Hey you must be new in town

Hey you must be new in town. My name is Jaden Evans, I'm 14 years old, and as every other love story. I like my best friend. But who doesn't. Well their best friend. Mine is amazing. His name is Andy. He has brown hair that went past his eyes and blue-green eyes. I was 5' even and he was 5'4". I had black hair with blue highlights. I had blue eyes.

"Jay!" I turned around half way down the hill from school.

"Hey Andy." His real name is Andrew Peterson and only I call him Andy. Not even his mom. My parents were divorced and so were his. He lived with his mom and so did I. The only difference is that his dad is abusive. Mine isn't. We went and saw our dads on the same days. So we didn't miss each other too much. Only I knew we both liked each other. I just didn't have the heart to tell him. I was afraid of losing him. He got to where I was and wrapped his arm around me.


"Nada just walking home."

"Really me too." He said. I laughed.

"No shit Sherlock." I said rolling my eyes. I reached up and pulled his glasses off.

"Hey!" I put them on and started walking down the hill backwards.

"Dude you are BLIND!" I said.

"No duh! Now can I have my glasses back please. I'm gonna trip." He said holding his hand up. I sighed and nodded. Wanna know why I was afraid of losing him?

"Andrew!" I saw his girlfriend running down the hill. That's why. I sighed.

"Hey babe." He kissed her. He liked me more than her. He was just trying to hide it. I looked down and walked ahead.

"Hi andypoo." I gagged. Ugh gross. "I missed you." She pouted.

"I missed you."

"I missed you more."

"Nu uh."

"Yeah huh."

"No you both missed me more now can we move on from the grossness." They'd been going out for a month. Well a month this Saturday. Which they were celebrating their 'monthaversery.' Ugh. We reached the end of the street and crossed the road.

"Now now Jaydee no need to be jealous just because you don't have someone as amazing as my andypoo."

"I like someone who is just as amazing as your 'andypoo.'" I said. He is your andypoo.

"Really who? Maybe I could help hook you up." Her name was Mily and she had blond hair, brown eyes, and was 5'1".

"None of your business. I can't anyway. He's off the market. See you guys." I walked up my stairs.

"Bye Jay. Call you later?"

"Okay. Bye." I walked inside and upstairs.

"Hi boo." I rolled my eyes.

"Hi mah. I'm going upstairs." I said walking up them and walking into my room, which was the loft. I flopped down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. My cell buzzed.

'I wasn't expecting her to come…im rly sry I kno we were supposed to hang today AH!'

'its aright…no biggy…we can hang l8r when she leaves…if not then we'll hang tomorrow. Blue bird'

'yeah…I guess…im sry I know how much she pisses u off…AH!'

'yeah its ok…u cant do anything about it…blue bird'

'I wish I could…I want you to like my girlfriend…AH!'

'I want you to be happy. Blue bird'

'Im not with her though…AH!'

'so break up with her? Idk what to tell you andy. Blue bird'

'I don't wanna hurt her though…I just asked her out so I could get my mind off of someone else…who I think likes me now. AH!' Am I being obvious?

'I figured…but I cant tell you what to do…you have to decide…blue bird'

'I'll give it a week…if things get worse…I leave her. AH!'

'Yeah I guess that's what you have to do…but don't do things cuz u feel like u have 2 Blue bird'

'Idk what to do though…and im so lost and confused…AH!'

'that's y ur so depressed l8ly? Blue bird.'

'yeah…its confusing when the girl you rly rly like finally likes u back but ur dating someone else.'

'leave her for the other…if u like the other girl more then y date Mily? And no offence but shes a bozo blue bird'

'I know but…I don't wanna hurt her. AH!'

'would you rather date her out of pity or date someone u rly wanna be with? Blue bird'

'someone I rly wanna be with…AH!'

'exactly…don't worry about her feelings…worry about urself…Blue bird'

'okay…look im gonna go break up with her now…I'll come meet you later alright? Wow that sounds weird haha…AH!'

'yeah…alright if you need me im here…blue bird'

'thnx AH!'

I started my homework. I don't know if I should be excited or not. I mean sure I feel bad for the tramp but I finally get him. I finished my homework an hour later and went downstairs and ate dinner before grabbing Max's leash and hooking it on him. We waked down the stairs and down the street, I stuffed the bags in my pocket and put my ipod in. I listen to heavy metal/screamo stuff. I walked down the street with him. I saw Andy and Mily sitting outside, her crying hysterically. I pulled Max down the other street, who cares if its longer, I didn't wanna get involved, or hear anything for that matter. My cell buzzed.


"Where are you?"


"I need someone right now." He sniffed.

