Title: Vian

Author: Dragonkat

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: This is all mine….mine I tell you…MINE...any resemblance to real people, etc is coincidental, this is just for my pleasure and hopefully yours.

WC: 5,986

AN: So this story was swirling around in my head for the longest time...more or less, it's a little different, some day I may come back and tweak it…I got inspired by the Animatrix. I was glad to find something (a contest on the Aarinfantasy forum) that got me inspired to finally put my thoughts down. I hope you enjoy it. It's un-betaed, but hopefully there aren't too many mistakes.

Warnings: masturbation, voyeurism, relations (sex) with a robot...you know, stuff like that.

Asita weaved through the dank alleyways of the underworld of mankind's great civilization. He glanced up into the darkness above, seeing sprinkles of light dotting the black-as-soot sky. But it was not stars Asita saw, it was the reflection of the human's world in their towering skyscrapers that stretched far into the heavens, a personification of mankind's now egoistic ways.

He paused in his journey when he came to the opening of the alleyway he traveled in, placing a hand on the cold steel wall beside him and glancing out to what greeted his gaze. Lines of robots traveled along the road, paying no head to their dank surroundings. A few paused to look at him in curiosity but none stopped to greet Asita, driven by their programming to complete the jobs their masters set for them.

None of them had a smile on their metal faces made in the image of their creators, even though they had all been given personality programming so they would be more personable and make their masters feel better about their amazing accomplishments. Bringing life to cold hard steel.

Asita watched it all for a while, hatred brewing in his heart for the men and women sitting high on their metal thrones, sipping wine and eating caviar, without a care in the world as everything, their every need and desire, was brought to them by these creatures, who were treated like the scum of the earth.

Human society had highly evolved over the many years of their existence on earth. After the third World War wiped out most of the human's population, mankind had a shift in mindset. Those surviving broke down the old ways of life and built a new civilization together in the parts of the world not devastated by their destructive war. Robots advanced and men used them to do the menial jobs of society, allowing all humans to stand on an even plane of living. For a while that way of life worked and things were good. And then things skewed and went sideways, society becoming corrupt once more. But instead of being prejudice against one another, mankind discriminated against robots and any person sympathetic to the machines…or those who could not fit into their rich ways of life.

"Well lookie here boys, seems a pretty little lamb has strayed from his flock," a nasty voice hissed.

Asita whipped around, clutching the single bag he carried to his chest, staring wide eyed at the four men coming towards him from deep in the alleyway. He had heard of men like these, who had been given no place in society above, abandoned to roam the dark world below. They were vultures who picked at the spoils of the wealthy, and Asita had just walked into the heart of a venue of them.

"Wanna play Princess," one of them spoke, obviously the leader of the small group, judging by the way he carried himself. He pulled out a silver knife, licking his lips as the group circled in around him. "Don't worry, we don't bite too hard."

Asita was trapped and his head whipped around, furtively trying to find a means of escape. The walls around him were solid metal, flat and shining without any hand or foot holds for him to climb, and the authority of humans didn't reach this far down into the depths of society, so there were no policemen around to hear his cries. It was over for Asita, he had come all the way down here, abandoning his previously rich life style, to help these robots. But before he could even start his work he was going to be ripped apart by these men. In a last ditch effort he swung his bag around, smacking two in the head while kicking out his leg, nailing the leader where the sun don't shine.

Those he hit shouted in outrage and Asita took advantage of their momentary shock to make a break for the road at the end of the alleyway. Unfortunately there was one vulture he didn't manage to stun and that man managed to trip him up just as he reached the end. Asita fell hard, crashing into the concrete ground, bag tumbling out into the road. He cried out as hands grabbed him, dragging him back into the darkness.

"HELP," Asita screamed, one hand not scrapping along the ground for a non-existent hand hold reached out towards the multitude of walking robots.

