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Chapter Eleven: Engagement What?

On the day of Rin and Lia's engagement party, the whole mansion was in an uproar. Imps ran their feet off their legs in an inspiring effort to keep up with the schedule laid down by the fiancée demoness. Rin stuck by his soon-to-be-wife's side like a prickly bur while Fey and Lia discussed last minute details and I hid in my room.

The evening arrived swiftly and I decided to halfheartedly throw something halfway fancy looking on. That meant pants. I still hadn't gotten any shirts. Stupid demons.

I opened the door and cautiously looked out into the hallway hoping I wasn't about to get run over by a hasty imp intent on fetching this or that. But, I was in luck; the hall was empty and I crept to the study door.

I swear I wanted to go into the study just to get my book so I could read it and pretend that no engagement party was going on……Okay so I was deluding myself because I knew Rin would be in there and I hoped he'd be alone so I could try and tell him that his fiancée was going to try and kill him.

Rin was in his study alone just as I'd hoped. He was leaning on the front of his desk completely obsorbed in fixing his lace cuffs. He was wearing what looked like an eighteenth centry French nobleman outfit of a beautiful dark red and black that set of his hair and eyes to perfection. I sighed and he looked up.

"You're really going to do it? This engagement thing?" I asked quietly walking slowly to the place I'd last left my book. When I looked on the table where I'd thought I'd left it, it wasn't there.

"Of course I am. Why would you even ask that?" RIn said reprocfully. I looked up at him then at his desk and saw that my book was sitting there. Had Rin been reading it?

"I don't know. I just thought you weren't like that," I whispered as I went for the book.

He shrugged and went back to fixing his sleeves. This was my chance to say something. I took a deep breathe then let it out. "I have something to tell you," I whispered. I was looking down at the battered old book I'd been reading, a handwritten copy of William Shakespere's Much Ado About Nothing, which may well have been the original copy, so I didn't have to look him in the eye as I said the horrible thing to him.

"What?" he asked.

"The twins…LIa…she's not what you think…I mean she has this plan," I said.

Rin snorted. "What? A plan to take over the world? That's kind of normal for demons."

"No…well yes. I guess it is taking over the world." I still couldn't look at him nor could I out right tell him. I was a coward.

"Then everything is fine," he said happily. I growled inwardly. How could everything be fine? His fiancée was planning on killing him, I just found out I L-liked him and he was completely clueless.

"No it's not," I whispered under my breathe anger starting to bubble at Lia and RIn. One for her evil plans and the other for his lack of observance.

"What was that Deren?

"Everything is not fine," I growled looking up at him finally. Nothing was fine and it would never be fine!

"Of course—" he started to say reassuringly when I did something even I didn't expect.

I grabbed him by the jacket and slammed him onto his desk as I fixed him with my gold eyes. I shouted in his face, "You shouldn't be with her!"

He showed his utter surprise at being flung onto a desk and then being yelled at by an irate fallen angel. "Why not?"

"Because!" was the only answer my anger filled mind could supply.

In the silence that followed this, Rin composed himself. His face dropped the surprise and put the sardonic cool face back on which he now looked up at me with. The crimson eyes were molten. "You'll have to have a better reason than that Deren."

I closed my eyes so I couldn't see him as I released his jacket from my crushing grip. "Because…" I said softly, all my anger gone as suddenly as it had appeared, "I lo—"

The door swung open, "There you are Rin! I've been looking all over for you," Lia said gaily as she swept in, gown fluttering like butterfly wings in her wake. She stopped sensing the tension in the air and seeing me nearly ontop of Rin, "Oh, did I interrupt something?"

I'd almost said it. I looked from her to Rin then back again. "No, you didn't," I said in defeat as I stepped away from Rin who got of the desk and began fixing his jacket again. Had I really been about to say what I thought I was saying?

"Well, then," Lia seemed taken aback by the tone of voice I'd used and from the situation she'd found us in. She shook it off though and held out her hand to Rin, "Come darling, or you'll be late to your own party."

Rin tucked her arm under his, and with, "We'll continue this discussion later Deren," he walked out the door. Yes, we certainly will….when I know what I was trying to say.

