Feeling the smooth buttery-like surface of the countertop, Leon slid his hand to touch Janelle's hand. With a smile on his face, he spurted out, "We had our little moment. We kissed!" Immediately after hearing himself spew such words, such words of joy! Oh how Leon spent every day since the moment he met Vince imagining how those lips felt only to be kissed by them in a passionate moment, at a time in need, when Colleen and Mitch were staring at him in awe. Like rewinding to see the same scene over and over in a movie, Leon closed his eyes to imagine the kiss—his touch—his scent—his eyes.

Although that moment seemed to have changed things for Leon, something important came to his mind. A thought came to mind. A thought he shared with Janelle when he said, "But I don't know when I'm seeing him again. Are we going to kiss again? Are we going to go on a date?"

Simply rolling her eyes, Janelle responded, "Stop being such a cliché little school girl who got kissed for the very first time. You make it sound like you're a virgin. He will call."

Laughing, Leon raised his hand to emphasize, "Please! I know he is going to call. All I asked is when that will happen."

The two of them sat outside in a small park located right by the café where they got coffee. As the large yellow orb, high in the sky, bathed the two with its warm rays, Leon sat back in his chair to enjoy his cup of coffee. He looked at the people around him and swore he was in the middle of a cheesy movie. All around him, to the left, to the right, right in front of him, and even the people behind him, traveled in couples. Holding hands, kissing cheeks, eating each others mouths out as their tongues caress, all of those around him seemed to scream love. Birds were perched high in the branches, singing their high-pitched songs, overriding all sides of the mindless love-bird chatter surrounding Leon. A smile was on his face. He could not stop smiling.

"While we're on the subject of what is going to happen, I really do not know what is going to happen. So it turns out the guy I was seeing is seeing someone else, but he doesn't think I know."

"Wait! Hold on. Is he seeing the secretary?"

"Fucking cunt with those tight miniskirts which reveal her ass every time she bends over. Every second she is bending over, whether it be to take a cock or to pick up the pencil she," Janelle did not fail to add air-quotes, "accidentally," and then she continued to say, "dropped."

Mitch paced from one side of the room to the other. He was in his bedroom, which was draped with posters of sports and girls, typical guy room décor. Clothes were scattered on the floor, accumulating its own scent of musk, sweat, and cum which he mindlessly kicked to the side as he paced from one side of the room to the other. His hands were at his sides, draping down, like he had no power to move them, while his head looked straight ahead, as if he was a soldier looking at his lieutenant. Finally stopping at the door, he placed one of his hands on the knob, but quickly released it.

"Why should I care? I shouldn't care!" He reminded himself, speaking to himself as there was no one else in the room.

"Janelle, you need to look for a new kind of man. I know you have this whole fascination with the older type, but I mean can't you just date someone in like," Leon paused to think, looking around him to see if he could find a man to fit the description he was looking for.

Alas! He saw a man, by his lonesome, who just sat down to take out a very large paperback. He then said, "You need someone who is in graduate school. Someone older, but not so old where they have twenty-something year olds flaunting their junk right in front of your man's junk."

Janelle looked to see who Leon was looking at only to laugh in response. She got up to point at the man, calling him, "You want me to be with someone like him? Mr. Aspiring-business-degree where he is working all the time only to come home to pass out on top of me? If I am going to be in a relationship like that, I might as well date an investment banker. At least that way—"

She was interrupted by Leon who said, "You'd be making bank? You dirty gold digging bitch."

"Fuck you," Janelle said. She swiped at the carton on the table top to take out a nicotine-filled cigarette. She opened the box in front of Leon to reveal there were none left, which got him to rise from his seat. He held his hand out, palm facing upwards, and then raised his eyebrows at Janelle.

She laughed and began to walk away. "No way are you getting the last one."

"I don't have any money to buy another pack!" Leon refused to take another step before he whined, "I'm not dating investment bankers."

"Too bad. Neither am I."

All day Leon looked at his phone. He would then bite his lip and wrinkles would appear between his furrowed brows. Nothing appeared on his phone. During class, Leon could not concentrate. As the teacher's lips moved, as her legs paced from one side of the room to the other, as her arms pointed towards the pages in the book or onto the chalkboard where she wrote what appeared to be the English language, Leon saw it all as a blur. Slowly the minute hand of the click moved from left to right. Forty five minutes, he thought, now staring at the clock. The palm of his right hand held his face up as his elbow dug into the plywood desk chair combination, a type of chair that always seems apparent on college campuses.

"Leon!" He heard a voice call out his name.

"What?" Leon responded.

"I want to talk to you." Colleen said, standing in his path. Leon was on his way home from his last class.


Staring him in the eyes, she stated, "I want to apologize for yesterday."

"You should."

"I know, Leon, that we've had our differences. We bicker and argue, but it's not because I hate you or anything. I can't apologize for what Mitch said, but know I am sorry."

Leaves flew in the short gusts of wind. Leon watched as a leaf cascaded down slowly, like a feather, onto the ground.

"I appreciate the apology, Colleen."

"You don't seem like the touchy type and neither am I, so let's just shake on it."

The two shook hands.

"I don't hate you either."

"Good to know. Tell me about this new boy."

Quickly, the small gusts of winds became gales, thrusting in their direction, making Colleen shiver in her coat.

"His name is Vince and I'm waiting for him to call me."

"How dreadful. I don't know why they always wait."

"What? You think he's going to make me wait? I'm sure he'll call me today."

"Oh please. That makes them seem available. You know the game. He's going to wait a few days and then call you when he's busy."

"That's stupid. If he's mature, then he'll call me today."

"The suspense!"

"Do you want to walk? I'm freezing."

"Where are you inviting me?"

Leon whispered to himself, "Not to my apartment. Definitely not there." He then spoke out loud, "How about the coffee place a block down from my place?"


The aroma of coffee filled Leon's nose as he walked into the coffee shop. Always there seemed to be someone on the nice leather chair typing away on his computer while there were a group of girls on the couch giggling like a broken record on repeat. As the sky transitioned from a pale blue to a now midnight black, Leon grasped his phone.

Taking a sip from her coffee, Colleen said, "I told you so. He is not going to call you today. Just get fucked up or something if you really are that impatient." After taking a sip from her coffee, Colleen announced, "And wow I never realized how good the coffee was here. I always walk by this dump but never go inside."

"Great story."

"Don't be a little bitch to me because you aren't getting what you want."

"But why isn't he calling?" Leon whined.

To my readers:

I appreciate the few reviews I have gotten! I know some of my characters are not likeable but I want them to have very obvious and apparent flaws because no one is perfect. I am using this story to test out my ability to flesh out characters. I am not that great at writing a "suspenseful" plot, so if you want that, see an action flick, but I am very interested in human nature, so if you want to read a story with an (hopefully) interesting group of characters, then this is the place for you. I still suffer severely from writer's block. I don't know what is wrong with me. I feel inspired sometimes but nothing comes out. Anyways I appreciate you guys reading my story and I look forward to any reviews.