For a moment nothing happened and Asita feared this was the end. He wailed in pain a heartbeat later when he felt the knife the leader carried shoved into his abdomen. At that sound nearly all the heads of the robots turned and instead of walking away like Asita assumed they would, he watched through tear filled golden eyes as the machines quickly came towards the alleyway. Asita was released and he collapsed to the ground in agony, curling up and holding his bloody side. He heard the shuffling of feet, and the shouts of the men that attacked him. But all Asita focused on was the cold, but extremely gentle hands that grabbed him, scooping up his injured body and carrying him away from the alleyway. He looked up into the pale shining face of the robot who rescued him, opening his mouth in an effort to say 'thank you' but he passed out cold before a sound passed his lips.

Asita woke up cold.

He gasped as when he cracked open his eyes he was assaulted with intense white light. He realized he was naked, covered only in a flimsy, rough sheet on top of a flat and cold metal table. Asita squeezed his eyes, groaning quietly as he finally became aware of his body and his surroundings. He felt a dull throb in his lower right side, where he remembered being stabbed by that vulture. His body ached with cold and hunger. He heard the soft beeping of machines around him and Asita finally decided to brave opening his eyes once more.

He was in a small room, old and out of date medical equipment surrounding him and covering the walls. He was attached to most of them, tubes and wires snaking across his body. Asita sighed, wondering where he was…but he wasn't scared. He had been saved by a robot…so he was safe. Because a robot could do no harm unless it was programmed to do so.

Asita closed his eyes again, sighing and dosing off in the cold room, his battered body exhausted. His eyes snapped open a while later, as the door to the little room hissed open and instead of seeing a robot, he saw an old man.

"Who are you," his strained voice asked, fear taking root again. He tried sitting up, crying out and clutching his side as pain set in.

A warm, calloused hand rested gently on his shoulder and he watched warily as the man laid him back down, tucking in the sheet covering him. "They call me the Mechanist. I live down here with the robots, repairing them and building my own inventions far from prying eyes."

The man's voice was deep and soothing and Asita relaxed, figuring if this man wanted to do something to him he would have already.

"May I ask who you are? Braxton, one of my robots, came back here carrying you, asking me to save you…because you were special…"

The two of them locked eyes, cool blue with heated gold. "I'm Asita," he whispered. "I came down here…well to do what you do, I suppose."

"Ah," that one little sound carried great understanding and curiosity from the Mechanist, but Asita was too tired to ask any more questions, to figure out what was going to happen and why that robot thought he was special.

"Sleep youngin'. I'll have Braxton move you to a warmer room. I just needed you here as I healed your wounds. You'll be sore for a couple of days but you're going to be fine," the old man said, resting his hand on Asita's chest and smiling at him.

Asita fell asleep then, eyes closing softly…hoping this was the beginning of his new life.

It was the beginning of his new life.

Five months later Asita had a home and a new job, caring for the robots along side the Mechanist.

Asita and the old man had bonded rapidly once Asita was healed and had started his new life. They worked side by side, exchanging conversation and making new friends in the mechanical beings forgotten by humans. They were similar, having lived in the upper levels of society for a long time before abandoning the farce to live a more difficult but meaningful life. The old man became a type of father figure, introducing Asita to the robots he had made and the inventions he created, opening up Asita's eyes even more to the truth of their decrepit world.

But even as they bonded Asita knew the man was hiding things from him. He didn't pry, but it didn't stop his curiosity from being perked whenever the Mechanist disappeared each evening into his bedroom which was also his private work space. After he had arrived the Mechanist seemed to dedicate more time to his own private works, probably because Asita was able to fix most of the robots that came to them needing repairs.

The shop the Mechanist had built in these lower reaches of the city was a place where out of date robots could get repaired. Most robots, when replaced by newer models where usually disposed of or fell into disrepair because none of the repair shops the humans ran up above would not cater to un-wanted machines. But the Mechanist gave the machines a new life. And over the man's many years in the underbelly of human civilization he had been helping out of date robots build their own community. Asita had been shocked to discover a city beneath the city of humans, where robots lived and worked together.

