Taking a drag from the cigarette, he glanced at his phone only to see a missed call from him

Taking a drag from the cigarette, he glanced at his phone only to see a missed call from him. Again. Why? Why does he keep calling? Raising his head up, looking at the sky that was a monotonic grey, he blew smoke.

"I really should quit," He reminded myself again as he stared at his menthol flavored, tobacco-filled, cancer-filled, nicotine-filled death stick.

"Then you should, Leon." Leon heard from ten feet behind me.

"Colleen," Leon announced, "Shut up."

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," she taunted with her over-said cliché.

"Did Mitch as well once he saw the bitch he accidentally fucked?"

"That must've been in your dreams because last time I checked," she rubbed her chin with her long cream-colored fingers, "you weren't getting any. Especially with Mitch,"

Raising his eyebrows and nodding, he responded, "Someone made sure to sharpen their claws this morning."

"You need nails to open a can of soda," she commented, taking a sip of her coca-cola that she held with her left hand.

"I cannot believe you drink that garbage. You know they use the ingredients inside that to clean the insides of cars?" Leon leant back on the fence of my balcony to face her. From looking right at her, one wouldn't have guessed that she was such a bitch, but once her mouth opened, she pretty much screamed bitch. Leon looked over the edge to the pool that he paid an extra fifty dollars a month to have a view of.

"You're such a life-saver," she dropped the can of soda immediately, the brown carbon-filled drink spreading on the white-colored cement of the balcony like it was a forest wildfire during the dry season in California.

With a smile, "Besides, you're smoking cigarettes." Pointing at him with one of her manicured fingernails, "but did you not know that's deadly? Have you been to eighth grade health class where they show you the differences between a healthy lung and what yours probably looks like?"

He sneered, "Now wouldn't you wish I was dead? That way we wouldn't have to worry about how Mitch is a misinformed bisexual."

"If Mitch, your room mate, was a bisexual, wouldn't he have fucked you by now? You do live with him after all. Every day would be an opportunity."

"Who says we haven't fucked?"

"He did!" She called out, her arms spread eagle.

Leon laughed, smiling, my lips curled and my arms crossed as he stared into her hazel colored eyes.

"Isn't he just such a sneaky little liar?"

Leon's phone vibrated. It almost fell off the ledge of my balcony and into the pool he paid fifty extra dollars a month to see. Quickly grabbing it, Leon opened the phone to see it was him. Again. He rolled my eyes reading the text asking where he was and then immediately closed it.

Taking the last drag from the cigarette, Leon flicked it over the edge and downwards it went. Right into the pool.

"Lovers quarrel?" She asked. Mitch really needed to give this girl a muzzle.

"None of your business. I thought I wasn't getting any?"

"You wish you were from Mitch. Maybe your fucking some guy and making him wear some paper bag over his head so then you could imagine he's Mitch?"

"Again, we fucked. He's going to throw you away like how you're gonna throw away all of the paper towels you're gonna use when cleaning up this mess," Leon said, pointing at the puddle of soda.

Leon walked passed her and opened the door leading inside the apartment. Again, "Clean up this mess."

From the clear balcony door, Leon had a view of Colleen bent over cleaning up the mess with a roll of paper towels that he and Mitch always kept outside. People vomited often.

As Mitch walked through the living room to the kitchen, Leon commented, putting his thumbs on top of his index fingers to form a little square, and then putting the little square next to his eye as if it was a camera, "you get a nice view of her ass. It is from this angle where you fuck her, right? That way you could think she's just some twink, right?"

Without pouring the milk into a cup, Mitch took it out from the refrigerator and started to chug it. Leon took notice on how Mitch seemed to be hitting the gym lately, as his muscles filled out the muscle-tank that clung to his skin like how a gold-digger leeches onto a sagging rich man.

"It's okay. You don't have to tell me, but I'm sure we got a mutual understanding," Leon said.

"What?" Mitch responded, placing the milk on the counter. "Don't be perverted."

"Okay, I'll save the dirty talk for later," Leon concluded, walking towards his bedroom door. Before he entered his room, he looked back at the stocky man he wanted to milk dry, and saw that Mitch was looking back right at him.

"You really need to get him out of this apartment," Colleen commented as she walked into the apartment holding a handful of paper towels that were soaking brown, slowly dripping little brown pellets onto the cream colored carpet. After throwing the paper towels in the trash, her cream colored hand rubbed Mitch's golden well defined arm as she leant in for a kiss. They quickly kissed each other on the lips.

"Nothing is wrong with him. Besides," he started as he broke open three eggs against a bowl and begun to pour in some milk, "he pays half the rent."

"I have to go to work now but I'll come by later, ok?"


His facial hair grazed against her fingertips as she stroked his face. Her hazel eyes made his forest green eyes look straight at her.