I watched from the staircase landing as Rin, Lia and Fey walked out the front door and into the garden party which celebrated the beginning of the end for Rin and felt empty.

I couldn't pretend anymore. I couldn't tell myself that I didn't know when it was finally perfectly clear to me. I should have told Lia that she had interrupted something. I should have made her leave the room and told him. I leaned against the wall. Why was it so hard to say a feeling out loud? I slid until I was sitting with my head in my hands. Why didn't I say it? Why? Why? Why…..

But why couldn't I go tell him now while I actually wished to say it? Why wait until later? Why not unmask the twins before the guests so everyone will know what they are? That's it! That's what I'll do! I flung myself up and ran to the door and flung it open and stared at what lay beyond the door.

It was a massive green house. The ceiling looked to be three stories up and was large enough to house an extensive garden with huge fountains by what I could see. I was slowed in my search by the throng of people walking about the gardens in their eighteenth century garb. I tried to weave threw the crowd but found that I couldn't find Rin. I backed off until I was in a less populated area. I unfurled my wings and jumped towards the high ceiling which was illuminated by the nearly full moon.

I scanned the lit ground for the red haired Rin and the two matching women. I spotted the three standing near a beautiful fountain with a statue of an entertwined couple.

Rin and Lia were kissing.

I shrieked like a hunting hawk and dove towards the two. Demons turned their faces upwards and Rin shoved Lia away from my crash course with her body. The air from my wings kicked up the dust as I landed heavily; the ground cracked under the stress of the impact meant for Lia.

When the dust cleared, I stood with my back to Rin, hands held like claws, wings flung out in defense, and eyes glaring murder into Lia.

"Stay away from him," I hissed at Lia.

"Why should I?" Lia hissed back

"Because!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

"That's not an answer my pigeon," Lia said contemptuously with a dash of derisive laughter.

I opened my mouth and shut it again. Cowardice assailed me again. What would he say after I told him? Would he laugh at me, since he seemed to like this woman now?

Lia laughed again, "What? Demon got your tongue? You can't even come up with an answer, you miserable excuse of an angel."

Her words lashed out and I snapped back, "Because I love him you bitch and you're going to kill him!"

There was a stunned silence after my words, and I realized that this confrontation, and confession, had a very interested audience.

"Deren, what did you say?" Rin asked in what sounded like disbelief.

I didn't turn around for fear of letting Lia out of my sight, "I…love you and she's going to kill you."

I waited to hear his mocking laughter but all I heard was, "Finally," from Lia of all people as her face broke out into a huge smile. Startled by her word I turned around and saw Rin's ecstatic face and to my complete astonishment Lia and Fey stood there beaming at me.

What the hell?

Lia and Fey made the crowd around us go back to dancing and drinking as Rin stepped toward me. "But…I thought…what the hell?" I asked Rin in bewilderment.

"I thought I would try jealousy to make you confess your love for me, and it worked," Rin said benignly. Anger flared. It had all been a God damn plan!

Lia and Fey walked over still smiling happily. "Just to let you know, Deren, Rin and I aren't actually engaged, this party is actually to celebrate Karunin, our new year," Lia bubbled.

I just stared at her then back at the still extatic Rin then at Fey then back to Rin where my gaze settled blisteringly. "I'm…going…to…kill…you," I hissed as I stepped towards Rin between each step. He started to back away, face falling ever so slightly as he finally realized he'd pissed of the once archangel, but I snagged his jacket again and yanked until we were face to face. "You are going to pay for everything you have ever done to me," I snarled as I watched a tinge of fear seep into his eyes.

Then I yanked him closer still so I could crush my mouth to his.

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Chapter Twelve: Payment

He was too startled at first to respond but quickly enough he responded by admitting my tongue to his mouth so it could explore every inch it could reach. Our tongues battled for dominance while my hands went to his beautiful red hair as his went south down my chest.

One of the twins cleared her throat and we broke off the heated kiss before it could get too R rated for the party goers, not that they would have minded I'm sure. I knew I was flushed from the heat our exchange had caused and I saw that RIn was too. He was smirking as well. "What?" I demanded to know what he was so happy about.

"If that was making me pay for just making you say you love me, then I'd love to see what I'm getting for everything else," he nearly purred.