"Look to your left." I said as I saw him walking up the street. He did, hung up and walked over to me. I hugged him. "I know it hurts." I said.

"I feel horrible for her. But at least I have the girl in my arms." I smiled.

"I know."

"You do?"

"I figured out when you asked Ginger out." That was 5 months ago. He just smiled and hugged me tighter.

"I really really like you."

"I really really like you." I said smiling. Max whined at me, tugging at the leash. "Looks like we gotta talk while we walk him." I said giggling. He nodded and grabbed my hand as we walked back down the street.

"I'm sorry I put you through that. I wasn't sure if you liked me."

"I've liked you since May." I said. It was December 5th. My bday was in a month. And his bday passed. It was November 11th.

"Wow am I dumb." He said. I just laughed and rested my head on his arm. He let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Max jumped around.

"No bud we are not running today." I said. We turned into the park street, where the park was crowded, as usual. He took Max's leash from me. This park belonged to my grandpa. My family is huge. I'm one of 26 cousins and my mom is 1 of 7. My dad is an only child. So there's a lot of us. I have an older and younger brother. My older brother was a Junior in high school, but stuck up for me when needed. Andy and I hung with his crowd since we were close with them. And my younger brother was 10. He was a pain in the ass. The older brother was TJ and the younger one was Alvin. Yes which explains why I'm always getting quoted from Alvin and the Chipmunks. He always steals my shit. Cell, ipod, journal, purse. Anything. My whole family lives on this street except me. But its within walking distance. My oldest cousin Jack, who was 28, and his son, who was 2, were playing basketball, trying to teach Jimmy, his son, how to shoot. I laughed as Jimmy made it not even CLOSE to the basket. I walked in.

"Hey Jack."

"Oh. Hey Jay. Andrew what's up?" He asked breathless.

"Nothing really. Just walking Max."

"How's Mily?" Jack asked Andy. Andy rolled his eyes.

"I broke up with her."

"Good. I hated her. I'd have hated it if you lasted with her to Christmas." We all laughed except Jimmy who dropped the ball and ran over to max. When Max was sitting Jimmy was as tall as him. We all laughed.

"Hi Jimmy."

"Hi Auntie Jay." He said hugging me. I picked him up.

"How are we?"

"We is good." I laughed.

"That's good." I kissed his cheek then set him down.

"Wanna try something since daddy's teaching you wrong." I said picking up the ball.

"What?" He followed me.

"It's called a granny shot."

"That is NOT how you play basketball." Jack said.

"Jack he's two." I said.

"But hes-"

"Two." I said and handed him the ball. "Now go like this." I held the ball like he was then tossed an imaginary ball from my legs to above my head aiming for the basket. He did and it fell in. "Told ya." I smirked at Jack. He stuck his tongue out at me.

"Luv ya cuz!" I walked over to Andy again. He smiled.

"Uh huh."

"When he's older you can teach him the right way." I said.

"Ah fine. You're right."

"And besides. They are fun and he always makes it in." I said watching him sink his 4th ball.

"Eh." He shrugged. TJ came jogging in.

"Hey sis. Jack what's up?" He asked hugging me. He had black hair that fell around his face the longest part was to his shoulders.

"Ew you're all wet." I pushed him away and wiped my hands on Andy. He scoffed.

"Yeah it's called sweat. You should try it sometime." Jack's cell rang and he walked off. I cuddled into Andy. I was kinda cold. "What's with you two?" TJ asked suspiciously.

"Erm. Noooothiiiing." I took a step to the side.

"Uh huh suuuureee." He got in my face.


"TJ we're dating. I think." Andy said.

"You think?"

"We're not so sure what happened. Basically we both like each other but I haven't asked her out yet. Though I sorta did."

"Soooo yes you are dating." TJ said laughing.

"Yeah I guess." Andy said smiling at me and helping me up. I had fallen over. TJ smiled.

"Took you long enough."

"Shut up." I said. Andy hugged me. "Alright well we're gonna go. See ya." I said kissing Jimmy's head and hugging Jack goodbye before walking off. Andy grabbed Max's leash.

"So what are WE doing Saturday?"

"My mom just informed me that we are going to our fathers."

"Aw hell. Great." I said resting my head on his chest. He nodded.

"Yeah." Tomorrow was Friday. I sighed. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm just thinking."


"Stuff. Don't worry." He kissed my forehead.

"Ok." We got to my house and put Max inside. We walked up to my room and flopped down on my bed. I had a futon as a bed, a tv with video games in front of it and a desk with a comp on the other side of the room with 2 small book shelves and 2 black bean bag chairs. I rested my head on Andy's shoulder.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. How could anything be wrong?" He smiled.