The mechanist said that when he had lived among the humans he had been one of the top designers for new models of robots, but after seeing how the older models were treated he rebelled, thus being cast out of the human world. Now the Mechanist worked to better the robots' lives and the help create new generations of robots.

Like Braxton. He was a robot made by the mechanist who had become a dear friend and protector of the old man. Asita warmed up to that particular robot very quickly, asking him questions he knew the Mechanist would never answer.

So one night Asita decided he would ask Braxton what the Mechanist was up to all the time behind that closed door. But before Asita could catch the robot he disappeared behind the metal door of the Mechanist's room. For a moment Asita stood there, pouting at the closed door like a child told off by their parent. Asita straightened up and went to the door, deciding tonight wouldn't be the night he was shut out yet again. He wanted to know what the mechanist was making.

And then Asita heard a faint moan.

He froze; hand on the door as he leaned in, eyebrows drawing together in curiosity as another moan sounded. He couldn't tell if they were moans of pain…or pleasure. But they just perked his interest even more.

What was the Mechanist hiding in there?

Asita grasped the handle of the door, slowly sliding it open, giving him enough of a crack to peak into the room. He gasped quietly at what he saw.

The Mechanist sat in a chair, probably the one he sat in as he built his inventions. He had a contraption in front of him. It was mechanized and moved slowly. Braxton stood on the other side of the room, bent over the table where it looked like a very advanced robot was being built. But Asita didn't focus on that for long. His eyes were glued to the machine…pleasuring the Mechanist.

The contraption sat on a U shaped base, with a shaft going up and a perpendicular one attached to the middle of that one. The metal arm was moving back and forth, a skin tone masturbator on the end, encasing the Mechanist's cock and stimulating the man's erection. It was a simple and crude machine, but it sure got the job done.

Asita quietly groaned, biting his lips and letting a hand trail down his torso to his rapidly hardening cock, whimpering at the soft contact. He hadn't thought about pleasure in so long. He had been so focused about escaping his former home unscathed and adjusting to his new life, that he hadn't thought about relieving some tension until now. He was turned on, hard in seconds. And not because of the man being pleasured but because of the machine doing the pleasuring.

Asita hadn't ever had intimate relations with others, because no one ever seemed up to his personal standards of perfection. So he had had to settle for his own methods of self pleasure, which had only been to take his hand and squeeze. He hadn't thought to build a machine to pleasure himself, one that could perform the acts of a lover without the glaring flaws humans usually had, like vanity and corruption.

He turned away soon thereafter, not wanting to be spotted.

Asita ran to his own room far down the hall from the Mechanist's and he quickly ducked in, panting and locking the door tight. He leaned his head on the cold metal, breathing deep as he reached into his pants and grabbed his cock, gasping and shuddering at the touch he hadn't felt in so long. He stroked himself for a few moments, hips rocking and sweat beading on his forehead. In his head he saw that machine…wondering if he could put a dildo on the end and let it fuck him senseless. He had always wanted to try that, even though he could never find a partner worthy enough to have his virginity.

He paused, as he thought about the machine. Asita reluctantly pulled his hand out of his pants, licking his lips in contemplations. He was smart, and he had seen enough of the contraption the mechanist had made to make one of his own. Asita grinned and turned into his room, going to the corner where pieces of hardware were recklessly stacked, waiting to be put together in an invention.

And what better invention than one that gave him ultimate pleasure.

So that's what Asita did, instead of finishing off his neglected erection he decided to save himself for his new machine. He worked tirelessly for days, piecing it all together. And after a week he sat back, smiling in triumph…until he realized a fatal flaw.

He didn't have a dildo to attach to the end.

Asita sighed, face falling as he sat back from is invention, drawing up his knees and resting his chin on top, huffing at his own stupidity. He had been so excited during the building process he didn't think about the key ingredient. Where was he going to get a dildo, the only place he could think of was back in the human world above…and there was no way Asita was going back there.

And then the amazing happened.

Braxton barged in, stared at him for a moment and then held out a package…and Asita was sure there was a mysterious glint in the robot's eyes. Braxton set the package down on his bed before turning back to the door. Just as he was leaving he said "That's a present from the Mechanist…he knew you would need it."

