"Good-bye Asha, be good for mom." Greg shouted, kissing me on the cheek as he walked out the door. He was the oldest boy in the family, and most believed that he had a fair shot at becoming alpha in a few years. Well besides him, his only real competition was Carson, our current alpha's son.

"Yeah don't do anything stupid!" Holt added, giving me a huge hug. He was the closest to me in age, he hadn't even changed until last year so he knew what it felt like to feel left out. The two of us were secretly hoping that a miracle would happen and that I'd be allowed to go with them someday, but we both knew that was impossible.

"Bye Holt, don't start any fights with Carson today, please." I added. Then I flashed him a huge smile!

"Hmmm, mom you might need to keep an eye out on Ash here. I think she's got a fancy for the alpha's son!" He shouted. Everyone bursted out laughing in unison. I jumped on top of Holt and tried to strangle him.

"Take it back!" I screamed"Never!" he yelled back, tackling me to the floor. I tried to pry him off of me, but compare a werewolf's strength to a humans and I was about as tuff as a fly.We started playfully hitting one another and then Holt accidentally cut me with one of his super sharp nails which stopped the fight instantly. My family always had to be extra careful around me and mom, we were breakable. I hated how they treated me like a porcelain doll!

"Asha are you all right?" Dad asked bending over to check the claw mark on my face. It didn't even hurt that much.

"Yeah dad I'm fine." I assured him, sitting up.

"Holt you know you can't ruff house with your sister. You could've seriously hurt her."he scolded him.

"I know. It won't happen again." he tilted his head down toward the floor in embarrassment.

"Dad it's not even his fault. I started it." I said, trying to calm my father down.

"Your brother knows better! Come on everyone lets get out of here."dad commanded. He walked out the door and my other brothers Ludolf and Phaon followed him. It was going to be a very long day.

"So mom, I'm gonna go find Jason and hang out with him." I said and ran out the door before she had the chance to lecture me. Jason and I were technically dating, but we wouldn't make it official because as soon as he first changed mom and dad would ban me from him because they thought he could hurt me. I loved my parents and I knew why they were so careful with me, but being one of the only humans in the family really sucked. They got to live forever and I would probably eventually die because I wasn't technically an immortal.

Jason's house wasn't very far from mine so it didn't take me very long to walk there. I knocked on the door and thankfully he answered instead of his horrible uncle."Hey," he said, picking me up and deeply kissing me.

"Your in a good mood." I told him while laughing.

"Yeah I have a secret to tell you. Hey lets go to our normal spot."He suggested and grabbed my hand, pulling me to his nice sleek silver porche. I got in the passenger seat and for some reason my stomach was all in knots. I had a bad feeling about what was going to happen.

"Jason what is it? I haven't seen you this happy since you got the car." I joked."I know." he parked the car out by the only forest near our home. It used to be where out pack hunted, but people got to suspicious so they quit coming here. We took over the spot. The two of us would always go skinny dipping in the lake and chase each other around. It was our place.I got out of the car and took off my t-shirt and jeans, jumping into the lake. For a minute I thought he was going to join me but then he walked further into the forest and shouted that he'd be there in a minute.

I tried to distract myself by seeing how long I could hold my breath under water. I counted 2 minutes and 37 seconds when I finally came up for air. Instead of seeing Jason when my head hit the surface I saw a wolf with deep brown fur and yellow green eyes. It took me a minute to understand what was happening and then I knew. Jason had changed. For a minute all I could do was stare, I felt oddly empty and detached from the world. It was like I was loosing a piece of my soul when I saw him. That's when the tears hit me.

I got out of the lake and layed down letting out a sigh. He layed on top of me, his fur tickling my stomach. Jason started to whine a little, now getting what had upset me so much. He licked my face and gave one of his famous goofy grins that looked even more funny now that he wasn't in his human form.I knew he had to change eventually. All werewolves did sometime after there 16Th birthday. We both had just chose to ignore it.

" I bet I can still beat you in a running competition,"I said, wiping the tears from my face. He jumped up to let me stand and the two of us began running through the woods. We wove through the trees and jumped over sticks, it was exhilarating. I kept up with him most of the time which was weird because my brothers always beat me when I challenged them. For a second I thought he was just letting me win. When he stopped though I knew there was something wrong. I tried to slow down, but my body wouldn't let me. It was almost as if I had no control over what was going on.

That's when the first of the pain hit. It felt like my stomach was on fire. Everything hurt, my arms, my legs, even my face. Before I knew I fell onto the ground gasping for breath. Jason came up beside me in his human form, he grabbed onto my shoulders trying to hold me up."Jason, what's happening!"I screamed in pain.

Somewhere in the madness I hear him say he didn't know. My skin began to move and ripple, my muscles contracting. Bones snapped everywhere causing me to growl in pain. It felt like a thousand needles were slicing into my skin. I couldn't breath, my eyes went fuzzy. When things started to clear I couldn't see my body only the paws of a black furred wolf. It was weird the wolf extended it's paws just as I tried to move my hands. The world was darker now, as if it was night time. I couldn't believe how strange the world was.

Jason looked frightened, as if something strange had just happened. It took me a few minutes to get what he was freaking out about.I was the wolf. Somehow I had managed to change forms.