Saturday came and I woke up. I groaned and rolled on my stomach, pulling my pillow over my head. My cell rang.

"You have a death wish."

"Me? No I called for your wake up call." I groaned.

"I don't wanna go."

"You gotta."

"I'm tired."

"Wakey wakey or I come in and dump water on you." Andy said, sounding amused.

"Shut up." I groaned sitting up. I did wake up and changed into a pair of jeans and walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

"When is dad picking me up?"

"Same time Andy's father is." I groaned. Andy knocked on the door.

"It's open!" I yelled. He came in and wrapped his arms around my neck from behind me kissing my temple.

"Hey." We both said at the same time. I laughed and went back to breakfast. He sat down behind me. "Ready?"

"You can answer that because it's the same as yours."


"Exactly." About an hour later he walked out and to his house, my dad showed up. I kissed Andy's cheek and got in the car as he jogged down the street. I sighed and buckled up.

"Hey sweety. How are you?" I looked a lot like my dad than I do my mom. He has back hair, and has the same build as I do. I get my eyes from my mom, and my personality.

"I'm fine dad."

"Was that Andrew?" He glanced in the mirror where Andy was.

"Yeah why?"

"Wow. He grew." I laughed.

"Yeah in the few months I guess." He chuckled. "What are we doing today?"

"I have to run some errands." I nodded. "Then we can go to the movies." I groaned. My dad had the WORST taste in movies. He laughed. "You can pick."

"Ok." I said. My phone buzzed.

'hey baby Jay3' I grinned and typed,

'hey yourself…hows dad? Andy3' We changed our signatures yesterday.

'he hasn't hit me yet…so okay…hes not sober though…hows urs? Jay3'

'im glad he hasn't hit you but im not glad hes not sober…my dad didn't believe u were u…he said u grew… Andy3'

"Who are you texting?"

"Andy." I said out of habit.

"Andrew? Since when do you call him that?"

"Erm for a while he just doesn't really like anyone but me calling him it." I said.

'lol hi jay's dad! Jay3'

"He says hi."

"Hello Andrew. What's with you two anyway?"

"What do you mean?"

"I dunno you just seem a lot closer." I blushed.

"We're kinda dating." I said. My dad smiled but said nothing.

'he says hi…and I just told him we're dating…Andy3'

'what'd he say? Jay3'

'nothing…he smiled…Andy3'

'that's a good thing…what are u 2 doing today? Jay3'

'hes running errands and then we r going to the movies…and its my pick Andy3'

'whatcha watchin? Jay3'

'I wanna see ghost town Andy3'

'aw man u suck I wanna see that! Jay3'

'maybe tomorrow we can go to the movies Andy3' It took him a little while to text back. I got worried and bit my lip while waiting for my dad to get back from shop rite.

'if I feel up to it Jay3'

'he hit u didn't he? Andy3'


'…Andy3' I had nothing to say. I was fucking worried sick now.

'baby don't worry I'm fine Jay3'

'r u kidding me?! Ur at ur dads…I cant help but worry for u…Andy3'

'baby listen to me…im fine…a few hours I'll be home safe in ur arms Jay3'

'is it safe to call you? Andy3'

'yeah…Jay3' I hit send and it rang.

"Baby you don't need to worry."

"Yes I do. I miss you like crazy right now and I'm worried. Where did he hit you?"

"He didn't exactly hit me. He threw me against the wall."

"Oh and that's so much better?" I rolled my eyes and hugged my knees.

"Honey listen to me." He said quietly. "I'm fine. It's normal I'll be fine. And this is how I look at it. In a few hours I'll be home safe and sound. And in your arms."

"Hell yes you will be." I said staring out the window at the sky. It was dark grey.

"It's alright sweety." He said.

"I miss you." I said, my bottom lip quivering. I bit it to keep myself calm.

"I miss you too baby. I'll txt you okay? I think I hear my dad getting up to come up here alright?"

"Alright. Bye." My voice cracked.

"Bye." He whispered softly, trying to comfort me, and hung up. I hit end. I had the new env. So did he. We both had black. My dad got in.

"You okay hun?"

"'m fine." I muttered staring out the window.

"What's wrong?"

"Andy goes to his dad the same time I go to you. His dad is abusive. So I worry about him."

"You have nothing to worry about hun. He can take care of himself."

"I don't like seeing him with bruises." I sighed.

"I wouldn't either. And I'm sure he would feel the same. Call him."

"I just did. He had to go his dad was coming upstairs. So he's getting hit again." I said. My dad hugged me. I sighed. He was a bigger version of TJ. I sighed as he started the car and pulled out.