"Good. I'm sure you'll hate it," I growled. We very nearly went back to kissing but the twins cleared their throats again and very pointedly looked about. Our audience was back. I turned red like a tomato and tried to look anywhere then at the people surrounding us.

Rin gently lifted my chin to force my eyes to his. "Who cares about them. You were so beautiful in your anger. It was like seeing an archangel in all his fury," Rin's eyes had gone molten burgundy.

"I was an archangel before…," my voice trailed off. Rin just smiled sadly and knowingly at my unfinished answer and kissed me again in front of all those nosy people.

Finally I had admitted to him and to myself. I knew I loved him even though I knew I couldn't and wouldn't forget about the near death beatings he'd given me or all those other things he'd done. They just didn't matter as much to me anymore since he'd never get the chance to do that to me again.

The party dwindled to a close shortly after midnight since all he couples wanted to go home to celebrate the demon new year in private. Fey and Lia were invited to stay but just looked at us knowingly and declined the invitation. Once again it was just Rin and me in the mansion. And of course the imps.

When all the guests had left Rin looked down at me, "Will I be getting my punishment now or later?" He said it lightly but he was giving me a choice. The choice to have sex with him.

"Hmmm…" I looked him up and down as if contemplating me decision, which I wasn't even though I was nervous. "I think now is good."

He grinned and walked up the stairs so fast he was half dragging me up the three flights to his room. "Strip," I ordered voice like a whip as soon as the door closed behind us.

He smiled seductively as he started unbuttoning his dark red jacket. He took it off to reveal a black silk shirt with lace on the cuffs and at the throat. He started to slowly unbutton the shirt revealing more and more of his mouthwatering chest. He was musclular but not overly so and his skin was light colored but not pasty or ghostly white. I was practically drooling. His hands slid down his hips and then past them as he pulled off his pants.

He stood before me completely naked and my eyes traveled from his chest to below his waist. He was very well endowed. I closed my eyes in a moment of panic which I tried to quickly shove away. "Deren," Rin said softly and I shivered at the word, "If you don't want to we don't have to."

I shook my head and steped close enough for our heat to mingle. I trapped his face in my hands and brought him down for a kiss. It was sweet and tentative, he didn't want to push to hard and scare me off. I smiled and deepened the kiss. He grabbed my hips and rubbed our growing erections together just a bit as I moaned into his mouth. We only broke off when we needed to breathe.

"I want you," he all but whined and I laughed.

"I don't think I can tell." I yelped as my statement caused him to throw me onto his bed. He attacked me with butterfly kisses across my collar bone and down my chest. His hands gently tugged the pants I was wearing off. I hissed as my erection met cooler air then gasped as he nipped at a nipple. I bit my lip and tried not to moan at every movement of his hands that sent shivers rippling threw me.

"No need to be silent Deren," he whispered huskily. A small moan escaped my lips as his fingers slid up the inside of my leg and caressed my inner thigh. So close and yet so far from the aching dull burn of my groin. He whispered, "Open your eyes," into my ear, "I won't hurt you."

I opened them, realizing I'd shut them awhile ago, and saw his face framed by his burgundy hair. His eyes trapped mine in a smoldering gaze that brought heat to my face and to my groin. Eyes still locked, he moved his hands over my body starting at my collar bone and sliding over every inch down to my waist. When his hands reached my waist he dropped his eyes as he bent down and took a nipple between his teeth. I gasped as he bit and sucked sending shivers down my spine.

A strangled whimper escaped my lips when a hand slid down to cup my length. He trailed his tongue down my chest until he was kneeling over my hips and staring at my erection. His eyes caught mine again as he reached out and slid his hand along my shaft. I moaned and I would have bucked if he hadn't held me down. My previously useless arms reached out to him but he stopped them in mid reach, trapping my wrists.

He moved as he forced my arms above my head causing our erections to meet. I whimpered at the contact of hardness to hardness and he grinned mischievously as he ground our hips together. I bucked wildly gasping and whimpering at the torment. He licked several fingers as I watched in a haze of desire need and fear at what was still to come.

