Since childhood I have been an avid dreamer. Whenever I found something that moved me, whether it was a book or movie, I was sucked into the world it created. Then those dreams began to take in m own world as well, and as a child I realized things that should have been beyond my comprehension.

Our world is falling. Corruption fills democracy, morphing it into a masked villain found throughout horror films and plays. Hatred powers change rather then love, and war bleeds blood on the horizon. Dreams are cast aside for power and false ideals, both willingly and unwillingly. The political system of the 21st century leaves us without dreams, without the will to power dreams, and without choice.

Once, my dream was to become President.

It began with the President of the Intermediate School Class, and then grew into President of Middle School, but it did not continue any further… It was crushed beneath the sudden adult-backed belief that there is nothing that I could do as President to change human nature, human corruption, or the hate that fills the core of our world.

I let my dream of change join the others, which fill the River de Mort. It became a lifeless haze of cloth, a veil over judgment and prosperity.

Truthfully, when I say I lost my dream, I do not mean to say that it ceased to exist. It was merely buried beneath elephant hide walls and briar thorn bushes, afraid to peak its head from its battlements. Too many times had such a dream peaked from my soul and been shot down carelessly by those ignorant minds around me. Those who should be my foundation rejected the ideas that I am filled to the brim with, not once, twice, but thousands of times. I was laughed at, I was ridiculed, and I was left afraid to show my soul to the world again.

Once I was a dreamer.

Then my dreams were things of fantasy.

And now?

I have begun to dream again.

There is a man who turns my mind away from it's sorrowing and fear, there is a man who brings on change- yet is a human in obviousness as well. He has done wrong, but he has also done right, and now he seeks to change the world.

He is a dreamer, and he makes lives for all other dreamers possible.

Of course Barack Obama isn't perfect, of course he has done some wrongs, but he does not try to hide his faults, he embraces them. He is not one to be swayed by riches or power, he seeks to better the poor and those with less then I do, something that we should all seek to do, for what kind of nation are we if we stand apart sneering at those less fortunate? What kind of community are we if we exclude other human beings, simply because they were born into a different life?

To me, that makes us less then human, beasts who rely on the old idea that nature selects the weak. It is our duty to nurture the week, and Obama understand this.

I only wish the world could understand this.

Yes, some of his ideas will be shot down.

Yes, some of his ideas are foolish.

He, however, brings something that the 'Old Maverick' can never bring, something that McCain has never been able to bring.

He brings change, and from where I stand, we can only go up from here.

Dreamers will dream again, and we will all sing