The door closed behind Braxton and Asita crawled over to his bed, tearing at the package, curious to what the present was. The Mechanist did this occasionally, giving Asita presents…almost like a devoted parent.

"OH MY…"

Asita held out what was in the package, golden eyes wide as saucers as he gaped at the present the Mechanist gave him. He didn't know how the old man knew. This wasn't exactly a standard gift a parent gave their child, right? He didn't know how to react to this.

His present…was a dildo.

A long, thick, fleshy dildo.

Asita stared at his closed door for a while, fingering the dildo…wondering how the Mechanist figured out he needed this. But after thinking about it for a while and frankly being a little freaked out by the implications of the gift he just shock his head and decided to give his machine a test run.

First Asita went to his door, hands shaking as he locked it. He returned to where he left the dildo, picking it up and holding it in his hands, fingers sliding up and down the sides in fascination, tracing the realistic veins, eyes wide and curious like a child with a new toy. And in a sense he was.

He ran to a little sink he had in the room, gently washing dildo, biting his lips as he felt the fleshy skin of the fake cock, his own hardening in response to the possibility of trying out his machine. When satisfied with the cleanliness of the dirty toy Asita retreated to his machine, gently grabbing it and pulling it towards the end of his bed, licking his lips as he adjusted the arms so it was at the right height. He grasped the dildo, slipping it onto the end of the horizontal rod, moaning quietly as it snapped into place, seeming to wave at him as he let go.

Asita stared at it for a moment before diving for one of the drawers beside his bed. He ripped it open, blushing as it clanged to the floor because of his eagerness in yanking it out of his bedside table. He reached in, rummaging around before whipping around in triumph, a tube of lubricant in his trembling hand, a bright smile on his face.

With one more glance to the door Asita stripped, tossing his long blank hair over his shoulder as he knelt at the end of his bed. He reached out, sighing as he coated the dildo with the lubricant, grabbing the machine with his other hand and pulling it closer. Asita's young body trembled, hands tracing over the smooth metal of the machine he made. He quickly grabbed the remote for his invention, lying back on the bed, legs spread wide.

Asita poured more lubricant in his hand, staring at the bland ceiling of his room, breath steadily being interrupted by pants as his hand snaked in between is legs. He gasped, trembling at the cool tough of his own fingers on his entrance, gently rubbing the substance in small circles over his puckered flesh, biting his lip at the sensation. One fingertip dipped in, causing Asita to jump a bit, wiggling his hips at the initial stretch.

But he was eager…he didn't want to wait. He gasped, back arching as he shoved his finger in deep, wiggling it, stroking his insides in such a deliciously sinful way. Another finger quickly followed, and Asita hissed at the intrusion, tossing his head back and groaning as he forcefully stretched himself, scissoring his fingers, splincher muscle burning at the rough stretch. He thrust another finger in, hips lifting off of his small bed as the pain mixed beautifully with the pleasure. Asita rubbed the tips of his fingers over the spot inside he had discovered some time ago that brought unbelievable rapture to his person, shuddering at the ball tingling spikes of pleasure that ran through his body at the light rubs of his fingers.

He continued his preparation, panting and shuddering on his bed, hips pumping. His free hand reached for his nipples, biting his lip to muffle a light scream at the light pinch. Asita rocked on his bed, fingers pumping in and out of his body, while his hand stroked his torso, occasionally pinching his pebbled nipples.

Then his fingers left his reddened hole with a squish, and he collapsed, panting for a moment. He blearily glanced down his body, seeing the glistening dildo pointing at him enticingly from the end of the bed. Asita groaned sitting up and scooting closer, one hand grabbing the discarded remote beside his body and the other grabbing hold of the dildo, slowly guiding it to his body.

Asita groaned as the dildo sank in, fillining his body more than he thought possible, a burning stretch that almost made him pull away. But his still heavy cock between his thighs said otherwise and he thrust down, head tossed back as he lay on his bed, legs spread with his knees pulled up to his chest. The hand that had guided the dildo inside of himself roughly grabbed the sheets he lay on, squeezing tight as he slowly adjusted to the large girth of the present from the Mechanist.

