They say I need this chip to survive, they say I'll die instantly if I even try to take it out. What do I say?

I don't say anything. Those who do are silenced by the government. We were put here in this enclosed society so we could be studied. There is no escape for us. I recently discovered that this microchip put in us has a tracking devise in it so those who try and escape can be found. Everyone is to afraid to even try and take the chip out of there wrists. They say that they'd rather be a prisoner than dead.

That's not what I think. Tonight I'm going through a secret surgery to take off the chip. If I survive I'll run from here and never return. I'll go into the wild. My name is Zara Trustharsta and I belong to a secret rebellion.

Most believe we don't exist, the government can hear our every word, so how could we possibly go against them?

We pass notes in the streets, our meetings consist of no more that three people at a time. I'm the current leader. It's my job to stop what they're doing to us, to our brains. They take our memories and replace them with new ones that never happened. They want us to forget what it was like to feel. Those like me our the only ones who can feel emotions. Dr. Yakira Deadema found out how to change who we are. She did this to us. We don't know why, and we don't know how.

I go around pretending to be soul less like the others and it makes me sad. Without emotions we are nothing. Even I don't have the full ability to feel. I don't even know what else is wrong with us. . . . .I can't remember. My life is just a blur. Everything about it is jumbled. Someday I hope to figure it out but I don't have forever. I have untill tonight.

If things go as planned this will be my last day in the city. I'll leave and work my job from the wild. I'll try to really find out what's wrong with me. It's my turn to be a leader to my people. It's my job.