I wrote this for English class. I had to write about something that happened to me and I choose this. Please enjoy.

Love of History

I paused for a second in the quiet hallway of my high school just before the end of third period. For me gym class was boring and not at all important except for the fact that it was one way to get in some exercise. Really I am no athlete. I am a writer, a history buff, and a student. There was no way that sports were going to fall anywhere important in my life.

Anyway, I had finally finished gym class, another day of running around the track and playing some sports game. Now, I was about to enter the good parts of the day, history and English, at last. Before the bell rang I thought about what my teacher, Mr. Rollins had said we were going to be doing today, the battle of Gettysburg which takes place during the Civil War in the year 1863. Since school had began almost a month ago I had been looking forward to this day because this battle is the battle that got me into loving history in the first place. My mind was filled with dead generals and officers including John Buford, Lo Armistead and Joshua Chamberlain. I hoped that that day I would be able to hear what my teacher thought was important about them.

The sound of a bell rang through my ears and I jumped and headed towards the stairs excitement filling every last centimeter of my body. I pretty much dashed up the two fletes of stairs and into my classroom where I sat breathless waiting for class to begin, which it did minutes later.

The class started with day one of the battle, the day when John Buford held the heights just outside the town of Gettysburg until union reinforcements arrived. Mr. Rollins was talking about how these troops these troops saved General Buford when all of a sudden he stopped talking, trying to remember the name of the general commanding these fresh troops. As he thought the room seemed deathly quiet, but my mind was alive with activity because I know who the man was who saved one of my favorite generals, John Buford, from having to give up the heights to the confederates. I waited a few more minutes as my teacher muttered about how he had been shot in the head and how he had been killed. This only made me sure that I knew the answer. "General John Reynolds," I said quietly watching my teacher look at me in surprise.

"Yes Reynolds," he said before going back to teaching the lesson.

Also that day we covered the second day of the battle, the day that Joshua Chamberlain held off attack after attack on Little Round Top, the left flank of the union line. Mr. Rollins asked me if I knew what regiment Chamberlain commanded. As soon as he asked it I thought, of course I know! "The 20th Maine," I answered right away.

As soon as the words left my month someone in the back of the class said, "How does she know all that?"

"I don't know," Mr. Rollins answered, "But it is nice to know that someone in the class knows what we are talking about even though it is a little scary."

I light up inside, I had impressed one of my favorite teachers with my knowledge of history. Earlier in the year I had told him that I enjoyed the subject and that I had seen the movie Gettysburg, parts of which he showed us in class, but it wasn't until then that I had actually proven myself to be a history buff. I am sure that if you asked me a question about Gettysburg that I will be able to answer it.

Mr. Rollins, also forgot one other generals name that day. This man's name was Richard Garnett, who served in the confederate army, under Longstreet and Pickett. He took part in the famous battle on the third and last day of the battle, known as Pickett's charge and he never made it back. In class we were talking about this day and Mr. Rollins was telling us the name of all the generals that took part in the charge, Lo Armistead and James Kemper although when he got to the last name he had another memory lapse. "General Garnett," I stated calmly listening again to the class' surprise.

It was not long after that that the bell rang and class was dismesed for the day. I was sad that the class was over, it had been the best in the year so far and at last I felt that I had really impressed someone! Glowing all over and smiling to myself I headed towards my next class, 5th period, English, my other highlight of the day.