"We need to talk later, ok?" Her tone of voice was deeper as she said these words softly. Each word barely escaped her barely parted lips. If he was not able to read her expression, the sound of the frying eggs would have overwhelmed what she was trying to say.

Looking from left to right, he bit his lip and then nodded.

"Hello?" Leon said as he answered his cell phone.

"There you are," the man on the other line commented.

"Where were you?" He asked.

"My phone was inside as I was inhaling a death-stick," Leon lied.

"A death-stick?"


"I could hear you smiling when you say that," the man laughed.

"No I'm not," Leon continued to lie.

"I'd prefer to fill my lungs with a natural herbal high if you know what I mean than rat poison covered in nicotine, but I'm dry. Sucks to be me," Leon leant back in his office chair and stared at the clock. Class started in ten minutes and he lived at least fifteen minutes away from campus.

"You know I'm wet and sticky," the man said slowly, slow pants barely escaping his lips.

"You're naughty. I'm supposed to be a good student by going to class. As my professor once told me, two days ago, college is your work. Your parents pay a hundred dollars a day for you to go to work. Not only should you come and be attentive, but you should also be prepared," Leon tried to mock his professor by having a lighter voice and pausing after every other word.

"I'm rolling right now."

"Are you not going to wait for me?"

"How long will it take you?"

"To go up three flights? Two minutes?" As he said this, Leon walked out into the living room.

Mitch sat at the dining room table eating his omelet. Leon hung up the phone and looked at the chocolate brown shaved head of the man whose arms never looked better. Licking his lips, Leon forgot to tend to the part of him that needed attention every few hours. Even though he put his hands in his pocket, that would not be enough. He cursed at himself for getting in a debacle with Colleen or else he would not be in such a dilemma. He walked over to the dining room table, and leant on one of the chairs, looking at his room mate with a smile on his face.

"How're the eggs?"


"I'm going to smoke if you want to come."



"It's cool?"



"Cool," Leon repeated.

He watched his sexually confused room mate throw down the eggs down his mouth like it was a trash shoot. Standing next to Mitch only made Leon feel smaller, but also gave him a tingling sensation. He felt temptation as he wanted to stroke Mitch's arms, or body, or close his eyes only to be picked up by his room mate and pinned against the wall where sexual things that should not be mentioned would happen. The sensations that ran through his body only got him more frustrated and his hand being in his pockets only teased his feelings. He quickly pulled his hand out of his pockets and cursed at himself for wearing sweatpants and then continued to regret the fact he argued with Colleen during the few spare minutes he had. Mitch looked at him and only smiled, his lips curling, his white teeth showing like he was the star of some gum or toothpaste commercial. He apparently has not shaved this morning. There was a stubble that covered the sides of his face and chin. Leon felt tempted to nuzzle his face against the chiseled good-looking face of his room mates, but he felt that Mitch would be sexually satisfied as Colleen slept over last night.

Vince, who had the sticky and wet plant rolled into a grape flavored dutch, answered the door once Leon banged on the door like how an annoying dog would beg its owner for food the instant he or she comes home. Vince looked much like Mitch, but was blonde, and had blue eyes, and had hair that was a little longer and ruffled, yet their bodies were similar. Leon made this assessment by looking at the rippling bulging muscles which were barely contained in his tight black tee-shirt. Leon licked his lips and swayed his hands around his lips, hoping that no ones eyes were looking below the waist.

As Vince's luscious lips wrapped around the brown cylinder with the illegal drug they were all about to inhale, Leon felt like tackling him onto his bed and doing things that should not be mentioned.

"I'm rude. Vince, this is Mitch, my room mate."

The two shook hands. Leon grinned as he looked at the two look at each other. He sat in the middle on the office chair while Mitch was standing up, leaning against the door.

"Sit," Leon said, getting up from his seat so Mitch could sit down. Leon moved onto the bed next to Vince. Mitch sat down on the now vacant seat.

"You played football?" Leon asked as he saw a jersey pinned up on the wall.


"What position were you?" Mitch asked.


"What's that?" Leon asked.

"You defend the other team from getting to your players pretty much."

"So like a brick wall?"

He laughed, his eyes not letting Leon out of his sight, "you could say that."

Mitch looked at Vince, which made Vince shoot a look over back at Mitch. Mitch bit his lip and began to look around the room which was once only a box with paste-colored walls but was now full of posters, pictures, and a football jersey.

"It must've been fun to tackle people," Leon commented.

"When I played football?"

"Do you tackle people normally?"


"Yeah, when you played. It must've helped you vent out some frustration and all of that good stuff."

Vince smirked. "Tackling was fun. Bringing down two hundred pound men though really isn't my thing."


He cocked his eyebrows up, "Really."

"Whenever our football team was losing, we used to chuck beer cans at them. That vented our frustration," Mitch commented crossing his arms and leaning back in the office chair. The chair snapped, as if it was going to buckle.

"Pass the dutch," Vince told Mitch. He had to comply.