After a few moments his breathing calmed and the burning was just a warm throb now. Asita fingered the control in his other hand, biting his lip and slowly turning the single knob on the remote.

The little motor clicked to life and slowly the metal arm attached to the dildo slid backwards and then forwards about six inches on the vertical rod holding it in place.

Asita's back arched at the slow pull of the dildo out of his body and then the press back in, deliciously slow and sensual. He raised his arms above his head, gasping as the slow thrusts continued, grabbing the sheets above his head as his hips rocked in counterpoint to his machine, groaning as he was stimulated from the inside like he never thought possible.

Back and forth…back and forth. The dildo slid in and out…in and out, thick and hard and slick, rubbing him gently with each stroke. He clenched his muscles around it as it moved inside of him, moaning at the new sensation, a delightful dragging feel right across his prostate. Asita's head tossed from side to side, his own erection bobbing between his legs, balls drawn up tight in anticipation.

He fingered the remote, biting his lip as he turned the knob a little bit more, speeding up the pumps of his machine. The motor ran harder, just as Asita's heart beat faster at the new sensations, dark golden eyes rolling as his hips jerked at each thrust.

His thighs quivered, his breath caught, and his orgasm pooled warm and ready in his belly. Asita twisted his hips, groaning as his prostate was stroked roughly, a long drag against the sensitive bundle of flesh. He brought one hand down, fingers splayed as his hand crept down his stomach, gasping as he met thick curls but moaning as he met hard flesh. He grabbed his cock, hips pumping with the machine, hand moving up and down with the movements, squeezing rhythmically and rubbing roughly.

It was over after those first few touches. Asita screamed quietly, body going taunt, back arched impossibly as he coated his flesh with his own essence, quivering as his machine continued to fuck him even as his body trembled in the aftermath of his orgasm. The touches became too much after a while to his over sensitized body and he weakly dragged himself away, groaning as the pumping dildo left his body with a pop.

He curled up on his side, grabbing the remote again, turning off his machine with a quick twist of his finger. Silence rained in on his room as his invention shut down and he curled up tighter. Asita's body was light and airy after such an experience. Still…it would be nice to curl up with someone after such an intense event.

Three years to the day after Asita arrived bloodied on his doorstep, the Mechanist passed away peacefully in his sleep. It had been a long time in coming but it still left a resounding layer of grief of the inhabitants of the machine world.

Braxton was inconsolable, and ten days after the funeral he disappeared and Asita never heard from him again. It was sad, and left Asita feeling vulnerable, because he had no one to protect him from the vultures of the underworld, which had begun to circle his home after news of the Mechanist's death spread.

But it seemed the Mechanist had another gift for Asita, even in death. Ten days after he passed away Asita heard a noise behind his door. He had startled, looking around anxiously for any signs of forced entry. Finding none he lifted a trembling hand to the door, pulling out a gun he kept with him at all times now for protection. Asita thrust open the door, eyes wide; sweat beading on his forehead, fearful of what he would find.

And he came face to face with a robot.

The robot was beautiful. He had the build of a man, tall and lean, but he was smooth, artificial skin a milky white color. He had no hair anywhere on his body, skin perfectly flawless, head and groin bald. His skin was almost translucent, giving way to the advanced technology making up his core. His eyes were an exotic emerald color, similar to the eyes of the Mechanist. For all purposes he looked human, including a heavy cock nestled between his smooth thighs.

He must be the robot the Mechanist was working on in his spare time.

The robot stood in the middle of the room, looking around in curiosity, acting like he had just woken up. And maybe he had, maybe the robot was programmed to wake up at this time, after the Mechanist's death. The robot finally noticed Asita and recognition sparked in its mesmerizing eyes.

"You're Asita," it said bluntly, voice very human like considering it was made of nuts and bolts and not flesh and blood.

