Welcome Home

It's been many years, since you walked this old road
It's different now, than it was before
You look around you and see how it's changed
But somehow it's always been the same

The old people are gone and new ones have come
New faces that you don't recognize
There's no Old Jake running the corner store
There's no Mrs. Brady at the library

Your old house still stands where it always has
But someone new lives there now
Your childhood friends have moved away
You yourself swore never to go

You stand at the old cemetery, looking at the stones
Your parents are there, God rest them
They were your reason for staying all those years
They were the ones who told you to leave

So what will you do, now that you're back?
Will you try to pick up where you left off?
Where exactly do you stand in all this?
Who will you talk to when you need help?

You're at the edge of the world, the edge of your soul
You can't tell which way is up
It might be best to leave for good
But there was something that drew you here

Some old nostalgia makes you stay
The sight and smell of the ocean
The feel of the sand
The sound of those birds, always calling

Those birds are like you, in an interesting way
You smile when you think about it
Those birds and you are all temporary things
Ready to fly away in an instant

With a sigh you turn to look down the street
This old town was your home
You grew up here; you love it more than life
You know in reality you never left

Your heart has always been here, waiting
This is what you've been searching for
You close your eyes and you can hear it
The ocean was always calling to you

As you listen closely, for the first time in years
You can hear it whispering to you
Its voice is nearly drowned out by a those birds
"Welcome home," it says, "I'm glad you're back."