This was the most amazing dream I ever had. It will be in two chapters. The second chapter will tell some neat things I figured out about my dream. Please Review!

I was trapped on an island, with a few other people. We had nothing but a Bible. There were about 5 of us. The island was tropical and large. There were many wild animals and natives. Needless to say, we were a little scared. All we wanted to do was to go home.

Not knowing what to do, we resorted to the Bible. We followed it exactly, word by word, and it allowed us to survive. The only way we kept order was with the Bible. When one of us would read aloud to others, God's voice spoke through us. Our fears eventually died down, but then we heard the natives coming.

We read a portion from the Bible. It was a part where Jesus was telling someone, or a group to be silent. We got quiet, but we didn't have time to hide, so we stood behind a tree. My heartbeat quickened as I saw a dark shadow running through the woods. The next thing I knew, they came up to us with a grin. They were dirty and had necklaces made of bear teeth, shockingly, they didn't hurt us.

We were amazed to find that they helped us. They taught us survival skills and helped us escape. They even taught us to surf!

All of a sudden I was no longer on the journey. I was on the computer, reading the story on fiction press. I thought, "This is really good!" Then I started to think of review, "This was really good, very uplifting, but I would tell how they taught you to survive and escape."

Then, I was back on the journey. (Dream's work so weird, don't they).

We left the island and I was in hiding. Everyone from the island was not there. Most were new people. We were in a foreign country, hiding in a tree house. We would be killed if we were found because of our faith. We had two men that would lead us. We still were trying to get home.

We waited in the tree house silently. There was a small hole in the floorboards where we could see many people walking by. Everyone stayed calm, except for one girl. Her faith was there, but not strong. She layed there quivering and scared. We tried to comfort her, but fear overtook her.

After what seemed like hours, one of our guides looked us through the hole and told us it was time to go. He was extremely cute. I had a crush on him. We decided to wait for our second guide to conform it was time to leave. A few seconds later, our second guide told us to leave. We slowly crept down and followed our guide. Not everyone came.

The cute guide was the only one left. The other's job was finished. He led us through the city. We still had our Bible, but it was printed in the form of a newspaper to keep anyone from being suspicious.

The streets were tiled. There was a large lake to our left. We didn't know where we were, but we followed the Bible's directions. The Bible didn't say to turn left or right, it told us a different kind of directions, through scriptures. We just knew what they meant and were able to get around easily. It was like a code.

As we walked I began to wonder why we didn't just take a plane home. After some thinking, I realized that it was not God's will. Nothing will go right unless it is the will of God.

We were taken to different homes to get some rest. We were leaving that night, we would meet a man who would finally take us home.

That night I left the house as did one other girl and boy. No one else came. We pulled out our, "directions," and began to walk. We knew he was close, but not exactly where. Suddenly, the boy saw a light. He said,

"I know where he is. See the latern light up on the mountain?"

We were filled with relief and continued to walk. All of a sudden, the cute guide appeared before us. Somehow we knew he was no good. We hid the newspaper, but he still tried to stop us. We refused to listen and tried to stop walking. The other girl told him to leave and suddenly he was tossed to the ground without us ever laying a hand on him. We defeated him.

We contiuned to walk up the mountain. Suddenly, I was woke up. I had to get ready for school.

Morals and truth for this dream coming soon. Try to think of them on your own. By the way, please review!! :)