"Yes," he whispered, arms falling to his side in surprise and curiosity, gun loosely grasped in his hand. "Who are you?"

"I am Vian. The Mechanist's last creation. He made me to be as human as possible while still being a robot. He programmed me to wake when he was gone, so I could protect you Asita," it said, coming to him and looking him over, seeming to check for any injuries.

Asita felt relief flood him, a tear escaping his eye, gun dropping to the floor with a clang. He slumped over falling to his knees, hand covering his eyes as he cried. He had not shed a tear when the old man passed, or when Braxton left him. But he had been so lonely and scared, but because of the men and women circling him, waiting for him to slip up so they could tear him apart he had kept a strong face.

Until now…

He sobbed quietly, curling up on the cold floor. He gasped as strong, surprisingly warm arms wrapped around his torso, pulling him to a smooth chest. A hand threaded through his hair, stroking his scalp in an act of comfort and Asita completely let go.

Asita may have only just met the robot but he knew he could trust it. All robots were trustworthy, as long as it was in their programming. Not like humans who could change at any moment. No robots were safer…and this one gave Asita comfort he hadn't felt in so long. The two of them sat together on the floor for a very long time, Asita letting out all the inner turmoil he had been holding in, finding strength and support in this near stranger's arms.

Asita calmed after a while, gulping in air and wiping at his eyes. His face was grasped suddenly in Vian's hands and he gasped as the robot kissed him. Asita pushed at Vian's shoulders for a moment, unsure of the implications of this…but it felt so good. Vian's mouth, almost felt human, it was wet and soft and warm. How was this possible, robots had never felt this human…before.

And then Vian's tongue flicked over his own and he didn't care how this happened or why. All that mattered was the sparks of pleasure the robot invoked in him, something Asita's young and innocent body had never felt…but he longed for with a great need.

The next moments were so rushed. Asita was scooped up into Vian's arms and carried from the room, down the hall and into his own. He was dropped on his bed, bouncing a bit as he looked up at Vian. And then his eyes trailed down, realizing that Vian's cock was hard…like he was turned on…but that wasn't possible for a robot…was it?

Vian slowly climbed onto the bed causing Asita to scoot back as he tried to make sense of what was going on. "What are you doing," he asked; voice a half pitch higher than usual.

"I am comforting you," Vian stated softly, continuing to crawl towards Asita, hand reaching out.

"But…but…but you're a robot," he cried softly, falling onto his back as Vian pulled him forward by his ankle.

Vian looked over to the corner of his room and Asita followed his line of sight, seeing his small collection of machines he had built to pleasure himself. Asita blushed, waving his hand to ward of the implications. "That's different," he shouted, blushing under the robot's scrutiny.

Vian did not pause, just began neatly removing Asita's clothes, folding them and laying each piece aside. "How is it different," he asked, almost sounding curious.

"Because…because…you're treating me…like a…" Asita trailed off, hand shooting down to his groin to cover his groin, blush now a beet red stain on his face. "Those aren't alive like you are."

The robot cocked his head in a surprisingly sweet way, nodding after a moment as if deciding that was good answer. "Yes you are right. Still, the Mechanist wants me to protect you and comfort you, and to keep you from ever getting lonely," Vian said, hands pressing to Asita's chest lightly, sinfully smooth fingertips touching his heaving chest.

"What does that mean," Asita asked, voice a breathy moan as Vian's fingers touched places he didn't realize were sensitive.

"It means I am your lover Asita," Vian said, voice going deeper, like some voices did in passion, and Asita shivered because of the sound.

Asita was laid out as Vian spread his legs, exposing him for the robots cool eyes to see. For a robot Vian was very expressive in his face, his lips quirked at Asita's embarrassment, his eyes widened as he explored the young man's body and he flushed a bit when Asita raised a hand to touch the robot's smooth body.

Exploration of one another's bodies occupied the two for some time. Asita slowly got over his shyness, realizing that if the Mechanist made this robot for him then Vian was perfect. He would be the perfect guardian, friend…and lover.

