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Fallen Angel

Chapter One: Pain

The man of my nightmares walked into my cage, my cell. "Demon," I hissed at him pouring all my hatred and self-righteous fury into a glare I shot his way. "Heaven shall smite thee!" I spat at him as he walked closer. His chuckle sent shivers of ice down my spine.

"But my little angel, don't you forget something?" He asked sarcastically with a smirk. I longed to wipe that look off his face and my hands fought against their bonds of blood and iron. "Don't you remember that you have been forsaken, my lovely pale Fallen Angel?" His hand held my face up and I snarled as he said his name for me, the name for what I was; Fallen Angel.

"You shall suffer a thousand deaths, creature of the night! And I shall give you each one!" I growled between bared teeth.

"I look forward to it," he sneered. I snapped at his hand and of course missed. He drew back his hand and slapped me. The chains around my wrists rattled as I fell against the wall. The slap made my eyes water and the tears dripped from my eyes to water the cold stone floor below me. He walked over and grabbed me by the scruff of my now tattered shirt, lifting me back to my feet. "If I have to, I will break you," he growled as he stared angrily into my angry hazel eyes that tried to mask their fear.

"Just try it!" I snarled. He smirked as he pulled his fist back and punched me in the gut. Thus began the worst beating of my life that I could do nothing to stop.

I was in a fog of agony. Every time I moved something in me screeched in pain demanding that I remain still. Fever set in after the third time he came to my cell and gave me the worst beating I ever had after the previous. We Fallen Angels were never meant to last long and this continuous beating was doing me no good. I wished for death but it alluded me. I was forsaken and had no reprieve. My mind wandered in the heat of the fever and I relived the horrible events that led to this sickening predicament.

I once had my own child to look after and care for. I was a Guardian angel. My record was spotless untarnished and long. Until the day I let my charge die before her time. It was an accident every one knew it. I had become too lax in my watchfulness to lenient in my search for danger and she was hit by a car. Accidents, while not purposeful still have their consequences and mine had to be the harshest of all. My charge died when she was but ten years old, the record for the youngest guarded child to die ever. I wept those bitter tears again as she was rolled away to a morgue in my memories and as I was Sentenced by the Justice Council to become a Fallen Angel bereft of so much that it was to be an Angel. Stripped of most of my magic, a process that leaves black streaks on feathers and feels like your being flayed alive, I was left to my own devices among the mortals, and the demons that prey on them.

That was how I fell prey to this monster, which haunts my every waking moment.

My magic was nearly useless leaving me weak and without defense and I was cast out near this demon's doorstep. I was something he could not pass up, an opportunity to shame my race, an opportunity to punish me for what he had to go through by other angel hands. He found me broken and unconscious and when I woke up it was to see the walls of a cell with my hands chained to the walls of the little room with the demon staring down at me, hate in his eyes. He had done nothing but stare with all the hate he could muster and if he had lasers instead of eyes I would have been seared threw.

The first beating was received the second day of my captivity when I had refused to offer a reason for being near his house. He thought I was some sort of spy I guess. The second was the next week when I refused to give my name. And this continued on for two months. I could only tell the passage of time because every week he would come to my room and pummel my once strong body for information he wanted though I never gave in.

Then had come a meeting I wished soon after had never happened. His hatred had somehow turned to lust and desire. He demanded that I make free of my body with him. I had been shocked and mortified. He promised that I would be let free if I let him take his pleasure. I of course refused, though it was painful to be so close to freedom and yet unable and unwilling to pay its price, and got the worst beatings I had ever received from him.

My fever finally broke and I came back to myself and out of the horrible memories of the past painful months of rejection, excommunication, pain, and fear. But I did not wake where I thought I would, in the cold cell, but in a far different place. It was warm, almost shockingly so after being so long in the cooler climate of a stone cell. I was no longer laying on the hard stone floor either but a soft bed. And I was not alone.

My eyes snapped open when a cool hand glided over my bare chest. The demon was leaning over me, red eyes intently staring into my shocked hazel eyes. In a flurry of movement I had managed to roll out of the bed, land on my feet and was in something resembling a fighter's crouch, staring defiantly at the bastard with my wings out and slightly unfurled. The demon just looked amused at my sudden departure as he slowly got off the bed and languidly walked over to me not breaking eye contact. "I will not hurt you," he whispered not two steps from where I was cornered between wall and bed, "But I will have you eventually." The last was only a throaty purr.

Suddenly a wave of nausea and dizziness made my legs weak and I almost fell but he caught me easily with a chuckle. "You shouldn't be out of bed my little angel. You're still recovering from the fever," He stated as he laid me on the bed. I didn't protest as he did so because I knew I wasn't able to stand just then though my mind was screaming at me to get the hell out of the room that had convenient access to a bed.

"You are the one who did this to me," I managed to mumble with my eyes closed against another wave of nausea.

"But that was before I saw the error of my ways," he purred again as he pushed lightly damp hair from my face.

I scoffed. "Right. You wouldn't change your way unless I had something…." I trailed off realizing what he wanted and what he would get if he had it.

"That's right my little angel," the endearment rankled my nerves, "I realized that not only are you an angel but a virgin at that." My eyes flew open in horror. He let the silence stretch while we stared at one another. "The problem is, with you being a virgin angel and all, is that you have to be willing to give it up to the person who will gain the power. If I take you unwillingly the powers will just fade away and then no one could have it." He moved to whisper into my ear, I was too frozen in horrified shock to move. "I will have you, my lovely fallen angel. And you will give yourself to me willingly," he whispered seductively.

"Not a chance," I managed to say through the fear and anger that washed through me. He only chuckled.

"Oh you will. You will. I will see to that," he said as he walked away. I heard the door shut. The fear swelled up as his words echoed through my head. I swore vehemently to myself that he would never lay hands on me, ever. I curled up on my side and wondered how he had been able to tell that I was still a virgin, though I was far from innocent. I had seen plenty of people having sex before especially since some of my charges had seemed to live for it. But I had wanted someone I cared for and who I loved to give it to. No one I had ever been around had seemed like the right person so I decided against any dalliances like many of my friends had had among one another.

It had been odd that an angel that had lived for so long was still a virgin. I was 1,235 years old, though now that I had no magic I felt younger then I ever had in my life. Younger and so alone. Tears welled up in my eyes at that thought. None of the female angels that had been interested in me had ever been the person I wanted and all of my male friends had never really been close because they had always looked up to me and my spotlessly clean record, which I would never have again. Now I was a captive to this demon and would never be free. The tears fell then and I cried myself silently to sleep.

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