He spread my legs wider with his knees, hooking them over his hips, and pushed two fingers slowly into me. He waited until I was relaxed and slightly comfortable, though it felt strange, then moved his fingers in a scissoring stretching manner that had me grabbing the sheets and thrusting to meet his fingers.

He chuckled at my whimper as he pulled his fingers out without any form of release. He grabbed my hips and I felt his erection at my entrance and then he plunged in, forcing himself in as far as it would go in one movement as I gritted my teeth and gripped his shoulders hard enough to make them bleed as my nails punctured threw skin. He halted when he was completely inside of me and didn't move. He was waiting for something.

God, that had hurt. I tried to not think about how much it was going to hurt tomorrow. But it was starting to not feel as weird as it had and I had a growing need. I arched against him wishing and wanting for more. "Please," I whimpered breathlessly. His lips crashing down onto mine in a bruising kiss was my only answer as he pulled out and plunged back in. My moans were swallowed by his mouth as our bodies rocked together and our rhythm increased.

The pleasure continued to mount until I could feel nothing but the sensations chasing themselves threw my body like a wild fire. My nails raked his back trying to pull him farther into me, seeking a way to join not only our bodies but our souls. His hand fell to my shaft which was painfully hard now, and rubbed up and down. My release finally came like an explosion in my mind and my entire body. I cried out his name as he released as well filling me with his liquid. He collapsed and was finally still.

I lay under him; his head on my chest, breathing so hard it was almost sobs. A cold feeling washed through me and my back arched a little as a faint light emanated from my skin and a distant voice came from my own throat. "I grant the power of a single wish to you Rin, son of the Demon Lord, Prince of Darkness. What is it you wish?"

He moved above me so he was staring into my face. "I wish to make Deren love me forever and always. I want him; body and soul as I want him to want me. I want his love like I grant him mine. I want him to feel whole as I do when I am with him," Rin said quietly.

"So you have asked, so your wish shall be fulfilled," the distant voice echoed as it faded away. The glow from my skin shone brighter and brighter until it was so bright it was blinding. I shut my eyes and fell into unconsciousness.

I woke to myself slowly and had to blink several times to make my eyes focus on the red painted ceiling. It was several minutes before I realized I wasn't alone in the bed. Rin was next to me still sleeping, face smooth. I was entranced by his sleeping face and how beautiful he looked. I got out of the bed and quietly found my pants jumbled in a heap way across the room where Rin had thrown them and put them on. I looked back at the bed as I opened the door and went outside.

I slumped against the wall and slid to the floor. I had paid his price last night, I remembered that much, but the rest was hazy. All I could remember was his face then a blinding light. What did that mean? Was that when he demanded his power? What had he asked for? I sighed in frustration at the missing pieces and got up. I walked slowly to the stairwell room trying to remember. My wings come out as I jumped onto the banister. I flew to my nook and squeezed behind the gargoyle. I needed to think and at least try to figure out what he had wished for.

I was only there for ten minutes when I heard Rin's voice call my name, "Deren? Where are you?" It sounded worried. I moved around the statue and saw him standing at the railing looking down at the floors below. I jumped into open space and caught myself on my wings before I fell too much. For some reason, as I glided over to him, my heart began to lighten and when he looked up at me and smiled, I couldn't help but smile back.

His smile turned into an awed expression as I landed lightly next to him. His hand reached out and touched a wing. "They're white…" he said in shock. I frowned in puzzlement. I moved a wing into my line of vision and froze.

There wasn't a single black feather on any part of my wing. I couldn't believe it. I reached out and touched it myself, they were real, and I could feel the feathers under my fingertips. My sight blurred. "What? How?"

Strong arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. "I can't believe it actually worked," Rin said in elation.

"What worked?" I asked my eyes still blurry.

"My wish! It worked," he said as he let me go and held me at arms length.

"Your…wish?" I seemed only able to parrot his words.

"Yes, my wish," he said in an entirely different tone from before. It was husky and made a shiver race up my spine. He leaned down pulling my face to his and kissed me. I responded immediately and I understood what he had wished for. I could no longer leave, but I no longer wanted to. I was whole in body but if I left I would not be whole in mind. I was his and he was mine. I was an angel who loved a demon and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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