Asita gasped, looking into Vian's eyes as the robot's long fingers dipped into the cleft of his ass. His eyes widened as he felt a cool, liquidly substance suddenly coated his entrance, Vian's fingers pressing in seconds later, spreading the lubricant inside him. Asita groaned, curling into Vian, clutching his hard shoulders tight as his eyes pinched shut at the unexpected feelings. Asita had prepared himself many times over the years, but this…this was different.

Having someone else touch him so intimately…made the feelings he had gotten used to new and exciting. When he thought Vian's fingers would curl one way they went another, causing shocks of pleasure to ripple through his body. Vian's other hand would pinch his nipple while his lips suckled on Asita's neck, fingers masterfully stroking him and stretching his entrance.

Asita trembled in Vian's arms, back arching, pressing his torso to the robot's as the pleasure built in his body. He lifted his legs, wrapping them around the robot's thin waist, trembling as he brought a hand down to touch Vian's erection. The robot's cock was thick and warm, and just so alive in his hand…a wonderful contrast to his small collection of dildo's, all inanimate and lifeless.

The heat was exquisite, their bodies warming one another. Asita could not believe the unexpected pleasure, how his body jerked at each new sensation Vian bestowed upon him, his body feeling like a virgin's, blushing and shy as Vian wormed sounds out of him Asita never knew he could make.

And then Vian groaned, pulling away from preparing Asita to grab the young man's thighs, thrusting them back, opening Asita wide to be plundered. There were no words of comfort, just an unspoken heated stare as Vian thrust in his impressive cock, filling Asita more than he could ever remember. Asita's back arched, pressing into the robot that leaned over him, hands gripping the bed sheets in a white knuckled grip, gasping and panting at the delicious stretch.

But Vian didn't give him time to recover. The robot just moaned quietly, leaning over Asita, hips rocking back and forth, dragging his cool cock over the sensitive walls of Asita's body. Vian shuddered above him, eyes lidded, mouth agape. Their eyes locked and the robot leaned down, mouth fixing over Asita's kissing the man gently, sweetly…lovingly.

"I didn't know it could feel this way," Vian moaned against his lips, hips thrusting back and forth in a languid motion, seeming in no rush for the end.

"Neither did I," Asita whispered, tongue peaking out to lick at Vian's realistic lips, shuddering at each pleasurable slide of the robot's cock against his prostate.

It went on for what seemed like hours. Vian varying the speed and strength behind his thrusts unlike what Asita's machines or any human could do. Vian pleasured him without tiring. He switched their positions each time after Asita came, changing the way he pleasured the young man. Sometimes he took it slow and loving, spooned together on the bed. Another time he fucked Asita roughly on top of his desk, sweeping away the machine parts for a clear surface.

And then Vian showed how unique he was as a lover. One time he held Asita in his lap…and his cock started vibrating like on of Asita's favorite toys, stimulating the man even more as he thrust in and out, holding Asita tight. Another time Vian's cock swelled inside of Asita as he held him against a wall, and he discovered his robot could be whatever size he was in the mood for, large or small.

What a wonderful new toy the Mechanist left for him.

It was finally when Asita was begging for the pleasure to stop, body over stimulated, fucked and pleasured more than he could handle. And it was at that, his quiet begging, that Vian went still above him and Asita gasped as warmth spread inside of his body, like his robot had just come.

Vian fell to his side on the bed, gently and carefully pulling out of him. Asita trembled, feeling Vian's essence, whatever it was, warmly ooze out of his abused hole, coating the inside of his thighs. Asita groaned in tiredness, watching through lidded eyes as Vian left him for a moment, coming back with a warm and wet cloth, gently cleaning Asita. He smiled weakly at Vian, receiving a sweet grin in return as the robot brought the covers of his bed around his sated body before climbing in as well.

Strong arms came around him, holding him close to his robot as he finally passed out, with a content smile on his face, thoroughly debauched by his new companion.

What a wonderfully sinful gift the Mechanist gave him. Asita was going to treasure Vian for as long as he lived.

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