The Band Geek's Dictionary


When I'm polishing my trumpet, nothing can disrupt me. I'm in the zone.

Nothing, that is, except for Travis' voice shouting my name.

"Cam! Cam, Cam, CAM!"

I sigh and look up from my silver trumpet, polishing cloth poised to wipe off the fingerprints on the valve pistons.

Travis is running towards me, a piece of paper in his hand. He waves it enthusiastically at me and then yells, "I got section leader!"

"Marching band, or wind ensemble?" I ask, standing up and giving him a one-armed hug. I don't want to get my trumpet dirty, after all.

"Both," Travis says proudly.

"Congratulations, then," I reply, grinning at him and hugging him a little tighter. It's a well-known fact that Travis has always been in the shadow of someone else during all of his years playing trombone, but now that we're going to be seniors there's no one to push him out of the way.

He looks so happy, too. It makes me want to jump him.


I meant...jump on him and hug-attack him.


"And you got section leader for both, too," Travis adds, waving the paper at me. I shake my head dismissively.

"I got it last year. I kinda figured I'd get it this year, too."

Travis rolls his eyes and sits down next to me on the uncomfortable black band chair. "My, my. Aren't we the modest one?"

I smile slightly and finish wiping off the fingerprints on my trumpet, setting the instrument carefully back in its case. "Whatever. It's a bigger deal for you. I'm proud of you. Really. And maybe you'll get into county this year, hmm?"

Travis shakes his head, following me into the band locker room so I can lock up my precious trumpet.

"I'm not good enough to get into county. We both know that."

"And yet you got section leader in one of the most musically competitive schools in the area," I counter, taking his hand and pulling him out of the band room and in the direction of the cafeteria so we can go to lunch. "Sure. Makes perfect sense that you wouldn't get into honor band."

Travis scowls at me. I smile sweetly and kiss his cheek. "Just stating the facts, darling."

"Cam! Travis!"

We turn around in unison to see Parker running up to us, waving a textbook. "Have you seen Alex?" he pants, resting his hands on his thighs when he skids to a stop in front of us. "That jackass is so going to pay."

"No, haven't seen him. Why? What'd he do?" I ask.

Parker rolls his eyes and opens the textbook. Taped on some of the pages are pictures that look like they've been cut from a porn magazine. Ew. Ew. Ew. Naked girls. Ew. I never wanted to see that. Gross. Scarred for life.

Travis starts laughing and points at the pictures. "Alex did that?" he says with a snort. "Why?"

Parker slams the book shut and tucks it under his arm. "It's April Fool's Day, idiot," he huffs. "Alex thought it would be funny to tape pictures of naked girls in my chem textbook because he knew we had an open-book test today. Luckily, our teacher cancelled the open-book part of the test, but I don't care! I could have gotten in so much trouble!" He stomps his foot and continues, "I'll see you later. I need to go find him."

"Just prank him back," I call after Parker.

He nods and smiles evilly. "Already done."

"I don't want to know what he did," I mutter to Travis, who shudders.

"I guess being Parker's boyfriend is a pretty dangerous job," he replies. "Good thing you got out of there while you could."

I punch him in the shoulder and roll my eyes. "Very funny." I pause and then say, "I wonder why Alex still has straight porn?"

Travis gags and then shrugs. "I wouldn't question it."


Travis slips his arm around my waist and pulls me towards the cafeteria again. But before we go in, he presses me against the wall slightly and rests his hands on my waist. He nuzzles his nose against my hair and inhales deeply.

"Your hair smells different." He pulls back from me and smirks. "Did you run out of shampoo?"

I frown. "Yeah. Well, I thought I just bought a new bottle, but this morning nothing was coming out, and- why the hell are you laughing?"

Travis bites his lip and grins at me. "Maybe you should have taken the cap off and checked to make sure that your boyfriend didn't cover the bottle with plastic wrap."

My jaw drops. "That was you?" I punch him in the shoulder again. "I had to use Anna's shampoo! Do you realize what that did to my manliness?"

"What manliness?" Travis asks, his eyes twinkling. Then, he leans down to kiss me, before his lips trail over my jaw and down my neck. "April Fool's, sexy."

I link my hands behind his neck and kiss him again, before whispering, "You might want to double-check your trombone case, then. I'm not the only one with some tricks up my sleeve."

Travis' eyes widen, and he practically drops me. I hadn't realized I was leaning on him so much. He turns promptly and makes a dash for the band room.

"Wait!" I call after him. "Travis, I was kidding! I forgot it was April Fool's Day! I didn't do anything to your trombone."

Travis turns around and glares at me. "A band geek can never be too careful." He takes off for the band room.

Sighing in exasperation, I follow him. He's out of sight by now, though, so I wander through the band hallway, calling his name.

"Travis, dude, where the hell did you go?" I call out. "Dude. I told you I didn't do anything to your trom- ack!"

Before I know it, I find myself being tugged into a practice room. The lights aren't on, but my captor reaches behind me to lock the door and then flip the light switch.

Travis smirks at me. "You do realize that I only came back here so I could get you alone in a practice room, right?" He kisses me softly. "I know you didn't do anything to my trombone."

"You're lucky I don't have a problem with being kidnapped into a practice room," I reply, pushing him down onto the piano bench and kneeling in front of him. I pull him down for a kiss, and I let him slide his tongue along my bottom lip before I break away from him.

"Only band geeks would find it fun to make out in a practice room," Travis murmurs, grinning at me.

I kiss his neck and suck on his skin gently. "Only band geeks can make proper use of a piano bench."

"You don't even play piano," he points out, gasping when I slip my hands up his shirt.

I smirk against his skin and then kiss him again. "I know."

"Love you, Cam."

"Love you, too. I'll love you even more if you keep quiet this time and don't wind up using the piano keys for balance. It gets a little loud."

Travis just laughs and tangles his hands in my hair, leaning down to press his lips against mine.

The End


A/N: Yes, my loves, this is it! The Band Geek's Dictionary is officially...over. I think I cried a little writing this. I'm so sad now. I packed tons of band geekiness in here....Yay! I want to thank every single one of you for sticking it out with me through the end. It means a lot to me that even when I had writer's block you all kept reading and reviewing (usually XD) and supporting me. It was a fun ride. I hope you all had fun too.

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Summary of Just Because: Bright blue skinny jeans can't get you out of everything. Especially when your arch nemesis dumps barbeque sauce on them.

Summary of Duet: Never look at the trombone players. It only encourages them. Sequel-ish thing to The Band Geek's Dictionary.

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