'im fine Jay3'

'no ur not…he hit u again didn't he? Andy3'

'yes he did…but im fine Jay3'

'I want this day to be over…I wanna be home with you Andy3' Here come the water works again. I looked outside.

'I know baby believe me I know…I wanna be home with you too…ill be home by like 6. Probably earlier Jay3'

'-sigh- ok…I miss you a lot and im crying right now Andy3'

'-hugs- no crying aloud…I miss you a hell of a lot more than u miss me Jay3'

'I doubt that Andy3'

'I don't –nuzzles ur neck- Jay3' I smiled.

'-closes eyes and rests head on ur chest- Andy3'

'I cant wait until Christmas Jay3'

'random…y? Andy3'

'I want to see ur face when u see my present…I hope u'll like it…Jay3'

'what do u want for Christmas? Andy3'

'u Jay3' I giggled.

'u'll get me anyway…if I am assuming u mean time WITH me…I mean something I can buy and wrap Andy3'

'yes that's what I meant lol…as for that im not sure…I rly just want you to myself for the day…idc if we end up playing video games or surfing or w/e I just want to spend the day alone with you Jay3' I was blushing and my dad was laughing. I smacked his shoulder.

'but I wanna get u something…its stupid for me to not give u something…Andy3'

'I will be getting something though…change of subject cuz u'll get out of me what ur getting and u cant find out yet! U little minx Jay3' I laughed.

'lol :-p fine we're pulling into the movie theater now…Andy3'

"Can we see ghost town?"

"What ever you want to see." He said wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

'what I would GIVE to be there right now Jay3'

'im sry Andy3'

'don't be…just do me a favor alright? Jay3'

'anything Andy3'

'enjoy urself and don't worry about me…I'll see you at 6 alright…-kisses- Jay3'

'-kisses back- i will try to enjoy myself but I cant stop myself from worrying…I cant help it…I'll see you soon Andy3' I love him so much. It's hard not to type it. I wonder if it's the same for him. We went to the movies and sat down.

By the time we got home it was late and I was tired. I didn't even pay attention to the time. I looked at the drive way. Mary's car was there. Omg Andy's home! Mary's Andy's mom. My heart beat sped up and as soon as my dad had the car in park I was out of the car. I raced up the steps 2 at a time and ran inside. Andy was laying on the couch, soda in hand, with the remote in the other.

"Head's up!" TJ yelled as I sped at him and launched myself onto him. He grunted, half in pain, half in surprise. "I warned you." He wrapped his arm around my waist, setting his soda down. I buried my head in his shoulder.

"Oh god I missed you." I said, a fresh batch of tears making their way down my cheeks.

"I missed you too baby." He kissed my temple hugging me tighter. I didn't wanna look for damage. It would hurt me more than him. He rubbed my back.

"How long have you been home?"

"About an hour. I wanted you to have your fun." He whispered softly in my ear. My body relaxed.

"You're an idiot."

"I know." He laughed softly hugging me tighter. I lifted my head to meet his gaze. He smiled and kissed me. It was actually the first time he kissed me. He's done the –kisses- over txt but this was real. And I knew what it felt like. Fireworks, sparks, all of that. My head spun. TJ jumped on us.

"Nng TJ you asshole!" I shouted.

"You two were having too much fun." Andy's face was contorted in pain as his hands gripped the closest thing to them, me. His nails, short and chewed, dug into my back. Enough to leave marks.

"TJ get off." I said my eyes not leaving Andy's.

"I'm comfy."

"TJ now!" I said as Andy's nails dug harder as TJ shifted. I elbowed TJ and he grunted and rolled off. I lifted my weight off Andy. His hands loosened.

"Fuck you TJ!" He grunted rolling onto his side, away from me. I saw his whole back covered in bruises, as he curled into a ball. His left eye was bruised too.

"Oh my god Andy."

"I'm fine." His voice was strained.

"And I'm the queen of England." I whispered sitting down to brush the hair from his face. "I'm sorry."

"Your weight didn't hurt." He said through his teeth. "TJ's a fat ass though." I smiled. TJ kicked the couch. I kissed Andy's temple.

"Come on let's go upstairs." Every "father" day he slept at my house, and we weren't gonna change that. I helped him up, letting him drape his arm around my shoulder and helped him upstairs, as best as I could without touching his back. He kept 2 sets of pjs here and a few changes of clothes. I helped him sit down on the futon.

Hi everyone...I hope you enjoy this...I'm new here so please be patient...but I'm not new at writing I've been writing for 3 years. This story is the first I finished but I'm rewriting it. I hope you enjoy and PLEASE REVIEW!! Extended previews to anyone who reviews! promise!

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"How long have you loved me?"