The Tree

In the city of East Chicago lives many people. It's a small city and there are two sides. The main place that they call East Chicago and the Harbor side.

She ran across the large cement bridge linking the two sides of the city together. There were other ways of course but this was in fact the quickest way to the harbor. She slowed to a walk as she neared the end of the bridge's side walk, panting and out of breath. She should have brought her inhaler; her mom would kill her if she got sick again. She glanced up at the moon and smiled up at the large glowing orb. It was at full bloom tonight.

She passed in front of the food joint known as Zels and continued to walk down the street. She sighed and rolled up the sleeve of her black sweater jacket to check her wrist watch. It was going on 10:00 and she wasn't home yet. Oh god if she didn't get home before curfew, she would surly have hell to pay. She could hear it now. Her moms shrill annoying voice rambling on about responsibility.

After a couple of minutes she checked her watch again and found it to be 9:52. "Oh my god, I'm going to be LATE!" she grumbled frustrated, but she wasn't going to run. As she continued her trek she passed under one of the neighborhoods oldest trees. It was very large and thick with leaves. So thick in fact you couldn't really see what was living in there. Being who she was and the way she was raised she was slightly paranoid and believed one of these days something was going to jump out and kill her. But she ignored the nagging feeling and continued. If she hadn't gone to that damn Demetri's house, she wouldn't be where she was now. He constantly needed help with homework. She had to remember to kill him at school tomorrow.

Finally she made it onto her street. She checked her watch again and sighed with relief. 9:56 she made it. She slowly skulked up green steps, pulled out her keys, stuck them in the keyhole and turned the lock. She was home. A smile pulled at her lips despite the anxiety she felt before. She lived on the second floor unfortunately and sighed as she climbed the staircase in front of her. As she turned the lock to the upstairs door, she discovered her mom had not come home yet, that was a bonus. She slipped off her shoes and threw off her jacket, it landed on her bedroom floor. Without changing her cloths she plopped on her, bed slid under the warm covers, and fell into a deep sleep.

So many people passed under the tree he hid in. Some of them were so loud too. It hurt his sensitive ears, all of their shrill voices. He had just traveled here to this place called East Chicago on an assignment. It was another observation mission; he seemed to be getting a lot of those as of late. He was to hide there for a couple of months to observe and see if this person was a threat or not. If the person was, it would turn into an assassination mission.

He was resting in this tree and for the next few months this tree would be his home. It was thick enough to where nobody could see if anything was residing in it, and high enough off the ground to where nobody would bother looking. He would sleep by day and find something to eat at night. It was perfect. His ebony ears twitched atop his jet black locks, as he awoke to the sound of someone grumbling. "Oh my god, I'M going to be late!" He quietly twisted on one of the branches to see what the all racket was. His stomach rested on the large tree limb as he watched the girl walk under his abode. Her dark brown locks were pure ebony when he laid his eyes on her. It was the darkness obscuring his vision. He stood very silent, his whole body motionless as the girl passed under the tree. He was not to be discovered. If he was, the person in question would perish by his hand. He had killed many house pets in the past. Just for catching his scent. He was very careful with his work.

If he were to be seen there would surly be a commotion about it. Its not often you see a human with animal ears and an animal tail. But he wasn't human exactly, for the most part anyway. The girl was making her way across the street and he relaxed on his branch, allowing his fluff of a tail to uncurl from around the branch. He scratched his head a dazed expression on his face. He was still tired, but he had to thank that girl for waking him. If she hadn't he would have surly slept through the night, and his internal clock would then in turn be screwed up causing him to be less attentive and fail the mission.

He leapt off the branch and landed lightly on the sidewalk. He checked his jean pockets to see what human money he had left, and came to find 150 in his wallet. Yes he wore human cloths and carried human cash around. Even though they were both stolen, and he had to rip a hole in the back of the jeans for his tail. Let's just say somebody discovered him on his way there. He would dispose of the clothing after he returned to the forest.

He wore a short sleeve black shirt with blue sleeves. It sported a fitting analogy," curiosity killed the cat" in simple blue script. How ironic. He heard a rustle in a bush behind him and turned to find a squirrel nibbling on a piece of bread. His lips pulled up in a beastly smile revealing a very sharp set of canines. He licked his lips at the small morsel in front of him. It would have to do, he didn't eat much anyway. If you ever saw him you would think so, for he had a very skinny figure but a very strong build. Or muscles if you will.

The squirrel looked up from its midnight snack and dashed away. The kitsune boy followed.