Misery had a point – they should be above such basic, human experiences. Maybe she could ask him to go to a Concert too, yeah. Then she would be so non conformist…she wouldn't be going to the dance like all the other teeny bop teenagers who were still trapped in the conventional world of the diabolical political rulers of today.

"I think Blackness will ask you out eventually. He's really protective of you." Misery threw in, trying to comfort her friend, Mercy play glared and tugged on her chain-and-belt shirt.

"Really?" Mercy's black lined eyes widened a bit. "I hope so…" She looked down and scuffed her foot a bit.

"Oh yeah. He's totally into you." Misery smirked. Blackness was a shorter, slender guy with a witty sense of humor and a love of books. He was cute but not like Doom was. Doom was stunning with his dark brown eyes and long black hair. They all had black hair except for Mercy; she had dark purple and black hair – a change. A revolution – she's not a conformist.

"I hope so…I hope I didn't scare him last Halloween when I kissed him." Mercy shook her head miserably.

" No way, it totally made him want you even more." Misery tried to give her a bit more hope. Did she actually have hope with Blackness? Not a chance – him and Death had been secretly dating for about three months. But there was no way in hell Misery was going to tell Mercy. That would just be devastating for her.

"Really? I hope so…" She smiled shyly and bobbed her head a bit. She flicked a purple lock behind her heavily pierced ear and proceeded in twirling her hair – counter clockwise. Always counter clockwise.

"Totally." Misery agreed, nodding her head – her black severely cut hair jerking up and down awkwardly.